"Bring love back and let more mothers share their breastfeeding experiences, each with their own way of choosing how to breastfeed. "Talking to Xuanxuan" invited Dr. Wuwu to talk about her vision as an obstetrician and gynecologist!

As parents, many of the decisions we make in our lives, you may have a way back, but the notch of becoming a mother is because it involves another life, so once you decide, you can't go back.

"Talking with Xuanxuan" invited Dr. Wuwu to talk about what she saw as a woman and as a mother, in the process of conceiving life, there will be anxiety and reconciliation along the way.

Dr. Wuwu: Becoming a parent is a process of constant practice and growth

In the face of the new role of parenthood, it is normal to feel anxious, and many people prepare for their children before they are born in order to reduce their anxiety, but Dr. Wu Wu said that of course, physical preparation can be made through regular exercise and healthy diet, but there is no such thing as being ready to become a parent and raising a child one day.

Because when you really become a parent, in fact, many things are sudden, so in Dr. Wuwu's view, becoming a parent is actually a constant practice and growth.

In addition, staying flexible is a big learning after becoming a parent, Dr. Wu Wu took her as an example, she used to plan things well, but when she became a parent, she inevitably faced the moment when her plans were disrupted, so she learned to stay flexible and live in the moment.

"You may have to play a repetitive thing with your child all the time during this period of time, how to make this situation more beautiful, and turning passive into active is the key to mentality adjustment. Dr. Wu Wu said that parents can interpret this time with their children as how much work time they sacrificed, but they can also think about the interaction and companionship during this period may exist now, and think about what kind of experiences and memories I want to have with my children at this stage.

In this kind of thinking, the role of parents is actually active, no longer passive, so you will be able to see the learning gained as a parent.

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Normalize pregnant women, don't make them patients

In fact, the stress of being a parent does not only arise after the birth of the child, but also occurs in the "pregnancy" stage before the birth of the child.

Although the starting point of these ideas is not necessarily to underestimate pregnant women, but many people will think that they must be polite and give more care based on their status as pregnant women.

Perhaps many times because the public does not understand, so choose to stay away, naturally produce prejudices about pregnant women, some choose meticulous protection, and some may export to remind pregnant women of all kinds of forbidden areas, such as dietary taboos, such as not being able to exercise, pregnant women's bodies seem to become public goods, everyone can say something about them, pregnant women even have to respond and deal with it.

But in fact, behind these reminders and preaching, there is fear and violence born of insufficient understanding of pregnancy, which is a kind of weakening of women, and the stereotype that does not believe that women have the ability to help themselves and their children make the best choice, and to eliminate this oppression and break the stereotype of ignorance, Dr. Wuwu said that he should start more dialogues based on knowledge, and try to no longer make pregnant women patients, but more normal.

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What should I do if I am depressed after childbirth and breast milk anxiety?

When the mother survives the anxiety of pregnancy, after the birth of the child, postpartum depression and breast milk anxiety become the next possible challenge. Dr. Wu Wu said that the most important thing in the face of these emotions is to make the mother aware of her own emotions.

Because a woman will spend a lot of effort to soothe the baby after becoming a mother, but she is not able to soothe her emotions, it is important for the mother to find a way to loosen her heart.

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Bring love back and let more mothers share their feeding experience, each with their own way of choosing how to breastfeed.

Uu Doctor

He went on to add that raising a child can be a very happy thing, but the pressure of contemporary parents has drowned out the joy of parenting, but whether it is postpartum depression or breast milk anxiety, Dr. Wu believes that it is also possible to return to knowledge and realize the humanization of knowledge at the same time.

In other words, rather than breast milk is nutritious, we can emphasize that while sucking breast milk, the connection between the child and the mother is not only to focus on the nutritional value of breast milk, but also not to ignore the part of love, "Pull love back, so that more mothers can share their feeding experience, and everyone has their own way of choosing how to breastfeed." 」

Those anxieties and worries as parents may come from your love for your children, and how to make this love not degenerate into pressure that consumes you is worth learning.

When faced with the blame of others and the opinions of many people do not know how to choose, as a parent, you can try to draw attention back to your relationship with your child, and knowledge is used as an auxiliary system, trust yourself more, believe that you can make appropriate choices, as Dr. Wu Wu mentioned in the interview, "As long as you take care of yourself and take good care of your children, it is already great." 」