definition of the splits is really not as good as the idea of black and white. But is the motivation for the splits more deserving of deeper understanding than the actual cheating?(Extended reading: About cheating, isn't it enough to love one person? For those strangers that don't have anything to do with us, we can always say what we think is the most. When one day, the role of the world is suddenly transformed into a good friend of the derailment, isn't it tough?How can we deal with this without affecting the purity of friendship between the people and the unpatched little rift between her and the world? Six sincere tips have allowed us to know how to calm down the ground and the friendlies between her and her:

Recommendation 1: When you talk to the other half, gestures will be redoubled.

If you are in a good, stable relationship, you may want to ask the other half to hear the other side's thoughts and opinions about disloyalty.Please remember, however, that the boyfriend of the system is innocent.Don't take the opportunity to slip your insecurity into the other half, and even become one of the victims. To know, no one should be held responsible for the feelings of the people. She has to face up to her, and she is a good friend. What we can do is to take advantage of this opportunity to have a better understanding of each other's inner and inner opportunities.Try to discuss these topics with relaxed and unrepressive words, so that the other person knows more about the unease and needs of the country, and will not crush the trust bridge between us and their loved ones!(Extended reading: [relationship yoga] Feel the other's first lesson: mirror relationships )

Recommendation 2: Don't worry about trivial matters

When a good friend doesn't know her own cheating in the first place, a series of negative imagination may come out of a series of negative imagination: Is it all I'm doing?Didn't she take me as an intellectual?In her mind, am I a big mouth that's not even a secret? Enough is enough, my dear, the fact that I usually don't dare to be honest with the closest people comes from the fact that she is afraid that the perfect image of herself in the heart will fall apart; if it doesn't care about it, perhaps it has already been perfunctory and perfunctory.Take a good deep breath and relax your anxiety. Don't put things like this in your heart. As long as the heart of the world doesn't knot, it can be the best thoughtful of the people she does.(Extended reading: smiling at the world, the world will smile on you )

Recommendation 3: Clear the boundaries of 3: The boundaries that can be achieved

If you can't accept such a fact, you don't need to say that it's not a big deal because it's a good friend of her, you can say, "It's not a good thing."To be bold and to make clear the position of the world, do not use self-made mendicant lies to wrap up the idea, which will only be the beginning of the future of the knot.It can be told that, perhaps because of its own religious beliefs, or the moral sense that it instilled, or even its own past experience, it cannot recognize her behavior.(Extended Read: derailment, not line?) With a moderate but determined tone, she knows that it will continue to be her friend and what she is willing to do for her.The most important thing is to be honest.When she knows where the limits are, and when she feels comfortable, she makes good use of the way she is accustomed to her life, and to accompany her through this bottleneck of life.

Recommendation 4: It is only her friend who doesn't need to be a psychologist.

When she makes her secret, she breathed a sigh of relief, but that doesn't mean that she's starting to wrap up her next size and the direction of her life.It is not necessary to know all the details, so long as it takes out a full and full love and confess to her, let her know that looking for professional advice is the best way to protect our cherished friendship.At the same time, it can try to make her feel that her image in the eyes of her is still intact.After all, no one would suddenly be thinking about hurting people or making things difficult for themselves to face.Perhaps the decision she made this time was impulsive, but, after all, she is still a friend who has always been the most familiar, most valued and most treasured by herself.Let her know. That's what we think.(Extended Read: More truthful than the film's story )

Recommendation 5: The feeling of love is real, so don't forget it, too.

The reality of the lack of sugar makeup often fails to make it easy for people to agree that it is also worth behaving.This kind of cruel truth is absolutely true. Even if you don't like it on the surface, you can still make a big shake in your heart.But even though it is understood that love is itself an expression of self-determination, it does not mean that it must agree that it is only natural that it can be perfunctory and perfunctory.To put it blunted, we are all looking for a feeling. Who doesn't enjoy the sense of superiority, which is lover's sense of superiority, and the sense of superiority that is on the heart of pain?In addition to these "good" feelings, I must say that I have never intended to hurt others' hearts and feel guilty, as well as a Crazy "Bad" sense. We all know that, but it's hard to give the same kind of tolerance when people do the same thing. In fact, the connivance of hypoconnivance is also superfluous. As long as it is understood that love does not exist by the consent of others, love is a form of existence, and everything is just a part of the process.(Extended reading: Before trilogy: Love in text expression )

Recommendation 6: Before you make any comment, first to feel love

it's not perfect, but we can try and look at everything we have in beauty, including love, with the beauty of the eye.(Extended reading: Believe in love, believe in yourself: love is not perfect, only complete ) seems to be a monster, but it's an unimaginable gift.Greed, jealousy, complaining, gossip, criticism, nature, everyone has, but more or less different.There are a number of things that must be fixed on her own life, and she also belongs to her.Now that we're all imperfect, we learn together, learn from mistakes, until we learn how to be good, a person who's worth happiness .We know that all of this will pass through. As a good friend of her, it is even more ungenerous to encourage her to patiently accompany her with her courage and the eyes of her smile.Perhaps some day in the future, when you encounter a difficult life issue, she is the one who has the same company to tide over the difficulties.

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