The 7th "Global Women's Influence Forum" invited President Tsai Ing-wen and Ambassador Wen Ziyun to participate in the grand event. From different women's stories, women are encouraged to live their own lives: Inclusion is more sustainable than competition Together Stronger!

On March 8, Womany, Asia's No. 1 female social enterprise, held the 7th "Global Women's Impact Forum" in Taipei, with the theme of "Inclusion is More Sustainable Together Stronger", echoing the theme of the global IWD event#InspireInclusion Inspiring Inclusion, and inviting cross-border female power representatives to talk about how to break the status quo of female competition, work together for the better, create an inclusive environment, and amplify the influence of women.

President Tsai Ing-wen also delivered a special speech and interacted with more than 350 audience members, affirming the advocacy and promotion of women's fans in the field of "diversity and inclusion" for more than a decade, and expressing her direct support for women's empowerment.

"Karate is not an individual sport, he taught me to be a 'win-win' from the 'common good'!"

Photo: Wen Ziyun, ambassador for common good

2024 coincides with the Paris Olympic year, and it is also the first time that the female and male competitors will participate in the Olympic Games 1:1.

For the first time, Wen Ziyun shared the mental journey of taking off the Olympic bronze medal halo and being a former athlete to start a second life, looking back on the "end moment" in the Olympic process, and found that the dark period can be more clear about her deep desire: "What really matters is not the medal, but the heart's desire!"

(Gaying in the same scene: Wen Ziyun quits the national team and restarts her life: I still love karate but believe in myself and live the way I want!|Talk to Xuan Xuan EP19)

Wen Ziyun mentioned that she will face more life challenges in the future, and karate has become her DNA, conveying to the audience that "believing in yourself" is a superpower, and practicing "common good" has the opportunity to create a "win-win situation"!

President Tsai Ing-wen: "Diversity and inclusion are about to take off, and we look forward to more women writing their own wonderful stories. 」

Photo: President Tsai Ing-wen

President Tsai Ing-wen said at the 7th Global Women's Impact Forum this evening (8th) that in recent years, the government has worked hard to promote gender equality policies and encourage people of different genders to share responsibilities in the workplace and at home. And because of Taiwan's progressive thinking on gender equality issues and the unity it showed in the election process, the world can see a different Taiwan.

In his remarks, the President said that today is International Women's Day, and it is a pleasure to be here on this day to discuss gender issues and continue to work towards the goal of gender equality.

Tsai Ing-wen: "Women's power is to make individuals free")

The president mentioned that she first participated in a "Womany" event in 2015. Nine years ago, society was full of novelty about Taiwan's first female presidential candidate. Today, she wants to share with you as president the experience of competition and common good in the workplace in the past few years.

Image: 2024 The 7th "Global Women's Influence Forum"

President Tsai Ing-wen also interacted directly with the audience, the youngest of whom was only 14 years old, who signed up for the event on his own, and bravely asked "how to integrate personal resources and strengths to cultivate leadership from now on", to which President Tsai Ing-wen responded cordially: "If you don't have resources, you still have yourself." 」

President President Tsai added, "As a leader, it is important to develop the ability to observe others, know what is going on in everyone's heart, and combine everyone's strengths into a powerful team."

Photo: President Tsai Ing-wen, co-founder and CEO of Women's Fans Zhang Weixuan

Zhang Weixuan, co-founder and CEO of Woman Fans, also asked on behalf of the community, "On the way to becoming president, how to break through the glass ceiling and break through limitations?" President Tsai Ing-wen replied: "People may not be victorious, but many people can be together." If a person wants to change the times, it takes many people to complete it with you, and it takes sincere unity to create a historic moment. 」

Joyce Cheung, CEO of Women's Fans, said: "Diversity and inclusion are the key to Together Stronger, so that everyone can get the most out of it. 」

Photo: Woman Fan Co-Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

Zhang Weixuan, co-founder and CEO of Women Fans, shared the origin of the Global Women's Impact Forum, which is to let women's experiences be seen and encourage every female reader to believe that everyone is important.

She also shared her experience of promoting women's rights and diversity and inclusion in Asia for more than 12 years: "One person goes fast, a group of people goes far. Diversity and inclusion will be a key value chain for Taiwan to connect with the world and empower everyone. 」

In line with the theme of International Women's Day, "#InspireInclusion Inspires Inclusion", women fans released the 2024 White Paper on Women's Power

Womany, Taiwan's first diverse and inclusive DEI ecosystem platform, combined with CakeResume, an international talent platform, jointly released the latest 2024 Taiwan Women's Trend Survey. More than 1,000 Taiwanese women participated in the survey, revealing the challenges of Taiwanese women in terms of workplace performance, financial competence and mental health.

According to the survey, 83% of women in the workplace are convinced that flexible work policies help with job retention, and 7 in 10 women who shoulder caregivers face the dilemma of work and family care, but only 61% of workplaces implement flexible work policies.

At the same time, as many as 74.6% of women believe that their work lacks long-term sustainability, and the top five challenges they face in the workplace are: micro-discrimination in the workplace, unequal pay for equal work, lack of diversity and inclusion, female competition, and lack of support for working mothers.

According to the survey, 79.9% of women suffer from stress, anxiety and lack of self-confidence, and in terms of interpersonal communication, colleagues (67.5%) and supervisors (51.7%) are the main stressors, revealing the profound impact of the workplace environment on women's mental health.

In order to promote the sustainable development of women in the workplace, there is an urgent need for companies to take concrete actions to address the negative factors, ensure gender-friendliness in the workplace, and support women's holistic development.

(See more full data report and women's voices: 2024 Taiwan Women's Trends Survey Report)

The Global Women's Impact Forum is a starting point for mutual good

Inclusion is more sustainable than competition, and when everyone can work together for the better, society can win together. The Global Women's Impact Forum has also joined hands with LINE TODAY to launch the "Charming Weekly", which will advocate for key issues every month to promote the implementation of diversity and inclusion.

The highlight of the forum will also premiere on LINE TODAY on 3/27 (Wed), so that the influence of female power will spread outward, welcome to learn more.

In response to the 3/8 Women's Day, women's fans formed an alliance with the 55688 Group's Taiwan large fleet to launch a women's car activity, so that the diversified initiatives of Women's Day can be sent to the streets and alleys. The Global Women's Impact Forum is a starting point for mutual benefit and win-win, and we look forward to working with all walks of life to create a diverse and inclusive environment.