There are hundreds of ways to love yourself, so is there one that is always curious about yourself, digging out the unlovely and imperfect, and understanding yourself thoroughly? Women fans invited Guo Yuanyuan to share with us how we can think about the topic of "loving ourselves". In her, you will see that loving yourself is a language that can be implemented through action and daily practice!

Supermodel Kate Moss once said that "there's nothing better than being skinny", and with her status in the modeling industry, the aesthetics of the modeling industry seem to have settled on - thin, tall, white.

Even if people know that it doesn't reflect the diversity of the real world. But it is still regarded as a qualification review that models must go through, and Guo Yuanyuan, who appeared in the public eye for the first time as a model, has also had a similar experience.

"One time when I was combing, I was told that I should pad my chin," recalling the discomfort she had experienced, when ordinary people encountered the idea that they might have given up, Guo Yuanyuan also felt depressed, but she could say "I can't understand my beauty, it's your loss!" The idea of facing this emotional turmoil.

Regarding how she developed this self-confidence in beauty, Guo Yuanyuan responded that she was not confident back then, but proud.

Photo: Guo Yuanyuan

The pride is very good, and the self-confidence is also very good, which are all traces of my journey along the way

"Before I was confident, I was actually very proud."

When he first entered the industry, Guo Yuanyuan said that his appearance was not in the mainstream aesthetics of business - his skin was not white enough, his face was angular and angular, and his height was not prominent enough.

But because of this, she can see her own uniqueness, and she knows very clearly what makes her different from others.

"We should all use the worldview to look at aesthetics" to look at beauty with a worldview, a new way of thinking. In Guo Yuanyuan's view, in this way, we will be able to find that 100 girls have 100 kinds of beauty, and everyone is beautiful, but they are different.

The former pride as a kind of protection, so that Guo Yuanyuan can safely face the outside world, she said that whether she is proud or confident, it is all traces of the way. Now, with enough things to experience, after his horizons were opened, Guo Yuanyuan found that he had grown a humility towards people and things, and the original pride had also turned into full self-confidence.

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Photo: Guo Yuanyuan

Loving myself is that I am constantly curious about myself

Because of this self-confidence, Guo Yuanyuan also has a set of interpretations of loving himself.

She believes that if a person can always be curious about himself, he will be able to see his own more three-dimensional and multifaceted appearance, so he will learn the right way to love himself.

Even if she may see that she is not cute enough on the way, Guo Yuanyuan welcomes her with open arms, and for her, those very strong self-doubts, which cannot be determined, can be regarded as a process of getting close to herself.

Even if you see the appearance of the roe deer, it doesn't matter, because it's all part of yourself, shift your perspective, don't be afraid to see a more complete and three-dimensional self, be honest with yourself, and you can accept the perfect and imperfect appearance.

What to do when you're feeling down? Guo Yuanyuan has his own solution.

She first allows emotions, and then she sees herself as the other, and she says, "You're in a bad mood, so what do you want to do today?"

Treat yourself in a way that treats the person you like, and when you distance yourself from your emotions, you have a new space and perspective to reshape your problems, and you find that you have the strength and ability to deal with your emotions.

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Photo: Guo Yuanyuan

It's not easy to go all the way, so don't forget it

"I can't say it's bad to think too high, I know that's what I need." If there is a scale of personal traits, then in the eyes of most people, maybe the point of pride is on the unliked end, but Guo Yuanyuan embraces and admits it.

The pride of the past has been nourished into self-confidence, and now Guo Yuanyuan retains humility while being confident, and she accepts herself in every period in the past, no matter what her appearance is, because for her, it is the best.

"How could you have achieved nothing, you have not achieved nothing, this journey has been so rich, you can't not remember." This is a sentence that Guo Yuanyuan once wrote in a picture book, and it can be seen from her answer that she really believes and implements it firmly and constantly.