On this Sunday, Taiwan will host the first Color Me Rad Crazy Cup 5-thousand road race!No matter whether or not they have to participate, this must be a major event this summer!But what else is there in the world, aside from the 5K road race, in the world?Let's take a look at the seven running activities of the Happy Movement .

Kiss Me Dirty girls playing mud together

Kiss Me Dirty is a road race in the United States, and in particular, they are designed to run the road to women!We can get some good sisters together in the mud, and we can even wear strange clothes to finish up to five kilometers.It's definitely not a competition. It's an event that allows women to play, move together, and dress up together, and Kiss Me Dirty will donate part of the proceeds to the cervical cancer research center.

Krispy Kreme Challenge makes it a sweet meal to run

How hard is it that you haven't heard the way you move it?This challenge is a test of the power and endurance of the system!The contestants have to go to a four-kilometer relay station, and there will be 12 sugar bedonuts, such as sugar beers. After eating a dozen doughnuts, they will be able to finish the rest of the four kilometers.

The Color Run is 5km

This is The Color Run, which will be the first to run in Taipei on September 28th. It claims to be the happiest 5-kilometer run of the world!The Color Run promotes three great pleaseways: healthy, happy, and self-done!The contestants wore white clothes, regardless of whether they were used, run, jump, or even roll, as long as they passed through a kilometer of the Coloured powder area, they would be painted with different colors.At the end of the day, everyone will sprinkling color powder together into the air, and a colorful party!

Mustache Dache together with a moustache.

That's right, five kilometers of road activity is to have a beard for every contestant, both boys and girls!A man spends a week in a small mustache, and a woman's child is painted with a cute beard on his face.The campaign is aimed primarily at raising awareness of male diseases (especially prostate cancer) and raising money for these men.

Firefly Run is like a firefly to fly at night.

Is it scary to be afraid of the night?This playful night run absolutely makes it stop to fear the night!We can take part in the five-mile overnight run challenge with family friends, and the fun part is that it must wear fluorescent clothes to make it shine like fireflies at night like this.After arriving at the end of the station, besides being able to dance in a firefly firefly, it may even win the title of the "best shiny costume"!

Run For Your Lives, flee!Don't get caught!

The nightmares are coming true!This is a 5-kilometer road race, but there will be bloodthirsty zombies waiting to catch you.You have to kill a blood path in abandoned factories and in a chaotic labyrinth, and if you get to the end of the world, the three flags that represent the value of life are left, and then we're invited to a doomsday party!

Superhero Scramble FullSize Together to Superman

This road race is definitely fit for the entire family!The children prepared 1.6 kilometers of distance for their children to enjoy running, and three options for their parents: six kilometers, 12 kilometers, and 20 kilometers to make the parents challenge the physical strength.No matter which challenge you choose, it will definitely make you play the game!There were mud and mud battles, climbing slopes, jumping fire, and even iron wire steeplechase!

A variety of roadways that are being rammed this year, while flaunning different themes and different goals, are intended to allow the contestants to reach a healthy lifestyle through jogging .So take up the running shoes of the game, go out and go.

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