Have you watched all three seasons of "Single is Hell"?Selected ten golden sentences analysis: In the face of true love, no matter how many schemes are as good as directly touching people's hearts!

The third season of the Korean love variety show "Single is Hell", co-produced by Netflix and JTBC, set off discussions as soon as it was broadcast.

The program is divided into Paradise Island and Hell Island. As the name suggests, over the course of 9 days and 8 nights, participants will come to a desert island to find a partner, and only after successfully becoming a couple can they leave Hell Island and go on a date on Paradise Island. In addition to isolating participants from the 3Cs and the distractions of community, physical limitations also amplify the five senses, so that people become more sensitive and follow emotions more primitively.

Since its launch in 2021, "Single is Hell" has accumulated three seasons, and the women's fan editor will take you to review the top ten golden sentences in these three seasons this time.

Do what you want to do, and you must get what you want - Song Ji-ah in the first season of "Single is Hell".

In the first season of "Single is Hell", Song Zhiya has absolute self-confidence, controls her own rhythm in interpersonal relationships, expresses her likes generously, and has a calm and calm side in the face of suitors.

In the face of many suitors, she does not want to indulge, but based on the belief that she wants to let each other talk about a love without regrets, she chooses to respond positively to her feelings, and her love is straightforward and straightforward in front of each other.

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Stills from "Single is Hell".

Although I also like my lover, it turns out that I am also the one who wants to be loved - Choi Shixun in the first season of "Single is Hell".

Cui Shixun's show of favor is concern, he cares about the object of affection, but that kind of effort is not to get the corresponding return, but I like you so I am willing to pay for you.

However, even if he intellectually knows that love is not an equivalent exchange, his sincerity may only be in vain, and emotionally he still knows that he also wants to be loved while loving others.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

I think a lot about giving up, but I still care about you - Moon Se-hoon in the first season of "Single is Hell".

Moon Se-hoon has had a good impression of Shin Zhiyan from the beginning of the show, although Shin Zhiyan did not reply to this favor, but Moon Se-hoon has always been fond of Shin Zhiyan, even if he is rejected, or expressed his favor by others, Moon Se-hoon is still devoted to Shin Zhiyan.

When Shin Zhiyan expressed his indebtedness, Moon Shixun did not mention the suffering he had endured while waiting for Shen Zhiyan, but cherished the other party's suffering.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

I deeply appreciate that you are a very good person, and you can understand my value, I think you are very handsome - Shen Zhiyan in the first season of "Single is Hell".

Although Moon Se-hoon and Shin Zhiyan were successfully paired in the end, it was also after Moon Se-hoon waited and got along several times before he arrived. Compared with constant love, Shen Zhiyan's choice brings out more valuable thinking, which one will be a better choice for a person who can see his own value or the object of his love?

Stills from "Single is Hell".

It's always been him who came to me, and now it's me who comes to him - Sinseki in the second season of "Single is Hell".

In the second season of "Single is Hell", Sinseki oscillates between Jin-young, the object of affection, and the consistent Jong-woo.

Even though Jin-young is attractive to her, the sense of security she expects is something that Jin-young can't give, so in the relationship that has always been uncertain and the outspoken and honest care, Sinseki chooses the latter, and chooses Zhong Woo, who has always been by her side with sincere support.

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Stills from "Single is Hell".

I tried not to get hurt, and I tried to make the best decision for everyone, but it made it harder and harder for me to cope with the situation - Li Zhaoli in the second season of "Single is Hell".

Li Zhaoli, a participant in the second season of "Single is Hell", has always had a good impression of Xiao Long, but this relationship has always been one-way, she doesn't want to hurt herself, but she is deeply aware that her likes cannot be given up in a short period of time, so she has to look at the object of her liking and only others in her eyes.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

You said that you became friends with everyone, and they were very comfortable with you, and at first you said that you were a little sad because of this, so I brought you here because I wanted to tell you that I don't think so - Kim Se-joon, the second season of "Single is Hell".

As a guest who only joined later in the show, Kim Se-jun fell in love with Li Zhaoli from the beginning. When he learned that the new members had the right to go to Paradise Island, he did not hesitate to name Li Zhaoli, and he wanted to use his actions to make Li Zhaoli feel the light in his heart when he was looking at others.

Jin Shijun, as long as Li Zhaoli can be happy, then it doesn't matter if it is not himself who falls into Li Zhaoli's eyes.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

In the face of true love, no amount of stratagem is as direct as it can move people's hearts - Yin Xiaqing in the third season of "Single is Hell".

Lee Kwan-hee, a participant in the third season of "Single is Hell", expressed that he was waiting for other girls to approach him at the campfire reunion truth or talk time, and Yoon Ha-qing pointed out that Lee Kwan-hee's behavior was disrespectful, and also expressed his determination to "don't want to slap him in order to be with him".

For Yin Xiaqing, she doesn't want her own confession, she can't change the other party's wholeheartedness, and her liking for a person has always been explicit, because she believes that before true love, no matter how many schemes are as good as directly to move people's hearts.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

If you only have a crush on me, then you can say that you like me, but if you pull between the two, it means that you don't like me enough, and I don't want to be with such a person, so I don't want to go slow - "Single is Hell" Season 3 Kim Quilli

In the face of the object with whom they have been together, they suddenly choose to disappear or empathize, perhaps out of self-preservation, many people will try to magnify and interpret those actions close to love in the moments they have been together, and find proof that they have been loved.

On the contrary, Kim Quilly has always remained independent and sober, and in the face of the suitor's unclear love, she did not choose to keep it, but clearly informed that her expectations for the love relationship were inconsistent with the other party.

Stills from "Single is Hell".

Some things can be achieved through hard work, but for relationships, it is not achieved through dedication and sincerity - Hong Jinqing, the host of "Single is Hell".

Love is not an equivalent exchange, a hundred percent of the pay, may not be able to reap the same return, persistent love, is not a guarantee that the atrium can be knocked open. As the host of "Single is Hell", Hong Zhenqing saw the unpredictability of love from the getting along with each other, and the real pain, but the charm of love may also come from this.

While enjoying "Single is Hell", perhaps we can also look back at how we deal with interpersonal interactions through the interaction of the participants, and maybe you can see your blind spots in the relationship.