If you don't know how to face the confusion and low tide, maybe you can try to use the consultation card to accompany you to listen to your inner voice!

"There is only one true heroism in the world, and that is to love life after knowing the truth of life. - Romain Rolland

In the fast-paced era, we rush to life every day, and every trace of confusion and feelings that arise in our hearts seems to be temporarily rationalized, but in fact, these voices are leading you to face yourself.

In the face of life choices such as emotional separation, work or stay, in addition to chatting with trusted seniors and friends, you may as well accompany yourself on a journey of solving doubts through cards.

This time, women fans have selected five well-received consulting cards, and those confusion and anxiety that have nowhere to put will be guided by the cards to explore inward and explore the inner wisdom and awakening.

Recommendation 1: The soul does not get lost!

The Golden Sentence Card refines 3 editors' selected handbook golden sentences with a total of 70 sentences, so that every card draw is an active self-approach. The first type of card to celebrate the moment allows you to cheer for yourself non-stop, the second type of card that links the moment helps you connect with the inner and dig into the truth, and the third type of card that changes the moment to give you the confidence to change it.

In addition to the above usage, you can also draw cards for yourself every morning to cheer up, or choose cards that you feel to copy down, and use them with the 2024 handbook to amplify the manifestation ability of life!

(Extended reading: 2024 Women's Lost Handbook|Return to the original intention, regain the days of handbook writing, I find my true feelings for life)

Picture: Woman Fan Time to Celebrate Golden Sentence Card Card

Recommendation 2: Heal childhood wounds and open up the inner child happiness card of a happy life

Inner Child Happy Card combines the professional guidance and advice of consulting psychologist Su Xuanhui with psychological science, and cooperates with illustrator Shi Nuannuan to help develop a self-care environment. The cards include 30 happy practice cards to accompany your unfulfilled childhood wishes, as well as 30 hug healing cards to embrace yourself through warm golden sentences.

In addition, the card also comes with a guidebook and a daily exploration card, which not only allows you to see yourself more effectively and deeply, but also allows you to practice emotional first aid and self-healing, and grow into a happy appearance.

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Picture: Woman Fan Inner Child Happy Card Card

Recommendation 3: Release the female power and break through the female power awakening card that restricts the belief

There are 170 subliminal cards and a coaching manual, using the Oka System methodology to guide you through the "I should", "I must", and "I can't" stereotypes.

Whether you're facing financial issues, self-growth, career development, relationships, or family upbringing, these cards can help you become more aware, actionable, and self-mastered, and find solutions to your problems.

And there is also a multiplier way to use the card card, which is to match it with a self-coaching class or a professional teacher certification class. The self-coaching class will allow you to use cards to improve your self-awareness, while the professional teacher certification class will further strengthen your mastery of cards, so that you can become a certified teacher and have more opportunities to get business cooperation.

Picture: Woman Fan Female Power Awakening Card Collector's Edition

Recommendation 4: Feelings are not stuck, and the next card card of the relationship that dominates the story of love

There are a total of 90 question cards and 5 function and theme cards in each of the next step cards, and you can find your next step by asking questions about actions using psychological theory question sets.

Starting from the "You and Me Nong Card" that is in love for a long time, to the "Soul Torture Card" that faces difficulties and the final "Love to Action Card", with different situations and surprise functions, you can better understand each other and gain the courage to love more and stronger.

(Next Steps Cards Relationship Next Cards Relationship Next Cards Sincere and intimate communication with him)

Picture: The next card card of the woman's fan relationship

Recommendation 5: Stay away from emotional storms and grow an emotional light and shadow card with inner tranquility

The well-known psychic writer Yuzu Zitian and the painter Mr. Wen Hualang have cooperated to launch the Emotional Light and Shadow Cards, a total of 42 psychic awareness cards, accompany you to go deep into the subconscious consciousness of emotions and find the balance point of coping.

There are two main ways to use emotional light and shadow cards, one is to use intuition to associate the meaning of the card, encouraging everyone to use their own awareness and experience to dialogue with positive and negative emotions, and the other is to meditate on questions and use intuitive divination.

If you want to understand the meaning of the card more accurately or strengthen your thinking, it is also a good choice to pair it with an online introductory class!

Picture: Yuzu Sweet Mood Light and Shadow Card

Cards aren't the only guide, but they can help you listen to yourself

Which of the above five cards are you most excited about?

Using cards isn't the only way to find answers to life or self-discovery, but using the right tools can help us find our latent power and true voice more accurately. Let's practice putting our weight back on ourselves and try to pick a set of cards to help you on your quest.

Peel back and explore the truth, and you are already a hero in your own life.