womany takes the world every week to look at what has happened in the world, and this week is no exception.about Fashion , Appointment , and Ideas , and so on.Do you know where the latest wave date is?Or a woman can make a sperm right now?And the future Paris City will be the first woman mayor!If you want to know more about the news, I'll take a look at today's Internet.

Advanced custom dress for Princess Disney will be auctioned

At the end of last year, UK 100-year brand Harrods invited ten premium fashion brands for the inspiration of the Disney princess and produced ten sets of gowns.The brands include Versace, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Missoni, and so on.Harrods will auction the 10-set auction in November and donate the proceeds to children's hospitals.(Extended Read: Vogue Masters in Disney World )
* Press Source: Jezeb

Mayor of Paris will be the competition between two women

The year 2014 will be an important year for Paris, as Paris will elect its first female mayor!On August 16, France's two major political parties held their respective candidates: the right will send Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (a spokesman for former President Nicolas Sarkozy), while the left will send Anne Hidalgo (first deputy to the current mayor of Paris).France now has fewer than 14 percent of women running for mayor, so the French press is expecting a strong female leader in the French capital.(Extended reading: 33 events in Paris )
* News source: Jezebel


that can measure the accuracy of the measure

Perhaps it is too shy to buy a sexy underwear today, but not to go to the storefront to buy it, so we have ordered a set of lingerie on the Internet, but not sure whether it is going to be good enough.ThirdLove lets people measure and buy the right bra at home.As long as two pictures are taken, a front photograph of one chest, one side of the chest, as long as five minutes, it can turn these two into a 3D model, and guide them to recommend stores that are best suited for the use of their underwear.(Extended Read: Sex Life for Comments for Cellphones )
* News sources: Brit + Co.

Women's shoes, more than 75 % of shoes have never been passed!

A British survey of female shoes found that women have 20 pairs of shoes on average, but more than half of the shoes have not passed at once.Some 41 % of women said that they were afraid that if the shoes that took the big money to buy were going to get dirty, they decided to look at it.Some admit that it is not comfortable to wear it, but it is too high, too tight, or it is difficult to match with clothing.Some women also said that the moment when the shoes were bought at home, they found that the shoes were not so good, and refused to wear them again.What about these?(Extended reading: looking for a pair of good shoes, not so hard!)
* Newssource: UK EXPRESS

A Century of Fashion Show at Carneby Street in London

Do you want to see the fashion classic for the 20th century?Come on, Kanabi, it's right!Carnabi Street, located in central London, was famous for its sixties hippie fashion and music; in August, it decided to host a free exhibition "Carnaby Echoes" for the first time in the last 10 decades.(Extended reading: Come back to the classic 1950 classic, jump to a time machine > to a spring and summer hippie party!)
* News Source: UK Kanabi Network

Angkor Web site: Come on, come on!Let's go out to the bathroom!

href="https: //www.doingsomething.co.uk/Partner Web site DoingSomething.co.uk , a recent outburst of thought, designed a new dating pattern for single men and women: go on a latrine.Together with the London Loo Tours, they launched a "toilet" once a month, so that people who are tired of traditional dating have to change their taste!More interestingly, they will also be hosting an interesting tour of the city. Those who sign up will not only recognize the history of different toilets from the Roman period to the present, but also know how to find free public toilets in London for private time.Such a strange and strange place of appointment, do you not know what the appetite of a single person in London is?(Extended reading: four codes for re-starting dating )
* News sources: Huffington Post

The left brain, the personality relationship does not exist

Always hears that the right hand is used on the right hand, while the right hand is used on the left hand.And the use of different brain blocks is said to affect people's different personalities.However, recent studies have pointed out that these are just fallacies!People don't use a lot of the brain, but in fact the different brain blocks do hold different functions, but that doesn't affect your personality.Therefore, in the future, don't think of yourself using either the left brain or the right brain.(Extended reading: There is a strategy to use your brain!)
* Newssource: Huffington Post

The found that mouse skin cells can produce fertilized eggs

Japanese biologists have recently published their research results, and they have successfully nurtured small mice by combining sperm with sperm.The study is a blessing for many infertile couples, and although no human trials have been conducted, the biologist has received letters from many couples hoping to make them successful in owning their children.(Extended Read: Myths for Pregnancy and Contraception )

News Source: Scientific American

Sydney University Students' Newspain controversy

The Sydney University student newspaper, Hoin Soit, was covered by 18 women's vagina photographs, and was released on the eve of publication, but was recalled again after publication."The cover of women's organs is that women should love their bodies, and the vagina is only an organ of the body and should not feel inferior to it," says Hannareen, the editor-in-chief of the study.The move, however, has led to much controversy, with the final announcement that the publication will be issued on a full-black cover.(Extended Read: disputed sex in 2011 )
* News sources: Jezeb

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