Erotic fluctuations at night, the challenges of long-distance love, and even sexual adjustment after marriage, Dcard cardholders share the orgasmic experience of situational products without concealment.

If you want to find your own orgasm and fun, explore this content in depth.

The climax is not a miracle, it just needs an opportunity, do you also have toys for adults, tonight, which one do you want to choose.

Dcard Siss board netizens do not hide their private fire and have a passionate and fun experience, get a glimpse of the Top3 moments of card friends using sex toys, and experience an unprecedented wave of sex!

Scenario 1: Pleasing yourself and not pretending to others

When the night strikes, in the face of sudden erotic fluctuations, if you want to come by yourself, you can come by yourself!

Dcard cardholders shared that they plucked up the courage to buy their first masturbation massage stick:

"After putting it in, I hit a japmy spot, and it felt a little numb and exciting. 」

"My whole body trembled slightly, and my mouth began to moan uncontrollably, so comfortable that my mind went blank. 」

Everyone deserves to have an orgasm, and I hope everyone can be like a card friend, through the perfect assistance of sex toys, explore the body, and find it easily.

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Scenario 2: Long-distance love It doesn't make you lonely

Long-distance love itself is a big challenge, in the distance of the interval, out of sync time difference, relationship management is not easy to maintain intimacy, timely electric love can help each other on both sides of the earth to relieve the untouchable lust, if you have sex toys, it can increase the temperature of lust.

Dcard cardholders shared with their boyfriends who are separated from each other:

"You can remotely control electric sex with your boyfriend!"

"The vibration is very strong, and when it is adjusted to 2 or 3, it is super comfortable, and when it is slowly adjusted to 4, it will almost instantly climax..."

If you're experiencing long-distance pain with your partner, you might as well try this one, no matter how far away, and get back in love in an instant!

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Scenario 3: Have a good time after marriage

Manduo cardholders mentioned in a post on Dcard that after getting married, the frequency of sexual intercourse with the other half becomes lower and more monotonous, especially after giving birth to children, they are not expected to wait and are not harmed.

Everything can step out of the comfort zone, and sex is no exception, and many Dcard netizens provide a variety of different styles of robes to help add fun!

(Secretly: due to the large scale, it does not provide URL and picture support, welcome to search for "battle robe" directly on Dcard, you should be able to gain something, I hope you can find the one that suits you.) )

If you want to see more topics about sex toys that cardholders have experienced in person, welcome to find them on Dcard.

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