"Talking with Xuan Xuan" invited Wang Shi, who is known as the driving force behind Taiwanese films, and you must have heard of "Seeing Taiwan", "Back to School", and "Removing the Three Evils Around the World" that he participated in. In fact, Wang Shi didn't know much about movies at first, so how did he enter the film industry as a novice and roll in the film industry for more than 20 years?

Director Zeppelin's "Seeing Taiwan" created a box office of 220 million, which came from the participation of Wang Shi, the marketing director of Monkey and Wang Shi, the hero behind the scenes, who is known as the promoter of Taiwan's national films.

He has created more than 10 Taiwanese films and raised more than 50 million yuan, and has handled films such as "Back to School" and "Three Evils in the Week", he entered the industry in 2003 and is now in his 21st year in the film industry.

The question of "why you and why you" has never stopped.

Wang Shi: Success is the product of hard work, and nothing is a fluke

Perhaps many people will think that no matter who does it, the 2013 sensational documentary "Seeing Taiwan" in Taiwan will create a box office miracle, because that movie is the most needed and new perspective on Taiwan at that time.

In fact, the luck and noble popularity in the eyes of others are not accidental, but the enthusiasm accumulated by Wang Shi's persistence in small things. Recalling the opportunity to step into the film industry, the predecessor who led Wang Shi to step into the film industry as a novice once said: "Seeing Wang Shi working in Eslite Bookstore, he is willing to bend down, and the solidity and enthusiasm to start from the basics is the key to stand out. 」

Today's Wang Shi still maintains his original enthusiasm, and firmly believes in the energy of enthusiasm, opening his eyes to see those young people with light in their eyes, and giving opportunities, just like his former self, as he said: "Enthusiasm can make you stand out, let others give you responsibility, and lead you through the most frustrating moments." 」

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Picture: "Talking to Xuan Xuan"

Don't be afraid of trial and error, you will find your way

It is worth noting that the so-called enthusiasm of Wang Shi is not a blank impulse without a goal, but to find what is truly worth giving everything, and always ask yourself: "What kind of person can I be, I have tried and found that it doesn't work, so I will try other options"

And before you find your passion, you rely on continuous trial and error. In his eyes
In Turi's view, the biggest advantage of being young comes from the trial and error at that time, which will not be fatal, and it is better to try all kinds of possibilities in the first two or three years of life, and recognize your preferences and eyebrows in the trial and error, and then find a thing that can inspire you and ignite your greatest enthusiasm, which is worth working on for the next 3 or 40 years, and you will be able to harvest possibilities and happiness that cannot be concealed.

In Wang's eyes, it is even a kind of luck to try without thinking about it when he is young, "If we have the mentality of hoping that we can achieve this perfect score, it may be difficult to accept the challenge or admit that we have a chance because we have not yet reached 100 points. But perhaps more importantly, can you give yourself some opportunities to make mistakes, stumble, try, and maybe after a few successes, you will be able to identify the track that is worth working on.

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Picture: "Talking to Xuan Xuan"

Is the price of burning the soul of the movie severed by six relatives?

Perhaps you have heard the saying that "film is an industry with six relatives, no family, no lovers, and even no friends", and you will be curious about how to continue to write Wang's family story when he burns enthusiasm and invests hard in the production of Taiwanese films?

Wang Shi agreed, and said that in fact, the most sacrificial and hardest people in this industry should be the other half of the family, and he is very grateful that while he continues to work hard in the film industry, he is down-to-earth in his heart, because he clearly knows that there is always a place where someone is waiting for him.

In the future, Wang Shi will continue to use movies as a carrier of stories to spread more and more beautiful life experiences.