Yuan Fei, the author of the best-selling book "Pistol Queen", a self-media operator, and a prospective graduate student, went from going ashore in a half-set store to becoming an online course lecturer, and knowledge is an opportunity to change his life.

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Yuan Fei, who has been in the eight major industries for nearly ten years, always has a mysterious and vague temperament in her eyes, and she often mentions in the interview that she is full of "insecurity", and she used to have low self-esteem, feeling that she is very far from the people on the shore, but we don't feel that she is different from the ordinary people who roll in society.

She came ashore from a half-set store, and is now a self-media operator, the author of the best-selling book "Pistol Queen", a prospective graduate student, and is about to open her first online class "Welcome to the Pistol Queen's Erotic Teasing", Yuan Fei's life so far is not an exaggeration to make a documentary.

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Completely abandoned by society, he entered a half-set store as a craftsman

At the age of 17, Yuan Fei thought that he had been completely abandoned by society, and he only wanted to pay off his family's debts as soon as possible, and the place where he could make a lot of money in a short period of time was the eight major industries. At that time, she was suffering from sexual harassment in the workplace, and realized that her beauty was valuable, and thought, "Since I have to be harassed, why don't I take money and be harassed?"

In the first week of the half-set store, she didn't make a single customer. Yuan Fei, who originally held the mentality of "isn't it just a handjob?" suddenly found that she underestimated this job too much, and the master Sister Lan, who led her into the door, made her more deeply realize that this is a job with a very "craftsman spirit".

"I really feel like I've been given up by society. 」

"At that time, all my hopes were pinned on this job, and there was no reason why I should not improve myself. 」

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She began to realize that she couldn't be sorry for the customers who spent money to let her serve, but the half-set store had no staff training, so she had to explore and study a set of exclusive service formulas by herself. In that era when sex education was not sufficient, there were still performances in A-movies, and Yuan Fei also bluntly said that he learned a lot of mastery of eyes and atmosphere through A-movies, but the skills left behind were all proven and effective skills for guests.

"It was the first time I felt like a 'human'. 」

Half of the store stayed in the later stage, in order to stick to the final bottom line of the service project, and then became a cadre. After two years of cadre experience, Yuan Fei met a boss who was cultivating her with the spirit and thinking of running a large enterprise, and she learned to stop looking at the world with the eight eyes, and this boss was also the main reason why she finally left the eight major industries.

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Leaving half a set of stores, I only want to speak for the eight major industries

When I took Yuan Fei to see my boss in a different world, I found that she was running a self-media as a cadre and wrote about various experiences in the eight major industries, so she said something heavy, which deeply affected Yuan Fei and made her officially bid farewell to the eight major industries since then.

"People in our eight major industries are rats in the gutter, and if we see the light, we will turn the world upside down, and this society will turn the world upside down. Don't forget who you are, and just stay in the gutter since you're a rat. 」

Yuan Fei shared that she was sad not because she was scolded, but because although she had made some achievements in this industry and respected her boss, she still thought that this industry and identity should not see the light of day.

"My stubbornness rose again. I really did it for this sentence, and I said then I won't do it. 」

"If I want to leave the Big Eight to speak up for people in this industry, then I have to do it. 」

In 2021, Yuan Fei published her first book "Pistol Queen", sharing what she saw and heard when she was at the Eighth National Congress, she smiled and said that many people will feel very heavy when they hear my story or background, and think that this will be a book that needs to be looked at in a precarious position, but I hope everyone will look at it as a collection of jokes, smile with a relaxed mind, and know that there are still such things in this world, it would be good.

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Knowledge becomes an opportunity to change your life, and you can do what you want to do

Life can be a one-way trip full of accidents and surprises, and this stop she became a course instructor. Yuan Fei never thought that he would become a lecturer of sexual skills, but by chance, the brokerage company was optimistic about Yuan Fei's special skills, so he arranged for Yuan Fei to enter the Desire Capture Laboratory as a special lecturer.

It wasn't until he started lecturing that Yuan Fei realized that the sexual skills he had learned before were actually taught by no one, and the teaching content was all dismantled and sorted out by himself step by step, such as where to exert force, where to be light, slow, and uninterrupted. At the beginning, she didn't know much about teaching, but in order to make every bright student in the audience have a richer learning experience, she made a lot of efforts and changes.

"It's pretty much the same to say I'm reincarnated, whether it's teaching, writing syllabuses, getting in shape, dressing up, savoring things, I have to find a way to change my face and figure out what people expect me to do in this position. 」

At first, I found that I spoke mostly with broken words, but I began to learn how to speak, and I learned to overcome various inner fears, including the fear of the camera, the fear of people, and a deep sense of inferiority. In just one year, I took voice actor classes, acting classes, feminism classes, Chinese language classes, and even went to the challenge of live talk shows, and now the ear picking class is integrated into the light skill course.

Through these courses, students have built a foundation for teaching and learning from scratch and understood the value of knowledge sharing. As the saying goes, "There's never anything you don't need", Yuan Fei believes that continuous self-learning will eventually help in life, and that all journeys will be connected to each other and come in handy at some point in the future, just like she is now an online course instructor and applies what she has learned to the course.

"Learning can really change your life, and I'm sure you'll be able to apply what you've learned at some point. 」

"I can't defy my inner voice, I have to do what I want to do!"

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Welcome to the Department of Flirting Desires! Write online courses with the professional course team

When Yuan Fei shared that when he became a lecturer on sexual skills, he found that Taiwan actually lacked communication and correct knowledge in sexual exchanges, and some students shared sex for half their lives without enjoying foreplay, and they didn't know what the problem was, and they didn't know what the other half was dissatisfied, but they just guessed the other party's preferences and used the wrong skills, and they didn't even know how serious the problem was.

"At the beginning, the people who came to me to learn how to love were basically old husbands and wives, and the first student I taught was a wife in her fifties, and in their relationship, the boy may be a little overwhelmed and began to care less about word of mouth, but she still wants to manage this intimate relationship well, and I was really moved. 」

"I've always wanted to change this, I hope that boys or students who are not convenient to come to physical classes can also learn together, but face-to-face teaching in physical classes will get stuck in a lot of problems that are easy to be misunderstood. 」

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But in fact, whether it is a girl or a boy, you can learn Yuan Fei's skills and use the right way to let each other enjoy the pleasure of sex.

Therefore, one of the reasons for the online course "Welcome to the Pistol Queen's Erotic Teasing" jointly opened by Yuan Fei and Fresh Shishu this time is that he wants students who are more shy and afraid of embarrassment to learn with their partners in a more private way, and they can also study with their partners at any time and place. In the course content, I want to bring students daily and easy-to-use sexual skills, from flirting in life situations, foreplay, atmosphere creation, hand love skills to drawing a map of human eroticism, step by step, to teach completely, not only to explore the joy and preferences of partners, but also an opportunity to explore themselves.

She also hopes that everyone can look at this online class from the perspective of love, rather than trying to control other people's bodies, which is also the core value of the course - to enhance the relationship between partners, when you know how to use sexual skills, you will be able to greatly improve each other's satisfaction in bed, and even discuss with your partner which moments are the most pleasant and comfortable.

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Foreplay is the embodiment of love. Good sex happens long before it "enters". Yuan Fei hopes to let students know that they can also create an intimate atmosphere in daily life, so in addition to the course teaching daily flirting skills, during the course fundraising period, especially with the female fan's blush deep bed game card card: A loving foreplay mixed play foreplay, cooperation plus purchase discounts, to provide students with more daily play for everyone to experience.

Picture: A loving foreplay

Picture: A loving foreplay

My belief is to challenge other people's beliefs, and even if the journey is stumbling, it is worth it

Yuan Fei's conversation is full of humor and wisdom, after self-doubt and strange vision, he still insists on finding his own path, and this year he is about to become a graduate student of the Institute of Gender Studies, constantly improving himself, only hoping to bring more valuable knowledge content to the students.

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Life belief is to challenge the beliefs of others Yuan Fei, like to dig out the heart in the collision of values, broaden horizons, and summarize everything into their own nutrients, along the way, her biggest gain is that others' views on her have changed from discrimination to understanding, Yuan Fei said that the future will continue to work hard in his own career, looking forward to continuing to accompany everyone, listening to her story, can have a little inspiration for her own life, so it is enough!