The 2024 7th Women's Fan "Global Women's Influence Forum" focuses on "Together Stronger", and invites representatives of cross-field common good to participate in the meeting.

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Milan Chang Zhang Meilan X Lu Yizhen: Fight for what you care about and create links

The theme of the forum was the theme of inclusive leadership in the new era, and the dialogue was moderated by the Chinese-English bilingual program host Lu Yizhen, and Milan Chang, Director of Talent Acquisition for Micron North Asia, discussed inclusive leadership.

Micron is a benchmark company in the semiconductor industry, and how Micron creates an inclusive environment starts with Milan.

Milan said that before coming to Micron, she had applied for other foreign companies, and that experience was very frustrating for her. At the final job confirmation level, she was brushed off because she had two children and lived far away, so she might not be able to do it.

What about Micron? Micron hired her because of her potential, and she made a lot of adjustments within the organization with the idea that everyone should have a chance.

She said Micron has increased the proportion of college freshmen recruited and asked supervisors to give women more opportunities unless there are obvious reasons that must be ruled out.

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Micron's DEI annual report shows that 31% of the company's companies are women, more than 1 in 5 supervisors are women, and 1 in 4 in science and engineering backgrounds are women.

After listening to the sharing of the current situation, Xiaolu asked the key question of the game: what are the characteristics of inclusive leadership for Milan, and what specific stories can you share?

She shared that she once admitted an employee who was about to become pregnant, and the other party asked her in turn, are you sure you want to admit herself?

"You tell me what we can do next to help you do well at work and take care of your children. That was her response.

Being curious about other members, understanding their needs, and creating more deep links on a personal level is a manifestation of inclusive leadership. Finally, she quoted Justice Ruth's golden sentence to encourage the audience, you must fight for what you care about, but in a way that everyone will want to join you.

Encourage yourself to be what you want to be and take on the challenge.

Meilan Zhang, Director of Talent Acquisition in Micron North Asia

Jane Liang: Beauty is a kind of self-proximity, please remember that you are unique

In recent years, with the shift in social values, we have a more diverse perception of beauty. But even so, in the era of social media and medical aesthetic advertising, appearance anxiety has made "beauty" an endless arena.

In this session, we invited Jane Liang, Director of Galderma's Aesthetic Medicine Division, to talk about what beauty is in her eyes, and also answer the desire of modern women for self-renewal.

Jane laughs and says that a large part of her life is the pursuit of beauty, but she also reflects from time to time, what is beauty?

After a few seconds of silent contemplation, some people began to bravely stand up their shoulders and raise their arms to take the initiative to share.

Some people say that beauty is the feeling of vibrating with others and then entering the heart, some people say that it is accepting one's own ordinariness and accepting one's own uniqueness, and some people say that beauty is an independent spirit. Then, she jokingly asked everyone at the scene, how many people are currently living on the earth, and the answer is close to 8.1 billion.

(Gaying in the same scene: Just like wearing makeup, recognizing what is suitable for you, medical beauty is also the same logic|Interview with Jane, Director of Galderma Pharmaceutical in France)

Of these 8.1 billion people, no one looks the same, so your existence is unique. Jane said that beauty is diverse, so if there is no standard, how can we compete?

She also further talked about her observations in the medical aesthetic industry, from 2010 when beauty seekers came to the clinic saying that they wanted to emulate a certain celebrity, to in recent years, they are more pursuing self-understanding and creativity.

Beauty is no longer just a surface, we can choose the right thing and magnify our beauty.

Beauty is the balance between inside and outside, the proximity of the self, and the most comfortable state.

Jane Liang, Director of the Aesthetic Medicine Business Unit of Galderma Pharma, France

This is her commentary on beauty. At the end of the exchange, she encouraged people to reconcile with themselves and accept their imperfections, because of this imperfection, you are so unique.

Zeng Wanting: Fertility is autonomy, and your happiness is up to you

Egg freezing may be a life choice for some women, and it also reflects that modern technology is enough to support people's more possibilities.

This time, we invited Zeng Wanting, chairman of the Taiwan Egg Freezing Association, to answer what egg freezing is and what support is needed.

Wan Ting first shared the 2023 survey on women's fertility preservation intentions, and found that in fact, half of women in Taiwan are willing to have children.

According to statistics, the average age of mothers giving birth to their first child in Taipei City is 33 years old, and the expected age of childbirth for girls who want to give birth but have not yet given birth has reached 37 years old, representing that older mothers will become the trend of childbirth in the future.

With the evolution of social needs, Silicon Valley in the United States has begun to propose reproductive benefits for female employees in order to be friendly to the workplace, and Taiwan has also expanded IVF subsidies in order to reduce the declining birthrate.

There are also genetic testing service companies such as Agilon that provide reproductive medicine services.

(Guess what: When the Circadian Clock Rings: What You Need to Know Before Deciding to Freeze Your Eggs)

Wan Ting believes that egg freezing is an option, if you want to have eggs, freeze eggs. Defreezing eggs is also about understanding our fertility, options and functions, which will help us have more flexibility in the future. It is very important for both boys and girls.

She also said that egg freezing does not solve all problems, but is only an option to achieve future goals. But fertility is the autonomy that everyone should know.

Understand your reproductive health, so that childbirth is no longer a physiological choice, and women can plan ahead and master the trajectory of their own careers.

Fertility is everyone's right, everyone's happiness is different, and you decide your own happiness.

Zeng Wanting, chairman of the Taiwan Egg Freezing Association

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fans: Let the story be the power and move forward together

The theme of this year's GWIS is "Together Stronger", and the key to women's influence is not competition, but connection. Here, the woman fan has also carefully designed the interaction time for users to link with each other.

Merci, Director of Operations of Women's Fans, led everyone to start from self-awareness and create a common good story through sharing.

Coming to the exchange session, the first part invited everyone to share the most touching and inspiring moments of the evening, Merci first demonstrated that the three key words she summarized are honesty, courage and choice.

From the speakers, we see the honesty that dares to face the darkness, the courage to break through the limitations, and the possibility of multiple choices.

As soon as the voice fell, there were conversations one after another in the audience, and users took the initiative to exchange experiences and create warm energy for the audience.

In the second part, Merci showed off the female awakening cards on the screen, and once again invited everyone to pick out a card that best suited their mood to share.

At this time, you can feel that everyone has settled for a while, and soon calmly talk about the feelings brought by the cards.

Merci looked at everyone happily and explained that maybe some people would pick the same cards, but they must have their own interpretations and stories.

Today's theme is Together Stronger, which focuses on finding your own stories and listening to the stories of others, and being able to take those stories with you and become your strength to move forward together.

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women Fans

In the journey of mutual good, it is great to create a sense of psychological safety together and have partners to step together!

Together Stronger: It's not just them, it's you

At the end of the event, an easter egg video from Xiao Meiqin's vice president-elect was quietly played on the screen, and the audience looked ahead excitedly and intently, enjoying this little surprise.

Hsiao Mei-qin is the first female representative in Taiwan's history to the United States, and has been praised by the New York Times as one of the most influential ambassadors in Washington.

After the video ended, Zhang Weixuan, the founder and CEO of Woman Fans, came to the stage briskly and began with the familiar "dear" greeting to share what he saw throughout the scene.

From the head of state, the sports field, the science and technology industry, the reproductive medicine industry to the medical beauty industry, it not only reflects Together Stronger, and the future of win-win is a win-win situation, but also reflects the real life experience of women.

Wei Xuan also invited female fans to come to the stage, echoing the belief that "one person can go fast, a group of people can go far".

Wei Xuan said that at the Global Women's Influence Forum, we learn to listen, feel, and share, and this is what we want to give you.

In the journey of achieving the common good, women fans, walk side by side with you, and continue to write a new chapter in Taiwan's female power.

What the Women's Fan Global Influence Forum wants to bring you is not only the story of the speaker, not only Tsai Ing-wen, but also you.

Founder and CEO of Women's Fans Zhang Weixuan

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If you want to relive the emotion of the night again, and if you want the power of common good to continue, please reserve an online ticket for the collaboration between women fans and LINE TODAY, and you will see you on 3/27.