The classic CHANEL package is a dream for every woman, but it is not everyone's ability to afford to spend hundreds of thousands of people. If you find a delicate one like that, you will find that you don't have to pay an expensive price, and you can easily loosen the classics of an international brand.

The coat is a classic CHANEL, and there are many common designer brands in the market that can be purchased.During the season of day and night, when heat is hot, it can wear a sleeveless vest or a shirt with silk texture. In the cold air room or at night, the coat of hairs is covered by the coat of hair.In addition, some simple pearl necklaces and rings can be worn to make the overall shape not so monotonous.The bags are the same color as the shoes, and they don't need to be too fancy. It is recommended that they wear high-color, high-color, and high-colored shoes, and are lively and elegant in their elegance and elegance.

The white silk shirt of course is not small. The neckline and the front of the chest are also a key. The neckline is also a key. The black and uncollar small jacket is fitted to make the overall ratio slim and the bow tie.Don't let yourself look like you're wearing a complicated one, and the point is that you don't have to have too much extra colors except for black and white.The clothing of black and white color is never going back to fashion. When you are all black and white, you can choose a gold or silver hand holding bag to make the whole body have a visual effect of the kind of eyes.

vivid print-wide

Fashion mother represents her mother's mother, Sun Yun-yun.           "Victoria Beckham" on behalf of
Victoria Beckham "at the opening
of the ornament

Today's mothers are getting younger and younger, even though they can't look at the slimming waist, and the long legs of the legs.They can be used with playful necklaces or decorations, and it is highly recommended that Liu Mei-hui's famous designer use the retro-silk necklace and the pearls, and the daring and courageous mothers can try and see them!

1. VICTIM Revelace Pearl necklace
2. FOREVER21 butterfly joint earring
3. FOREVER21 metal bracelet
4. A dot-dot-wide, wide dress
5. Rendering inkjet wide dress
6. HERMES Handbags
7. H&M Pure Fishing Shoe
8. H&M ankle wooden wedge shoes
9. Marina Makaron Moscow scarf

Color Series Wide

sexy mother's behalf of
Small S Kelly Rutherford

The pink single color scheme is one of the best in the spring and summer seasons, both simple high-heeled shoes and sandals with a different style.If you wear some special styling earrings and necklaces, and show the unique fashion, it makes it look younger.

1. ALEX & CHLOE Diamond Mar Ring
2. CHLOE Fashion Sunglasses
3. Lamixx SubleWidth long T
4. Library Brass short form necklace
5. Yves st. Laurent, the stars and the sandals
6. FOREVER21 wedge-type fish shoes


is a black and sexy black dress that can be decorated with a black dress and a black dress that may be a monotonous and decorated black dress.

Sexy mom represents Little S
wearing a seven-minute, black sequined sexy

1. FOREVER21 Black Bamboo gentleman's hat
2. ZARA Semitransparent Black close-fitting dress
3. 6126 Lindsay semi-transparent black hot dress
4. FOREVER21 personality leather backpack
5. ALEX & CHLOE ancient copper cross necklace
6. 6126 Lindsay Black Sequined sexy dress
7. Ssuet Shoes

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