Single is good, you can invest yourself well, and there are several reasons why you can like to be single yourself .But the lives of these two people have brought us a completely different kind of happiness.And I'm sure the girls will spend a lot of time on "dating", and it's always going to take a lot of effort to start a formal date with a guy from a stranger to a gradual understanding of each other.But did you encounter this situation: after a month or two, at the end of the day, it was only at the end of the day that the boy was not found to be the target of the kind of contact he wanted, or he was simply playing with the game!They have wasted their time and are more likely to miss other good targets.And how do we stop wasting our time on a meaningless date and focus on the "good man" instead of spending it on a "good man"?Here are you to introduce nine new books and teach you how to go on a date, bravely chasing after love!

Playbook: Establishing a Standard for Friends

Playbook II: The first condition for friends-your audience is interested in you

too many people have too much time to be on a person who will never engage with me.Of course, the process of pursuing each other and the ambiguous process is often the most interesting part, but return to reality!If those boys don't want to get to know more about it, no matter how poor you are, it's just a matter of futility.Remember, spend your precious time with people who are willing to spend time on them.(Recommended reading: Man's Truth, Say To Woman )

Secrets: Don't forget yourself is the most important thing

Many girls often throw their own lives behind their heads, but remember that they are the most important, whether or not they have to do what they want to do.A single person can freely participate in many activities of interest, such as swimming, upper gym, photography courses, etc.Living out of your own good life naturally attracts many people who want to know more about it, because they see their passion for life.Often, the people who are enthusiastic and enthusiastic are also able to know more of the boys who know how to live well!(Recommended reading: Love your own life )

Playbook Four: Know-how to let go

It's worth it to spend time on those boys who are likely to go into the future together.But when you encounter a man who doesn't seem to like you so much, it's wise to let go of the right hand.Although there is a way of doing things, there is no way for the two people to make a real effort to make a unilateral effort to make a real effort.(Recommended reading: Turn off his Facebook, and save your life )

Q 5: Learn to reject, learn to say "No"!

If it is clearly known that this person is not interested in the boy, please go directly to him and say good-bye to him!In doing so, we can avoid wasting time and energy on each other. You don't have to spend more time trying to annoying the messages that he has sent from him, saving your friends and complaining about the heart of the peach blosboa.Although the truth is always the most difficult to say, please remember "honesty is the best policy."

Playbook 6: How to distinguish between boys and boys.

Boys who are interested in you will always be very attenment to you, but there are hundreds of ways to care about you.If he is sincere about you, then he will always greet and remind the small things about life.These booing and warm, though ordinary, makes you feel that he really cares.And if a boy who hasn't been in contact for nearly a month has suddenly offered to drink, he is probably just trying to find someone to spend the night with him, and he should respect this kind of man. (Recommended reading: Seven Reasons for Men's Reject )

Playbook 7: Faithful to me

Do you envy

Do you envy the two men and women in the dawn of daybreak even if they haven't finished their conversation?The first thing that two people can talk about is that each other is able to faithfully express its own ideas, not to abandon its own values due to the fear of each other's ideas.If you really want to have a relationship with a man, it's not that it's a message that it's not going to pass. It's not the news that it's hesitant to vote. It's not that, if he really likes it, he will accept and appreciate every word that he says.Don't pretend to be another person for his appetite.I don't know if you're going to be able to get out of here.What's more, pretending to be another person is a very progressive thing, and honestly, it is a matter of being honest and honest.(Recommended reading: Before trilogy, when text is expressed )

Secrets: Patience is a virtue

A good feeling is not easy to get, and there is no desire to have a desire to have an insatiable love affair.It gives you some time, and the occasional lack of purpose can make your goals clearer.Slowly, fast, headless fly chasing true love, the end result won't make you more satisfied!

Go to 9: Be a brave girl

The prerequisite of the eight secrets above is to remember to be bold and brave to be yourself, make a difference, and be faithful to your beliefs.The first lesson of learning love is to know how to love yourself.Even if there is no real life, the love and confidence of oneself can bring about the unreplaceable happiness.(Recommended reading: Give yourself a reason, bravely pursuit )