Do you not want to be determined by the past and live the life you want? Just be willing to be still, look inward, and connect with your subconscious. Your life answer, don't ask for it, see the voice that has existed in your heart for a long time.

A person's life is made up of countless choices. From what you choose to eat today, which path you choose to take, to how you react when you hear a certain sentence, to career development and interpersonal interactions, every choice makes up your day, and each day adds up to a lifetime.

Based on past experiences, the subconscious mind is formed, and more than 90% of people's decisions come from beliefs deeply rooted in the subconscious. Think about it, is every decision you make now serving you, or is it no longer working?

Do you not want to be determined by the past and live the ideal life in your heart? As long as you are willing to calm down, look inward, connect with your subconscious, your life solution, and see the voice that has existed in your heart for a long time.

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Regaining inner strength can be practiced systematically

How do you connect with your subconscious mind and tap into your inner beliefs?

In the Women's Power Awakening Card Certification Class, starting from the emotional issues in everyone's life, more than 10 kinds of card arrays will be deeply applied, and through the graphical design of the cards, the right brain will be automatically activated and you will be connected to the subconscious.

Here are two strength exercises you can start doing right now:

Exercise 1: Additive perspective

If you were to write about 20 of your strengths and 20 of your weaknesses right now, which one would you write quickly and smoothly? Many people see themselves immediately and tend to "subtractive perspective", for example, where I am not good enough, what I still lack, in the long run, I will lack self-confidence, not enough to believe in myself.

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In pairs, you can deliberately practice with an "additive perspective", write down your strengths, and share them with each other, through which you can empower yourself painlessly.

  1. Write about your strengths and strengths, and try to fill them as much as you can, to at least 20
  2. Be aware of which item you're writing about. When you get stuck, draw a card to help you think about it, and ask, "If this card represents my strength, what is it?"
  3. When you're done, use "I'm a __ (strength) person." Stating every strengths you write down will help you become more convinced.

Everyone is inherently unique, and you just need to see him again now.

"Super recommended for friends who are interested in self-exploration! Cards are a very amazing tool, with cards, it seems that everything can be revealed through cards, and it can also extend a lot of topics. 」— nora.dailytrip

Redesign your life of happiness and fill it with golden moments

Exercise 2: Golden Hour

In your life, pick a high-point event that you feel proud of and fulfilling, and draw a card to represent it

  1. Describe the event
  2. Your dedication
  3. Support from others

This event can be an initiative to break away from the living space and usher in a refreshing living environment, or it can be an important breakthrough in the project. The focus is not on the size of the event, but on how you feel about this golden moment, and everyone must have a golden moment in their life.

By becoming aware of your efforts in the process, it means that you have the ability and experience to create more similar moments, and you are not alone.

In Adler's psychology, the three elements that will bring happiness to people are "self-acceptance", "trust in others", and "contribution to others".

You can redesign your life by filling it with more golden moments.

Huang Joy, founder of Taiwan Intuition Center and co-developer of Women's Power Awakening cards

Be aware of your beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that are valuable to you. No longer chasing the outside world, no longer caring about other people's eyes.

It's 2024, so let's stop limiting ourselves and live the life we really want!

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