For you, in addition to being kind to yourself, does loving yourself include moving for yourself? This year, with the title of "Loving Action Active Woman", women fans invited Lin Siyu to talk to us about what we can gain when exercising as an "active woman".

What else can exercise do to you besides bring about a change in your posture?

Female fans invited Lin Siyu to talk about the process of getting up and moving again and again because of love for themselves.

In the past, Lin Siyu only regarded exercise as a way to lose weight and detoxify, but with the increase in the number of exercises, she felt more and more that exercise brought more and more internal fullness and abundance in addition to the outside.

It turns out that loving oneself can be a concrete implementation of sports, or it can be a psychological acceptance of one's imperfections.

Photo: Lin Siyu

I'm just an active woman, and sports give me a lot of unexpected sense of achievement

"Growing up with sports seems to be inseparable." Lin Siyu has had many opportunities to try ball games and track and field sports since he was a child, even though the general public saying is that girls should not have scars, but Lin Siyu is the opposite, often leaving large and small bruises and contusions on his body because of sports.

She admits that she is active, and this unrefutable rejection of sports has also allowed her to learn two things.

1. Exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment and alone time

For Lin Siyu, exercise is a process of comparing himself with himself, feeling little by little, and making today better than yesterday. Taking the skiing she has learned in recent years as an example, every time she skis, maybe she can temporarily satisfy the posture at that time, but after a while, maybe the body memory is due to the difference, or the snow conditions are very different, there will be different state performances, but when she breaks through the predicament again, it is a new experience and achievement.

In addition to her achievements, skiing is also a way for her to learn to be alone, "and after the slopes, it's completely her own time." When skiing, Lin Siyu talked to her body and controlled her strength, although her body was exerting force, it made her feel relaxed.

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Photo: Lin Siyu

2. Movement brings me closer to failure

In the reality show "All-Star Games", Lin Siyu learns how to admit defeat.

It's not easy to face your own unarrived, but if you stretch the axis of time and try to look back at the current stage with your future self, you will find that there is nothing that you can't get over.

"Actually, life is very long, and it's just a small point." Failure seems to be accepted suddenly, and the mood can be healed at a certain age that you can't predict, and then suddenly accept the appearance of failure.

Sport is like a mixture of likes and frustrations, liking at first, and maybe a little fear and displeasure due to failure in the middle, but eventually it will still return to liking.

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Photo: Lin Siyu

Learn aerial photography, feel your physical state, and enjoy every moment

In fact, Lin Siyu not only learned to be alone, but also liked to be alone.

"I love being lonely!" When it comes to loneliness, Lin Siyu said that she does not feel that loneliness is negative, on the contrary, she enjoys the state of being alone.

In her opinion, loneliness is comfortable, do not refuse the daily empty shots, when the pace slowed down, she found that there is no need to rush life, and even has spare time, began to pay attention to the state of the body, into her own inside, put more attention back to herself.

With moments of solitude, life is like putting on a filter, looking at the daily life from the perspective of one person, discovering different experiences, expanding one's understanding, and also having an interpretation of loving oneself - accepting the truth despite knowing that it is imperfect; It is to know that the so-called truth is the appearance of possible frustration and imperfection.