What is love to you? What is loneliness? "Talking to Xuan Xuan" invited actors Liu Pinyan and Li Yinghong to talk to us about the diverse love and loneliness in modern society, how they look at it, and how they interpret it.

If you have a stranger who has never known you and spent a few days and nights chatting with you on the Internet, do you have the courage to go and meet alone without being sure whether the other person is real?

"All getting along starts with strangeness" Liu Pinyan, who played a country girl in the movie "Sally", has this understanding of relationships. In the play, she plays the role of Huijun, a chicken farmer, who meets a handsome foreign guy on a dating app, but still decides to go to France when she is not favored.

"Talking to Xuanxuan" invited Liu Pinyan and Li Yinghong to talk to us, how they view love and loneliness, and how they interpret it.

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Liu Pinyan and Li Yinghong: We look at "love" this way

"Sally" starts from the east of Taiwan, and the geographical restrictions seem to have narrowed the horizon, and the chicken girl Huijun went to France alone, making everyone think she was crazy, but Huijun just threw out a sentence "Why is your love love, my love not love?" sonorous and powerful, evoking the memories that many people may have that are not understood, and love is pure and vigorous, in fact, isn't that a form of love?

Back to Liu Pinyan herself, she also spent some time in France in the past, corresponding to many people's curiosity and reverie about French women - they always love freely, romanticly, and unrestrainedly, Liu Pinyan admitted that she faces emotions, and if the other party is worth it, then she may also choose to be crazy.

She also realized after acting in "Sally" that every relationship starts with strangers, maybe everyone in front of her does not have the intention of falling in love, but when the heart slowly grows and the relationship metamorphoses into love, in the end, the relationship still begins with strangers.

Since all getting along begins with strangeness, Hye-jun's actions are not incomprehensible, nor are they necessarily just crazy.

In Li Yinghong's eyes, he thinks that love is more like a complementarity than crazy love.

He said that he does not have a specific style in his relationship, he will switch different personalities according to the situation, there will be emotions, nonsensical, and hesitant times, so it is important to be accompanied by complementary people.

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Being lonely is not scary, and feeling lonely means that you once had love

When it comes to loneliness, Liu Pinyan said that maybe you can look at it from another angle, loneliness is not terrible, it is precisely because a person has had love that he can feel lonely.

So maybe loneliness can have another experience, and when we feel lonely again, we can tell ourselves that it means that I still have the ability to love, so I try my best to love, so we can look at loneliness in a different way.

There is a sentence in the corresponding movie "Sally": "You are not alone", you are not alone.

Wei Xuan mentioned another sentence that brought her strength - "No one is an island", Armstrong who went to the moon has the help of 600,000 people behind the moon, when you feel lonely and lack of strength, this story comes to mind, maybe you can feel that in fact, we are definitely not alone sitting here at this moment, so we are really never alone, sometimes it doesn't matter if you forget, just stop and think about it.

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Learning from the role of Sally: Relaxation experience, happiness can be scheduled

When an actor meets a character, it is the right time and place, just like Liu Pinyan and "Sally", the meeting between the two is magical.

"Lin Huijun's state is actually completely different from mine, but I have a lot of life experience, and it seems like helping Lin Huijun prepare. When talking about Lin Huijun, Liu Pinyan said this.

may be a kind of fate, the difference between Liu Pinyan and Lin Huijun is only on the surface, but those deeper experiences such as emotions and experiences are shared, so Liu Pinyan was able to present the condensation of Lin Huijun's life transformation in a short two-hour script.

Li Yinghong said that the role of Ah Hao made him feel that his time was never the same as others, sometimes he was stubborn, demanding, and demanding, all of which came from the influence of others, and he wanted to be like others excessively, and many times his happiness and unhappiness could be set and scheduled.

Especially in the era of community, how to present oneself in order to get traffic and be defined as successful often makes him feel very tired, and he once thought about escaping, but only later did he learn that he should be happy in his own way, how to post, what stories he wants to tell, and know himself with relatively real feelings.

No matter what you think about love and loneliness, "Sally" has made room for us, it turns out that we can have other interpretations of love and loneliness, maybe just like Liu Pinyan when describing the modern and local soundtrack of "Sally", the metaphor of "croissant bread and sweet potato", "Sally" is probably an interpretation of a kind of blending and balance, and we can be full of flexibility when looking at love and loneliness next time.

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Behind the scenes: Talking about all kinds of things in a large space, everything is temperament

At the end of the interview, Liu Pinyan and Li Yinghong talked about the conversation with Wei Xuan, and they looked at "Talking to Xuan Xuan" like this: Xuan Xuan gave us a lot of space to talk about a lot of different things, and it was very intellectual content, all conversation is temperament, and every question can be asked to our hearts.

Wei Xuan also responded to her observations of Liu Pinyan and Li Yinghong after watching the movie.

"During the conversation, I felt like I saw Sally. It is enviable that Liu Pinyan can meet characters who are full of rich story lines and carefully prepared at this point in time.

As for Li Yinghong, Wei Xuan thinks that the image in the play is very different from him in reality, but through the processing of a few lines, he can feel Li Yinghong's own shadow, and he can instantly understand why the director chose Li Yinghong, because the role can be established in him, and the performance can happen like this.