Chen Junhan passed away at the age of 40. From patients with rare diseases to devoting themselves to promoting the rights and interests of the disabled in Taiwan, he has spared no effort for equal rights all the way, and he has supported himself in this way

What is the meaning behind the name Chen Junhan? He is a fighter for life who is not confined to rare diseases, a lawyer specializing in human rights and disability rights, and at the same time, he is also an advocate who spares no effort to keep his beliefs in his heart.

Chen Junhan suffered from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) since he was a child, and even though he only had his eyes, mouth and little finger left in his body to move, he was not able to limit him, and he was admitted to National Taiwan University all the way.

However, during college, severe burns made him have to amputate his leg, but this did not crush him, and his studious heart and perseverance led him to graduate from the Law Institute of National Taiwan University, and then entered Harvard, and even studied at the University of Michigan to become a doctor of law.

He is grateful for his mother's hard work and deeply feels that the protection of the human rights of the disabled is still a long road.

Photo: Junhan Chen @ FB

Worry about this, worry about that, then you probably don't have to do anything

Since he was a child, Chen Junhan has dreamed of going abroad, and he wants to see how other countries treat people with disabilities and how far apart they are from Taiwan. Before leaving for Harvard, he encountered a lot of dissuasion, and he knew that he really needed to be taken care of physiologically, but he always felt that the boat would naturally go straight to the bridge, and he should not give himself too many restrictions.

If you worry about this and that every day, you probably don't have to do anything.

Chen Junhan

Looking back on his days at Harvard, he felt as if he was from the Third World, because there were many things he didn't even have to talk about. Before the start of the school year, the university held a special meeting for him to tailor a assistance plan, and during the bar exam, the organizer arranged for him to dictate ghostwriting, extend the examination time, and so on, all of which he fought in Taiwan, all of which were natural here.

At that time, Chen Junhan had actually obtained a lawyer's license in the United States, and staying there not only did he have a better salary, but he also had insurance coverage for the drugs he treated, but he wanted to return to Taiwan, because in addition to being a lawyer, he also wanted to advocate for the disabled.

For him, the goal of returning to Taiwan is to see what he can do to let people with disabilities show their self-worth, and he hopes that he will have the opportunity to change policies and systems and truly speak up for people with disabilities.

"This is my land, Taiwan is my country, and I hope to do more for it. Chen Junhan returned to China after completing his studies and obtaining a lawyer's license, with a sense of mission, and never gave up on making Taiwanese society better.

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Photo: Junhan Chen @ FB

A good society is one that can pursue ideals and is not limited by obstacles

After returning to China, Chen Junhan became a research scholar at the Institute of Law Research of the Academia Sinica, focusing on international human rights and disability policy and law in addition to international law and comparative law.

In addition, he also participates in public welfare activities for the disabled and rare diseases and amblyopia, and hopes to further promote the human rights issues of medical insurance and rare disease drug payment, the amendment of the Disability Affirmative Action Act, and AI discrimination and inequality.

He is committed to the rights and interests of the disabled, and he will also be included in the list of non-district legislators of the Democratic Progressive Party in the 2024 congressional election, but it has become a talk show mockery. He was pleased to see that the majority of Taiwanese society condemned discrimination and ridicule against people with disabilities.

A good society is one in which all people have the ability to pursue their ideals without being limited by obstacles.

Chen Junhan

People with disabilities are part of a society with dreams, talents, dignity and worth, and it is up to them to ensure that they participate in life fairly and respectfully, just like the general public. Taiwan's existing Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of Persons with Disabilities has basic norms in education, employment, medical care, and infrastructure, but there is still a long way to go in terms of overall perfection.

In addition, the public's "accessibility awareness" also needs to be cultivated, and in the process of cultivation, it is necessary to understand the essence of diversity and inclusion. It is not only about not discriminating and not ridiculing, but also about recognizing that people are diverse and that everyone should feel safe, respected, valued, and have a fair opportunity.

It is not only about survival, but also about building a diverse, equitable and inclusive social development and practice.

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Photo: Junhan Chen @ FB

Salute to Mr. Chen Junhan, we continue to move forward on the road of diversity and inclusion

The passing away of lawyer Chen Junhan is regrettable, but the wisdom and spirit accumulated over the past 40 years have not been imprisoned by rare diseases.

Faced with the growth and decline of life, he once said, "Maybe tomorrow, maybe 1 year from now, maybe 10 years from now, there is not much point in thinking or worrying about it. I don't know if my life will come to an end before that day comes, and it is more important for me to do my own thing every day, plan what I want to do, and then practice it quickly. 」

He has never stopped working for the rights and interests of people with disabilities in Taiwan, and has once again reminded him of the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive society.

Thank you for your tenacity and courage in setting off to more places with kindness and empathy, and to support everyone to be themselves.