You may have encountered the experience of ghosting (disappearing without warning, disconnection), but have you ever heard of being spilled with breadcrumbs and used as a cookie jar? Let's learn the top 10 latest dating and relationship words, and maybe you'll find your choice!

Aziz Ansari, author of Modern Romance, once quipped, "Nowadays, if you have a smartphone, you actually have a 24-hour bachelorette bar in your pocket." 」

With the advancement of technology, the type of dating is as simple as swiping left to miss, swiping right to match, and there are hundreds of types of interpersonal relationships, and the modern world has deduced completely different relationship types, so how do we know the style that suits us?

Provide you with ten appointments, relationship phenomena, depending on which faction you are!

Dawn Dating

"It's easier to associate romance and intimacy with an evening date, but when you go on a morning date, you have lower expectations for sex, and this lower level of expectation will reduce the anxiety and stress of the dater, making you feel more relaxed. According to a survey conducted by the dating app Badoo, 37% of respondents said that dating at dawn helps them get to know each other on a deeper level.

And 51% of singles are more inclined to dawn dating, indicating that dawn dating may become mainstream. Like the romantic comedies of the late '90s or early 2000s, having a first date in the morning will lead to a slower, friendlier relationship with each other.

Breakfast, sunrise, coffee and a great start to the day together are a new option for a first date.

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Hobby Dating hobby

Eating, watching a movie, and going for a walk are no longer the only formulas for a first date, have you ever thought about meeting your first date in your favorite studio or climbing gym?

According to research by research firm YouGov, there is a trend to showcase your interests when building a profile on dating apps, which is why hobby dating based on a hobby is born.

Slow Dating

Li Weijing's "The Necessity of Old-School Dating" is a model for many people to date slowly, you have that measuring stick in your heart, holding hands is the upper limit of intimate contact on the first five dates, and the other party is not allowed to enter before his heart, and physical contact is not a word of love for each other.

Rather than physical contact, you prefer time to get to know each other, connect, and share time before deciding where the relationship is going.

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Sober Dating Alcohol-free dating

Sober Dating is also known as Dry Dating, which is a date without drinking.

Perhaps alcohol is often used as an intermediary to create non-human connections, relieving the tension of the first date, so having a drink on the first date is the norm for many people.

However, even if your past habits, or the experience of the general public, make you feel that you will inevitably have a drink on a date, this is not a universal value, and no one is obligated to drink on any occasion and there is no need to feel indebted to not drinking.

Instead, having a date that is rooted in reality and free from any material distractions will give you the opportunity to experience a more authentic experience for both parties.

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Casual Dating

Casual dating is when you enjoy spending time with someone and have a physical and emotional relationship, but don't necessarily ask for or expect the extra commitments that come with a romantic relationship.

Based on the fact that there are no obligations or commitments to each other, your relationship is relaxed, informal, and with no strings attached, you may have a strong physical and emotional connection with this person and date together, while also being free to date other people and pursue other options. What we experience with each other is more about the here and now, and we are focused on having fun and spending time together.

Hesidating hesitated

If you haven't been in a relationship yet, have you ever wondered if you want to go on a date?

Plenty of Fish, an online dating site, surveyed singles across the UK and found that 70% of singles were unsure whether they were serious or casual about dating, and used the word hesidating to describe the state of those who weren't sure what type of dating they wanted.

The emergence of hesidating was caused by the pandemic, when people withdrew from the dating market and had more time alone, and as a result, some people found that they had less fear of loneliness, an experience known as modified emotional experience, which can make people feel cold about dating.

What's more, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic in the past few years, people who feel anxious or avoidant attachment to interpersonal relationships lack a sense of security about the environment, which in turn leads them to hesitate to establish new relationships.

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Cookie-jarring cookie jar effect

Do you always have a can of cookies within reach as a way to console yourself when your life gets messy?

Cookie Jar as the name suggests is "cookie jar", biscuits are only a pleasant taste of life for people, not a meal, when the owner of the jar is rejected by others, will turn to you, you are a snack between his meals, biscuits in the relationship like a spare tire.

Maybe he likes you, but he doesn't take you seriously, and at best you can only be a consolation when the other person is rejected.

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Orbiting Orbiting state

Orbiting in dating refers to when you cut off contact with your date, but still follow the love of your post on social media, browsing the news, many people may have the wrong sense of intimacy, mistakenly interpreting this as being cared for, but most of those behaviors are meaningless.

Cuffing short-term romantic relationships

According to the Urban Dictionary, which first added the word in 2011, Cuffing is derived from the word "handcuffs" to refer to the act of actively seeking romantic relationships, and Cuffing is actually associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD).

In the winter, in order to be accompanied by someone, the two parties in the relationship do not know each other very well. Maybe you feel at ease by having someone for a short period of time, but because it happens quickly in nature, you don't have much time to reflect on whether the decision to build a relationship was the right one.

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Breadcrumbing sprinkled with breadcrumbs

Have you ever experienced a relationship with your date that has progressed to a point of stalemate?

The oscillating promises given by the other person and the occasional mention of future plans between you can make you feel like a couple who could move on to the next step at any moment. But then you find that the other person doesn't seem to have any intention of taking the relationship to the next stage, they don't give promises, they always give noncommittal signals, and you feel lost, painful, and even unsure if someone is really interested in you, like being pinned.

If you relate, then you may be experiencing a state of breadcrumbing.

Some people who are the victim of Breadcrumbing may be content with this small amount of attention, believing that it is normal or that they deserve it, and therefore lower their expectations of relationships, repeatedly looking for similar relationship patterns.

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From the multiple choices under modern love, we can see what the relationship wants and what we don't want

One of the biggest challenges we face in modern dating is the sheer number of options at our fingertips. On the surface, more choices may seem like a benefit, but in reality, we are also faced with the paradox of choice, which means that when there are too many choices, people may worry that they are missing out on a better one, so they are hesitant to commit to one person.

When the threshold for entering the dating market is lowered, the communication between people becomes easy and frequent, and you who enter the dating market are hard to avoid experiencing occasional frustration, but even if the experience is bad and it is difficult to find true love, don't worry.

Instead, perhaps we can see these dates as an opportunity to learn more about what we want and don't want in a relationship, to try to open our eyes to people for what they really are, to let go of false hopes, to end ties with people who are not suitable, and to always believe that the breakdown of the relationship is not anyone's fault, but most likely just a misalignment of expectations of the relationship at the moment.