"I have gained more in this forum than I can write. Written after the GWIS Global Women's Impact Forum, relive the highlights of the night from the perspective of the audience.

The 7th Global Women's Influence Forum in 2024 will talk about the trend of the new era: inclusion, more sustainable than competition.

In today's era, "inclusion" is more powerful than "competitiveness". Individuals, enterprises, and industrial environments have shifted from zero-sum and competitive thinking to building and joining inclusive ecosystems, using each other's strengths and challenging each other.

This is also the key entry point for Taiwan to become the "Taiwan of the world".

Take the world as the pattern and flexibly use the power of inclusion, so that individual careers, business organizations and even the larger community can have a sustainable future. We invited President Tsai Ing-wen, who led Taiwan to the world, to come to the scene, and also invited Wen Ziyun, a karate national who won the Olympic bronze medal in the world sports arena, to serve as a common good ambassador.

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In addition to taking the world as the spatial scale, we also focused on the depth of time and generations, and talked about "Inclusive Leadership in the New Generation", with Milan Chang Zhang Meilan, Director of Talent Acquisition for Micron North Asia, and Lu Yizhen, the host of the Chinese-British program.

We shifted from the outside to the inside of the female group to discuss the issue of "competition" at the female level: "Refuse to compete with women, beauty is not a competition", and Jane Liang, Director of the Aesthetic Medicine Business Department of Galderma Pharmaceutical in France, brought insights and sharing.

We go deeper, from the group to the body, and find the inclusive rhythm that encompasses multiple goals in the mainstream narrative of "body and time race" - the possibility of giving birth according to our own schedule: "Fertility and egg freezing, mastering the new rhythm of life", Zeng Wanting, chairman of the Taiwan Egg Freezing Association, brought different data observations and gentle sharing.

The excitement of this night has been reported by a series of women fans (please click here to read), and the details are recorded and completely reproduced. The team invited me to share my experience and emotions from a personal perspective, and I will not follow the chronological order to share what I learned that night.

The greatest courage of a person is to say goodbye to himself yesterday: thank you, I'm sorry, I love you, I have to go

Photo: Wen Ziyun, ambassador for common good

Wen Ziyun talked about the critical moment in his life, not on the field, but an injury, and the epidemic prevention isolation when he won the medal and returned to Taiwan.

In April 2021, while training for his final Olympic points race, he accidentally tore his toe and required four stitches.

When Wen Ziyun was surprised to find that the first thought that came to his heart was that he was afraid of disappointing others' expectations. After winning the Olympic medal, Wen Ziyun fell into an unprecedented low ebb. Finding that he could no longer persist for the sake of persistence, and could no longer do more for his loved ones (karate), he cried for a long time at the epidemic prevention hotel in Taiwan, and he knew that he could not help but say goodbye to his old self.

In 2023, Wen Ziyun made a courageous decision, announcing that he would take off his jersey and open a new chapter in his life with the courage and mind of an athlete, and open up his own adventure story in the next stage.

President Tsai Ing-wen, in response to the audience's question "You have experienced the darkest moment", said lightly: Darkness is every day, just like there is day and night every day.

Dark moments are always there, just like day and night.

President Tsai Ing-wen

"But the most dangerous time in life is the time of career change, where the challenge is the greatest. 」

Tsai Ing-wen further said that when you finish one thing, what do you have to do next? When you are tired of doing your previous job, what will be the next stage of your life? That is probably the most struggling time. 」

The president shared that he was a university professor in his early years, and a senior told him that many people will go to fortune telling, because the life of those professions has ups and downs, but college professors are the only profession that does not need to go to fortune telling, because the career of a university professor is almost stable at a glance. Tsai Ing-wen listened and thought, "It turns out that I live a life without fortune telling. What am I going to do next? Can I do it?"

Tsai Ing-wen became the chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council in 2000 and left her teaching post in the same year.

When there is a turning point in life, it is often unexpected. But if you really want to go back to the beginning of everything, it has to do with a kind of courage: "say goodbye to your yesterday self".

To be a pioneer in his own life, he has been blocked, and he knows how to open the way for others

Photo: President Tsai Ing-wen

In his speech, President President Tsai shared that he had been to the special forces. He said that the special forces went up the mountains and down to the sea, and the training intensity was very high. 」

"Among them, there are two particularly powerful special forces women, petite and skilled, and I was curious to ask them what they used to do? They told me that one of them was a former beautician and the other was a former music teacher. 」

Tsai Ing-wen was very surprised, can you imagine a music teacher, a beautician, and finally become an elite member of the special forces? From here I know that there is nothing that a girl cannot do. 」

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He went on to share that he had seen female pilots, especially fighter jet pilots. "You know that the high-speed and high-altitude environment has a great impact on human blood vessels, and girls have thin blood vessels, so after flying, the thin blood vessels in the whole body will rupture, but they still insist on being fighter pilots. 」

Tsai Ing-wen opened her eyes and said, I think the president's astonishment has transcended gender - whenever someone is a pioneer in his own life, it is also to open the way for others behind, and that kind of courage is a kind of transcendence.

Milan Chang, Director of Talent Acquisition at Micron North Asia, also shared a touching story, saying that before coming to Micron, he had applied for other foreign businessmen, and the final job confirmation checkpoint was brushed off because he had two children and lived far away.

Micron saw her potential and hired her, and she also deeply recognized that "everyone deserves a chance" from her past experience, and promoted diversity and inclusion in the organization. She once accepted an employee who was going to be pregnant, and the other party asked her in turn, "Are you sure you want to be admitted?" and she thought to herself, "Of course, all of your conditions are ideal."

Photo: Milan Chang, Director of Talent Acquisition at Micron North Asia

Milan Chang Director Zhang Meilan even said to the audience on the spot: "If someone asks you during the interview, 'Do you plan to get married?' do you plan to have children?' 」

He smiled and said, I'm walking in front, the road is opened for everyone, you have to step on it yourself, don't retract!

Stand up for yourself, and at the same time, stand up for others.

She quoted Justice Ruth of RBG as saying, "Fight for what you care about, and practice in a way that people will want to join you." The phrase itself is a manifestation of the power of inclusion.

Whether it is the exploration of imaginary boundaries, or the example of Milan Chang, Director Zhang Meilan, making the environment have a substantial harmony and become a place that welcomes and accepts diversity, it is all opening the way for others.

Beauty is self-proximity, and appreciating imperfection is the truth of knowing masterpieces

Photo: Jane Liang, Director of Galderma's Aesthetic Medicine Business Division

At the beginning of her speech, Jane Liang, Director of Galderma's Aesthetic Medicine Division, asked the audience a question: "Do you know the current total population of the world?" The answer is close to 8.1 billion.

Out of 8.1 billion people, there are 8.1 billion diverse beauties, and this is a world where flowers bloom.

She further shared her observations, from 2010 when people went to aesthetic clinics to emulate a celebrity, to recent years, more people are pursuing self-understanding and creativity.

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I also think that the beauty is diverse, but the real world has an advantageous aesthetic and a genetic lottery. There are also class, race, resource, and cultural differences in aesthetics. People always seek to be a good existence for themselves. I also appreciate Commissioner Jane Liang's sharing at the end that in the midst of pursuit, you must remember to reconcile with yourself, "Accept that you are imperfect, because of imperfections, you are so unique. 」

And I want to identify with the complement, appreciate the imperfection, and understand the truth of the masterpiece.

Fertility is the right to choose, but there is no pressure to "have to choose".

Photo: Zeng Wanting, chairman of the Taiwan Egg Freezing Association

Zeng Wanting, chairman of the Taiwan Egg Freezing Association, shared a survey of women of childbearing age and found that half of women in Taiwan have the intention to have children.

Wan Ting believes that "egg freezing is a choice, I want to have eggs and freeze eggs again", which is also the first inclusive and supportive remark I have heard.

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After the advent of egg freezing technology, it is inevitable that there will be "regret-free marketing", if you know that you don't want to have children, why follow others into the anxiety of fertility choices?

Then, Wan Ting explained in detail the different phenomena and values of the body, from the perspective of understanding herself, she knew herself in a down-to-earth manner, and also said that egg freezing could not solve all problems, but only one of the options.

In his sharing, I heard that the same birth is the autonomy that everyone needs to know, and how you want to use it or not, you have all our support.

In fact, I have gained more than I can write about in this forum. I'm sure if you're here too, you'll feel the same way. Why not write down your notes, your takeaways, and even your story?

For those who regret not buying tickets, please also follow our community and website, we may launch an online version, and please also lock in the wonderful tidbits that may be released on the Youtube channel of women fans. If you'd like to ask questions and have a conversation, we'll see you at next year's Global Women's Impact Forum!