Scientific research shows that a positive person is less susceptible to disease because of the use of a positive neurological system that secretes neurochemical substances that make cells healthy.In addition to reducing heart disease and the incidence of stroke, the feeling of having a happy mood can be more effective in managing stress.In the past, there were many articles telling us how to be happy, like, " Change, make happiness again ", " magic: 101 choices for ", or " smile, happy, and hope: shine in the sun, don't cry in the corner!", but if we want to start today without knowing how to do it, we don't know how to do it, here's the X Magazine organized by the foreign website Shape Magazine , so that we can move to a happy life step by step.

One, Write gratitude

Everything begins with gratitude.If we don't have a sense of gratitude toward ownership, we will never be satisfied.So starting from today, take a small notebook to record all the good things around us.For example, today's food has eaten very good breakfast or saw a beautiful dress.But don't forget to thank you for your work today.Because these difficulties will become intelligent and crystallized in life, they will bring the power to the power and teach us how to maintain faith.From 'write', we will find that the good bad experiences will lead to a better future.(Extended reading: love your first step: "writing out" yourself )

Two, share the story

I believe that as long as people are able to live in a positive direction.We can share small stories, adventure, our successes and even our setbacks in our lives with others, because we will feel safe when we know that others are still unharmed after the same experience.The sharing of hope and hope is one of the main elements of happiness.When we share stories with others, we're actually giving them tools: tools that can build, evolve, and hold beliefs.Try it today, tell others the little story of the same thing, and change who else is changing others!(Extended Read: Say Impact )

III, choose forgiveness

While forgiveness is easier to say than done, it must be chosen to forgive those who have prevented us from pursuing happiness.A few minutes a day, think about the unpleasant things, and then tell yourself, "Let it go in the past."Or it can be said that the people who stop it may also hope that he will be able to erase that unhappy period, so it would be better to be a happy person than he is.The conclusion is that the unpleasant business of the past can be made more fulfilling and better.(Extended Read: Faster 101 Selection )

Four, a better listener

When it is time to listen, it is to embrace more knowledge and embrace it, rather than just living in its own negative emotions, while at the same time giving people confidence and respect.Let's have stability, positive, positive, and positive two keys: knowledge and confidence!(Extended Read: Man's Truth, Say To Woman )

Five, to envy to transform into energy

When we envy others, we are actually hurting ourselves.Other people have been more supremous than they are, and they do not mean that they are losing their energies to the end of the day, but rather convert that envy power into encouragement.Take advantage of the power to build your own brand, so others can see the value of the market. Let other people envy them too.(Extended reading: Beautiful and confident woman grooming S.O.P )

Six, a little bit more smile

When we smile, we're actually creating a happy, inspiring environment, and this environment automatically draws people, and everyone can create a happy space together.On the contrary, if it is always frowning, people will gradually move away from it.Happy, there is scientific basis!And in a happy space, even at the beginning, a little bit of a smile, it secretes five serotonin (a happy Hermon) and then spreads out and spread out.(Extended reading: Smile, happiness is hopeful!)

Seven, a healthy life

Although this is a common recommendation, we can be happier every day as long as 15 minutes of exercise and sunlight are available.If the sun is not the usual way to get the sun, vitamin D can be used more.If it is too busy to move too often, it can climb up the stairs or take a walk in the park near the park when it is closed.Apart from maintaining the movement, don't forget to have a balanced diet!If you want to eat fruits and vegetables a day, if you get hungry in the afternoon, we recommend that you eat almonds or snacks of the fruit.These small movements, uptake nutrition, and a little sun, not only allow the day to be more focused, but also to cultivate positive ideas.(Extended reading: For good food and health, jog together!)

8, Practice Thinking

Imagine that in the operating room today, the worst results must be thought of in the heart, and then you want to end it.Now, don't think about the outcome, imagine the procedure, imagine everything that was going well in the process, and then finish it perfectly.Don't always want to fail, and you can put all your energies into thinking about the worst, and then tell yourself that all the hard work that you've done, all the adversity that we've been going through, will someday reach that wonderful future.(Extended reading: or choice, not too sad: eight bookbooks for positive psychology )

IX, don't blame others

It's very simple to blame someone else for being wrong, most people are blaming the economy, the corruption of politicians, the old plates, and so on.But if we really accept that "only by having the ownership of the people of the world," then it will naturally lead to an inherently optimistic nature, and a successful life will follow.You know, the opportunity always appears at the bottom, not on the top of the mountain.(Extended reading: We, the protagonist of the world )

Ten, not in the past does not represent the future.

Even if we experience a lot of adversity in life, it doesn't mean that everything will be a bad end.Never let those bad experiences become the predicted future of the future. Instead, it is important to understand that the stumbling blocks are a milestone in life, because the future of representing the world is a fine road.(Extended Read: Face adversity with calmness )

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