The 2024 7th Women's Fan "Global Women's Influence Forum" focuses on "Together Stronger", and invites representatives of cross-field common good to participate in the meeting.

In the warm and cold spring, the 7th Global Women Impact Summit (Global Women Impact Summit) was held on March 8, Women's Day.

With the theme of "Together Stronger", this forum not only echoes the global trend of ESG, but also kicks back the theme of International Women's Day InspireInclusion, leading the public to see the spirit of common good.

In today's society, the key to cross-workplace development, cross-generational communication and cross-cultural life is not competition, but solidarity and cooperation.

In this event, women fans opened up a variety of topics, talking about inclusive leadership in the workplace, talking about the influence of women in the sports field, and also talking about appearance anxiety and fertility issues.

The event invited a number of speakers to share their experiences, including President Tsai Ing-wen, this year's Good Ambassador, Wen Ziyun, Milan Chang, Director of Talent Acquisition of Micron North Asia, Lu Yizhen, host of the program, Jane Liang, Director of the Aesthetic Medicine Business Department of Galderma Pharma,

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fans, and Founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan, also invited Eileen You Yutong as the opening guest.

Women fans hope that through them from different fields, they will take us to see more possibilities for common good. Each of them started from their own life experiences and met on this night to connect the power of common good.

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Written in front of GWIS: Mutual good influence, from the moment you step in

Walking into the GWIS venue, you will see a warm orange halo printed on the dark blue back panel, and the logo Together Stronger is displayed in soft white.

The female fans on the side received users from all over the world with vigor, some came alone, some walked together, but their eyes were shining, revealing a sense of expectation.

Before entering the venue from the registration desk, a golden sentence backboard printed with the words "One person walks fast, a group of people go far" was placed. Here, the partners take a Polaroid for everyone who comes. I want you to know that because of your existence, women fans can go further.

Entering the venue, the audience gradually sat down, and as soon as the opening video was played, it attracted everyone's attention, and the audience held their breath and looked intently at the front of the stage.

Since 2015, women fans have gone through important moments such as the LGBT Equality Movement, the Women's Power Lecture Hall, the 525 I Love Me Community Event, the birth of the first female head of state in Taiwan's history, the adoption of gay marriage, the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award, and the signing of the Solidarity with MeToo.

These are the changes that Taiwan has gone through together with women's fans and you in the past ten years. Under the emotions of emotion and anticipation, we opened our senses together to welcome Taiwan's largest women's activity.

The opening singer, Eileen You Yutong, stepped on the stage softly and opened this year's GWIS with a gentle but firm singing voice. She sang "The First Flower" affectionately, and the audience was intoxicated by the sincere and powerful singing.

As the lyrics sing, "Our glittering tears will eventually grow into warm flowers, and those first flowers, the scars we leave behind, will eventually become the most beautiful paintings." 」

The song is a blend of love, self-awareness and pursuit. In just 5 minutes, her singing voice has captured the hearts of everyone present. Under the enthusiastic applause, the power of common good is quietly happening.

Wen Ziyun: Because you accept vulnerability, you become strong

2024 is the year of the Olympic Games, also known as the Year of Women's Sport, and for the first time, the Paris Olympics will feature an equal ratio of male and female athletes, the result of generations of hard work.

The ambassador of this event, Wen Ziyun, won the first bronze medal in the Olympic karate event for Taiwan in the women's 55kg class at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. Her story is not only a personal history of struggle, but also a common experience in which the whole of Taiwan participated. However, this evening, she is not here to share her own success.

Instead, she talks eloquently about her OMG moments.

Ziyun takes us back to April 2021, when she was preparing for her final Olympic points race. While she was concentrating on training, one movement felt something was wrong – a torn toe and four stitches.

She recalled the current mood of the end, analyzed herself, and found that what she was afraid of deep down was to live up to the expectations of others and herself. But in the moment of collapse, she accepts her vulnerability. Because she accepted vulnerability, she became stronger, and at the same time, she saw more of her own wants and desires, so she chose to keep going.

In August of the same year, Wen Ziyun, the Olympic bronze medalist, was successfully born.

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Do you think Ziyun's life will be smooth sailing from then on? In fact, after returning home after the Olympics, she fell into a low ebb that she had done before.

She began to reflect on what she wanted, and it turned out that she wanted to get back to the little girl who loved karate, to be happy and to like one thing, and to leave a comfortable and safe place.

What she wants is to be herself.

As the sharing came to an end, Ziyun specially sent a paragraph to all the audience.

This evening is very special because we couldn't have gone longer and further without each other being stronger and more coming together.

Wen Ziyun

Seeing growth from setbacks and seeing common good from sports, she firmly believes that the spirit of sports is the spirit of common good. Her sharing echoes that women's influence is not limited to the workplace, but can also play a role on the sports field.

President Tsai Ing-wen: If a person wants to change the times, it takes a lot of people to do it with you

The sharing of Wen Ziyun is still unfinished, and the spotlight has been on the big guest of the event: President Tsai Ing-wen. She is not only Taiwan's first female president, but also the first female leader of a major political party. In 2015, Tsai Ing-wen, who was still running for president, came to the women's fan "Women's Power Times Lecture Hall" to give a speech on women's power.

Nine years ago, society was full of novelty about Taiwan's first female presidential candidate. And tonight, she appeared at the Women's Influence Forum as the president and the most heavyweight female guest in Taiwan to share the competition and common good she has experienced.

At the beginning, she began by saying that today's speech must not be exciting, because the eight-year term tormented the president, making the audience smile.

President President Tsai recounted her journey as president all the way, and she admitted that being president is very stressful, but it is still necessary to sleep well and difficult things can be solved. Speaking of the observation of women entering the workplace, President President Tsai said that Taiwanese society basically has a positive attitude and encouragement towards women's participation in politics and entering the workplace.

During her tenure, she continued to advance with the goal of gender equality, and through same-sex marriage, she became an international focus. This flips the imagination of the international community about Taiwan, and it turns out that in addition to advanced technology and TSMC, Taiwan also has many progressive ideas.

She is also committed to promoting gender-friendly policies, such as allowing men to apply for parental allowance, and advocating that childcare at home is a shared responsibility.

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The President shared her views on this year's theme, "Competition", that competition is not good or bad, there will be competition for somebody, and the key is to face it with what attitude should be faced. We should work together to maintain the fairness of competition and to set rules that reflect social values.

After President President Tsai's speech ended, Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Women Fans, also took the stage and joined the "Please ask President Xiaoying time".

Before the question began, Wei Xuan invited everyone to give President President Tsai a round of applause, she felt the sincere frankness of a leader, admitting vulnerability, did not expect to see such a beautiful quality in the supreme leader, this matter is not easy.

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At the end of the question, Wei Xuan asked a question on behalf of the users: Before Ms. Tsai Ing-wen, no woman was president, and we are curious, how to break the limitations for ourselves?

President President Tsai talked about unity, and she believed that unity means that everyone must have a common understanding of the mission, and must also have a common mood of life and death. As a leader, you need to know what everyone is thinking, and you can combine everyone's strengths to become the most powerful team.

If a person wants to change the times, he needs many people to complete it with you, and Taiwan has indeed encountered more difficulties, so it is stronger than others, which is a gift from God.

Tsai Ing-wen

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