Find out your 2024 fortune in three minutes! See who will show you the way in the new year and bring you infinite possibilities!

In the silence of the night, when your stomach is suddenly hungry, what kind of food do you want to eat the most? Please choose the answer directly, and it will be determined who can bring you opportunities on the road of life in the near future?

  1. Fresh fruit
  2. Delicious bibimbap
  3. Special flavored ice cream
  4. Hot
  5. Jam yogurt

Have you already chosen? The Lunar New Year is approaching, come and see where your noble person is in the new year!

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

Option 1: Fresh fruit

In the near future, you should be cared for by many elders, and furthermore, most of the noble people around you may be elders who are older than you. Whenever you are in trouble, they will always lend a helping hand to help you through it. If you want to make this good fortune last longer, pick a fruit gift box to give them on the eve of the Chinese New Year!

>> "Food Recommendation 1" Shizuoka Prefecture Wenzhou sweet and sour orange

The ratio of warm climate to rainfall in Shizuoka, Japan, provides an ideal environment for growing mandarins, and the producers have carefully cultivated sweet mandarins, which are fresh and delicious, with a light and elegant fragrance. Now you can buy it in Taiwan, and it is suitable for gifts for personal use!

Option 2: Delicious noodles

Recently, you met a particularly important partner on the journey of your life, and like bimbine noodles, the various elements of life mingle together to form a deep bond. This partner becomes your pillar in times of hardship, facing the ups and downs of life hand in hand with you.

In the new year, take some time to share delicious bibi noodles with him/her and savor the flavors of life together, and this tacit understanding will become the most resilient support for future adventures.

>> "Food Recommendation 2" Xiashi noodles Taiwanese fried sauce mixed noodles

Using carefully selected soybean paste, it has a rich sauce aroma and ester aroma, sweet and salty and palatable, and the ingredients are simple.

Giving it to this friend is not only a sign of how much you value them, but also a wonderful moment to enjoy a meal together. Let this friendship be like mixed noodles, the more you cook, the more fragrant it becomes, and it will last for a long time.

Option 3: Special flavored ice cream

You are naturally warm-hearted and full of positive energy, and you have very good luck, and it is easy for you to make great friends. In fact, all this is not pure luck, many people dig into your heart and lungs with you just because you are really sincere and kind, so your noble luck is actually a kind of blessing, no matter what the object of love will become an easter egg in your life!

>> "Food Recommendation 3" Hokkaido Innovative Flavor Ice Cream Group

Carefully selected local ingredients from Hokkaido to create unique and innovative ice cream flavors:

  • Hokkaido Susukino Whisky Chocolate Ice Cream combines the sweet blend of 0.38% alcohol and chocolate to create a faint whiskey aroma that enhances the rich taste of chocolate, warm and slightly drunk.
  • Hokkaido Salted Sea Urchin Ice Cream is a specially selected local sea urchin salty milk sweetened, with a rich aroma of sea urchin with a hint of the sea, creating a unique and unforgettable taste sensation.
  • Hokkaido Susukino Bijin Ice Cream is a luxurious ice cream made with local ginkaze rice sake and high-quality milk, made using a unique method in northern Japan, and preserved in the snow of Mt. Biei.
  • Hokkaido Hokumei (potato) ice cream is a local specialty of potatoes mixed with sweet milk to create a harmonious music with a smooth texture that is loved by a wide range of age groups.

Option 4: Hot drinks

During this time, you may find that there is someone around you who knows how to take care of you, just like a hot drink, which is a manifestation of meticulous care. This noble person may be a father, mother or other family members, and the advice given to you may just be some clichés, but it is very mysterious that these people's fragmented thoughts are likely to bury clues to help you in life, because they know you well, they know the direction that suits you best, and the guidance and advice they give you are often the most pertinent and feasible.

>> "Food Recommendation 4" Lemuji decaf Kampo Tea - Very light and wet

Winner of the 2022 iTQi Food Industry Michelin Appraisal 2-Star Award for Excellent Flavor, Lemuji Kampo Tea is roasted at low temperature, it is a Kampo tea with no Chinese medicine flavor at all, it can be brewed in five minutes, sugar-free, caffeine-free, close to 0 calories, refreshing and burden-free, made of 100% natural Kampo ingredients, helping to dehumidify and metabolize, and is unanimously recommended by TCM physicians and nutritionists to adjust the physique after long-term drinking, and it is the most suitable cup on cold days.

Option 5, Jam Yogurt

Because of your straightforward and cheerful personality, you have developed a deep trust with your colleagues who spend the most time with each day. The people who help you at critical moments are usually colleagues with whom you interact frequently and share similar ways of working. The cooperation between you seems to be a tacit exchange, which can often inspire all kinds of life inspiration, just like a variety of unique jams, retaining the most innocent, the most natural characteristics, the most right taste!

>> "Gourmet Recommendation 5" Shizuoka Prefecture Natural Fresh Jam Group

Freshly grown natural fruits from smallholder farmers in Japan, retain the characteristics and sweetness of the original fruits, reduce additives, make this set of low-sugar sauces, moderate sweetness and sourness, and eat the pulp, suitable for bread, toast, muffins, drinks, yogurt, ice cream and other changeable flavors, can be used as a daily office afternoon tea.

  • Strawberry jam: Strawberries are freshly picked in Shizuoka Prefecture to preserve the pulp to make a low-sugar taste.
  • New Summer Orange Jam: New summer orange flavor from Higashi-Izu's specialty, blended with natural lemon juice to enhance the flavor.
  • Blueberry jam: Freshly picked blueberries from Shizuoka Prefecture give you the taste of berries with pulp.
  • Apple jam: Carefully selected Fuji apples from Aomori Prefecture and diced to make a crispy texture.
  • Golden Peach Jam: Selected from golden peaches from Yamagata Prefecture, it has a fruity and delicious flavor.
  • Pineapple jam: Made of Tainan golden diamond pineapple, it is moderately sweet and sour.

In this food tour, by choosing your favorite food, you will explore the nobles that may appear in the near future.

Whether it's being cared for by an elder, facing life hand in hand with a partner, working well with colleagues, caring for a family member, or working with friends, every relationship has a unique flavor and value like a selection of food.

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, show your gratitude with a gourmet souvenir and let the love and warmth continue on this special occasion. In the new year, taste the good taste of life with the nobles!