"Talking to Xuan Xuan" invited Ding Lingjuan, the founder of Ogilvy & Mather Century, who has the title of "Godmother of Public Relations", to help many Taiwanese companies find their own positioning. As a female leader, how did Ding Lingjuan come along the way, and how did she view work and life?

"If you want to say that the people I am most grateful for in the history of women's fans, one of them must be Mr. Ding. The attitude of being gentle and doing things firmly is what I learned from the teacher Wei Xuan said with gratitude.

The teacher Ding in Weixuan's mouth is Ding Lingjuan, the founder of Ogilvy & Mather Century, who has the title of "Godmother of Public Relations", and has spared no effort to help Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises shine.

For Wei Xuan, Teacher Ding Lingjuan is like a light in the dark path, in the quiet of the night, countless times when I want to give up or when I am at a low ebb, I will think of the appearance of the teacher.

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Ding Lingjuan and women fans: there is no female competition, showing the light of female mutual assistance

Recalling the early days of women's fans, in the face of Weixuan's question that he didn't know whether he should do e-commerce or the media, Mr. Ding Lingjuan only asked: "Do you want to make money, or become an influencer?"

Because of this selfless dedication, Wei Xuan felt a lot of kindness, and she said frankly that the female friendship of women helping women and seniors helping younger generations is not only something she rarely feels, but also makes people very surprised and grateful.

Teacher Ding Lingjuan deeply sympathized with this and said: "After several centuries of women, it is not easy to come to today's era of independence, I don't want to set limits on myself, and I also write to dismantle the framework that women give themselves" So even in society, between Ding Lingjuan teacher and female fans, there is no plot of female competition, instead of completely selfless help and giving.

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Picture: "Talking to Xuan Xuan"

Ding Lingjuan, the godmother of public relations, how do you view the entrepreneurial crisis?

However, before growing this strength to support the juniors, Ding Lingjuan also faced the experience of being threatened and belittled, recalling that she was betrayed by the juniors she had promoted in the past, and the company was then hollowed out, and she also fell into self-blame after the incident.

Until she saw that in addition to losing money, no longer trusting human nature was the greatest punishment, Ding Lingjuan chose to forget, and learned to forgive, she did not punish herself again with the wounds of the past, but translated the frustration into a kind of motivation, driving herself to grow into a braver and stronger appearance, from being bullied, "I told myself that I must be stronger and stronger, so strong that one day you dare not bully me, so I am full of energy and move forward." 」

Nowadays, setbacks are not always terrible for Ding Lingjuan, who has survived setbacks.

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Ding Lingjuan: Keep the heart of a beginner and find your happy self again

However, after surviving the crisis and gaining a firm foothold in her career, Ding Lingjuan's life began to turn around with her work, and it was at this time that she found that her once happy self had disappeared.

"After living and working, I suddenly realized that I couldn't smell the flowers, I couldn't see the beauty of the sky, and I even felt that I was lackluster, more and more boring, and I didn't like myself more and more. 」

So she decided to go back to being a beginner and made a promise to learn a new thing every year, "If I only learn one thing in 1 year, I will be a decathlon in 10 years, and I will be more colorful in 10 years, because I have 10 talents." After figuring it out, it suddenly dawned on me.

She was 40 years old that year, and at the age of 40, she decided to get back her former curious and active learning self, and find her once happy self.

Now she has tried painting, dancing, jazz drumming, etc., and she is deeply aware that every new learning is like returning to the curiosity of a beginner, which will make people return to the state of thirst for knowledge, curiosity, and energy.

As a result, Ding Lingjuan once again became what she liked.

What about you? Do you find the answer to your own life and feel happy and love yourself at this moment?