the age of twenty,
on the one hand is the student's golden age, while the
on the one hand begins to think carefully about the direction of the future.
The fine founder Yi Wei-sheng,
is going back to the 20-year-old with us,
at what he was doing when he was 20 years old, and how he was preparing for the future.

in the bones from a

Universities and research institutes have been determined to design this road early in the design field.When he was a child, he liked to paint, and he set up his ambition to be a building designer, and at that time he often drew a villa, and he wanted to help himself build a future house.However, at that time the civil architecture was very high, and he had no choice but to fill in the design department at the time of the choice of choice but to enter the industrial design department.Alan says that he didn't know what the industrial design was doing until he was second, and was glad that he had chosen the science department, because it was broad and unconstrained, and could be used either in terms of product design or flat design.

of the 20-year-

was the most active of the three students at the age of 20, and Alan established the "spot" studio together with his classmates at the time, and the first studio in the design career.Because the painting will be highly light and has dragon-eye effects, the "spotlight" is used as the name of the design studio.At that time, they were just students. When they were free to go to the streets in the mountains, they couldn't help their shops to design business cards and clothing. They also used to help beef noodle shops regularly paint the entire storefront.Although the charges are not high, Alan says that the lessons they have learned are experience.

this point, Alan has a very deep understanding of the future, "he said." From then on, I knew clearly that I could use what I had learned to earn money and help me make my future money with what I learned in school."Although it is hard to take care of the school curriculum and outside cases, it is also a good experience.
addition to being busy with studies and workshops,
has a variety of other aspects of his life.At the time of the university, the band was set up. It was the lead singer of the band. It also set up a badminton team to begin training the team.He was not a loser, and took the badminton team to play every game to increase the game's experience.Not giving up any chance of life, that is, Alan's standard philosophy.

"Really "

you see the name of the sun, it is natural to hear the story of Alan and tell us that they really have gone through a "rain of rain" in the rain.Many young people have entrepreneurial dreams, and ask what Alan believes most needs to be aware of.His answer was: "People."People are not right, nothing is right.I know this very well, but it's still lost.When he was about 29 years old, he and his friends created "creative ideas." The company founded three years of business turnover, but in the third year, the company's business partner took out the company's assets, and the company collapsed overnight.

have a very profound experience, "he said." We have a profound experience, and designers are usually not the operator's talents. After we've had this kind of thing, we find that the company's value will disappear as a result of the unprofessional ability, and the value of the company will disappear, and it will be destroyed.So we want designers to be able to communicate their design styles and concepts, to accumulate these values, no matter where he goes, whatever happens, these values will always be on this person."

The value of each designer is fine. The value of each designer is very different.The fine thing is that the designer is not the one who doesn't play his own brand."People often ask me if the brand is fine, I say, it's not brand, it's fine, it's fine, it's just a company, our brands are designers," laughs Alan.But the strange thing is that the product is not good for everyone. The designer only remembers the fine weather, so in the end, the "day of the day" logo, representing the fine quality of the designer, was placed inside each designer brand, and the work of the designer was made by our company."
circles are already famous," but Alan still modestly says, "Our logic is very simple, that is to do the right thing, to be inagitated and to have a good relationship.""They have taken the design circle as a good friend, and don't compete with others," he said. "The exhibition is also an invitation to peer friends, to participate, to participate in this image, or to create a company image for the designers. Let's see the new weather in Taiwan."

Disobedience!Let others envy

"Disobedience."" When we asked Alan how he thought he was, he immediately replied to us."My students said to me," Teacher, look, this designer is good!"I'll say," Finish him!"" Who made a lot of money?The principle of "one day to kill him and earn more money" is that he does not envy other people, but he should do it well, and then let others envy you.

has always been fully committed to things, and has always been one of his own."When I was a kid, I liked to play a model, and when I first started making models, I couldn't stop it," he said. " I would always do it, forget to eat, and just want to see the Later on, he was working on drawing pictures, web design, flat design, and websites and so on, and was also working to complete the project.And in doing these things, I've accumulated a lot of experience, and we can overcome some of the processes, and we can make it fast.This is why Alan can be a student of the age of the student, the lead singer, the studio design, or the designer, as well as the organizers of many exhibitions, for 24 hours a day, not enough for many.

studying at the Institute, Alan and his fellow students set up another design team, who was responsible for taking care of the case and giving it to members of the team.Each of the studio's studio will pay an official visit to a fixed party and share new ideas. Through this way, we can show everyone's ideas and show them on the web page." At that time I wanted to be something of my own. Every time I looked at the physical channel, it was a foreign design, and I would think that there was nothing in Taiwan. I just didn't feel like losing. I felt that we could do something on our own.Because of the idea of disobeying the loss, the goal of opening up his future route to commodity design and business startug has indeed led to the trend of the design of Taiwan.

, Be honest with

Many young people now have ideals and passion for design, and we invite Alan to share his own experiences and encourage them all the way.He said two words - "honesty".Can the designers honestly face their own work?Because they want to express their own ideas, designers sometimes forget about what others think, and only care about what they think, so sometimes only the designers themselves know what they want to do.But Alan specifically stressed: "The real design is not to do it for yourself, but to be honest about what you're making, whether you really can create someone else's sense of being able to feel the meaning of your work. Otherwise, this design will not be alive.""
ambition of learning
also very important!"" People are not afraid of being able, but they are afraid that you don't have the motivation to learn.Learning is very hard, but it will be yours if you bite your teeth to hang on.The reason is that it has its own logic."No matter what you do, it's a great effort to do," Alan says.

In addition, he reminds young students of the design to not be so courtred, because many things are not within the control of the company, such as what many designers do will be deceived by the manufacturer to develop and become a manufacturer's stuff. When such things are encountered, they will be able to create more new things when they are able to put them under the control.Learning from experience, you won't encounter the next time.Each age has a different face, and naturally it will encounter many things and experience these problems. It will be able to experience the experience and have some growth."
a different way, the world will be different, and the design sometimes needs to be considered in the opposite direction."" It was the last thing that Alan wanted to share with us in the interview.After a low tide of Alan, changing the value of the designer, and redefining the value of the designer, it turned out that everything could be fine. In this interview, we saw the fine weather of the brand from a different perspective, and from the sky clear to the different world.

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