biography of Wu Baochun, a biographical depiction of Taiwan's Wu Baochun, us the pleasure and director Lin Cheng-sheng to have a pleasant evening with the male lead, Li Guoyi.Director Lin Cheng-sheng's eloquent words, and the kind words of Li Guoyi, and the warmth of Li Guyi, seem to be not like the first time he met, and he talked about the film and his life.

& Breadth of Breadout

Director Lin Cheng-sheng is also a baker, but this experience is a past that he has never wanted to talk about. He has been meeting with Master Wu Baochun.When it comes to this, the director starts to smile, and he says, "I do bread to live, and I hate to do bread."" "

" But this is my past, and even after I started coming into contact with the film, I would still put my bread master's character in the movie." "

and in Lin Cheng-sheng's film director, Master Wu Po-chun, after a long talk, the director begins to like and accepts the past when he was a baker.

the course of the director's acquaintance with Master Baochun, he said, " I am very moved by the attitude of Baochun doing bread.The director feels that the story of Master Pao Chun's story is very successful, and Master Pao has proved to all Taiwan people that as long as he is serious enough, he can make a good international bread, so long as he can make efforts, everyone can succeed!On the other day, the director and the director talked about the whole afternoon, from the young to the pursuit of dreams, from the apprenticeship to their own success. The director and the director even laughed at the director and even said that the two were like dating a relationship!(Recommended reading: Big dream of dreaming!The bigger the better! )

Start from scratch

To shoot this film, Li Gui was apprenticed to the film store in Baochun in the first month of the film, starting from scratch.The apprentice was working 11 hours a day, and he had to go to the store for 11 hours a day. He had to go to the sun to go down the mountain, and he was working hard labor. He didn't really meet the production of bread.Recalling the beginning of the process, he said, "It is simply not a day to work. In fact, the third day I don't want to do it!"So hard work makes it impossible for him to believe how the baguers are going to survive.

" I went to ask them why they had to work so hard.And they all rightfully tell me, "Because I love bread."

" I love acting.

With the passion of the show, he returned to his bread store to work hard, and he wrote his own learning process every day, using a month's time to fully experience the professional bread master's stage. "This is definitely an impact on my deepest experience."

Winning again

If the glory of Master Po-chun is a very encouraging force for many of the people in Taiwan, and seeing the dawn of the world, filming < World's First Maif> gives Li the power to get back to the point of restarting.Before filming the film, the country had experienced a period of impact. At that time, the cause, school, and military service were burned. No matter which thing they did, they could not concentrate on the same thing, and they were full of uncertainty about the future.Later he decided to break the boat axe, and took a year to finish his studies and become a soldier, and then returned to show business.

I think it's amazing. When I got back, I was full of energy and passion for my work!

Director Lin Cheng-sheng recalls the first day of meeting with the country, and he said, "I can feel the ambition of the country."The director says that acting is not the most important thing. It is important that the quality of life is not linked, and that the day it meets with the country is the most realistic. He has just retired and left many of the baggage of the past, and is more suitable for this role!

A show that broke through two people's hearts.

The most impressive show of the film, the director and the country's perseverance were the one that the mother of Paochun died in the opera.For national determination, the crying scene has always been the biggest actor in the play, but this performance is not much of a strength. All emotions come from the accumulation of the front. Even if the director shouts, "This time, it's good to cry."He believes that all of us have a sense of mission and a sense of mission to make the story well, and to have a good performance because of the help of the people around us.

The director says his mother died when he was three years old, and his family said she wanted to be able to sleep on the night of his mother's death, but when he was young, he cried out and cried, and his mother left the afterlife that night.Since then, the mother has been living in her own mind in a very abstract way.And this show allowed him to release his mother's emotions. "After this show, I said to the nation," Thank you for releasing my affection for my mother.(Recommended reading: One day, Mom's old ... )

We're all lucky.

Director Lin Cheng-sheng says that the common point of Wu Baochun is that they all have "lucky people."" It's a wonderful trait.The director says.Looking back at the experience of Master Pao Chun's experience, the director believes that the most important reason why they can achieve success, "noble people" and "disobedience" is the most important reason." Children in the countryside want to go out of the country.The director was unwavering.When he was young, he wanted to make a breakthrough in the city, but he realized that it wasn't just a hard work, but it wasn't just a hard work day. He couldn't see the way he was going to be a teacher in front of the movie. He entered the film industry and entered the film industry.And then they discovered their own talents, and gradually moved to the international dance platform.

When asked if the director considers himself lucky to be in a modest manner, he says:

"No, not humility, that is the strength of a head."

He says that people in the countryside are very "real" (in Taiwan). This is a serious, foolish and courageous way to go straight ahead. It is because of the unique temperament of the people in this township, which makes Wu Baochun and Lin Cheng-sheng now.

terms of national determination,

has an opportunity to review and reflect upon himself. He has a chance to support his own parents and his career. He feels his fortune in his career. He feels that he is a progressive, progressive, and ambitious approach, and that he hopes to make more viewers know through drama.

Last we asked Lin Cheng-sheng and Li to offer some advice to the people who are working for the goal. The director says:

" Don't be afraid of failure, must act, at least lose the chance, and many failures will succeed!

This is such a stupid and foolish move, and as long as he is willing to do it, he will be out of the teacher for a long time.Li said that Master Pao-chun, who is already a world champion, is still curious about everything and still continues to invest in his studies. Therefore, continuous learning is definitely not the only way to make himself more progressive!

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