On Monday afternoon, in a cafe on the cloud and on the street, the film critic Yen and the Tuann kick off the Monday Blues with a wonderful conversation.From the point of communication to a soul mate, from the perspective of the time machine, the Yen and the Hsi from the film before series, the physical framework brings with it an accurate but sentimental picture of how they feel about life, feeling and friendship.

"Communications constructed as solid" vs. "Communications that do not believe in speech"

There is no fear of letting the other side know, and not afraid to show weakness in front of each other, because even if all the strengths and weaknesses are known, the feeling of trust that this relationship can maintain is the other companion of Yen's expectation.From a friend to a lover, a close relationship that has nothing to talk about, the key to being able to maintain a relationship is the "communication".Regardless of personality, preference, no two people's personality is exactly the same, there is a possibility of conflict between differences, but if communication can be made, the problem can be solved."The attraction of communication is strong," he learned from the "Before" series, "Communication" is the importance of Communicating. If there is no discussion, lack of communication, the problem will not be lost, and the snowball rolls, and eventually, even the two people who were in love would be torn apart because of elephants in the room.

A few words are better than words, even if you want to quarrel, Yen says that the people who argue in the real world talk about the Cold War and irrational direction, but Celine and Jesse in the film are arguing, fling the door, but the two still communicate with each other.By continuing to understand each other, we can talk about the frequency and willingness to communicate with each other for two hours every nine years. After nine years, he can still return to a state of communication. His feelings about Celine and Jesse are not difficult to see how important the communication is to him.

For the same emotions, the feelings of the same are avoided.

"I don't want this dense communication state"

, she lives full of words that move people, but she says she doesn't believe in communication.She says that when the two people are already familiar with each other, knowing what he wants to say when the other party hasn't spoken, it will not be easy to tell what the real meaning is in the relatively safe situation.Only by forced to a critical point by violent conflict, by abandoning the common future by risking death, will it be able to say in the heart that it will not resort to words, or even self-waitiation

"Only in the extreme circumstances have discovered that they really don't understand each other."

In Before Sunrise , Jesse and Celine are just one even-night, semitronistic, one-night stand, with two people working in the same story context, accuracy, density, rhythm, and so on, not as high as those of the other interfaces.She points out that the argument in Before Midnight is not the first one in the case of the personality of Celine.Even if they do not quarrel every day, there will be one or two conflicts on one or two occasions on Monday.

"Change lover from friends" vs. "A neat start"

Romeo and Juliet, Queen of Egypt and Anthony of Egypt, and John Howard in the "Wind" are all famous love at first sight.The charisma of the first eye attracts each other, and Yen believes that love at first sight is the kind of relationship that this irrational charisma can take with two people.Because this attraction is irrational, the attractiveness of the two people will decline when they are staggered.If two people, apart from the original appeal, have no other points, their stories may be short-lived, may not have been more attractive than that moment, but through dialogue, the two can continue to be an initial irrationality appeal.

But I believe that Yen, who has changed from a friend to a lover, still feels that if the two people start with their friends and know each other, then the more strong the feeling is, the stronger the feeling.Love is blind. If the battle starts to attract the world of two people, it will not be easy to know the real person.He believes that a person can encounter a lot of interleaving, communication, and soul mates in exchange for the soul of a soul.

Fate does not start or end because you "find a soul mate, and you may encounter another person who also has a conversation with your soul."

"The love at first sight doesn't necessarily have to be two people, and it doesn't even have to be love at first sight. You probably hate it when you look at each other. The most important thing is that you can identify this person from the middle of the sea." This sounds like a sign of romantic comedy.From a lover's lover or simply a love affair, the former may appear in other people, but for the benefit of Tuann, she only believes in the story of the moment that she has developed.

One person has a thousand traits, and if you have a person who can catch you, and attract you to know this person, it seems to have a destiny.To her,

"There's nothing to understand in advance, and it's not possible to understand what he's going to be with him."

; as she likes the reasons for before Sunrise, the possibility of one's love: a person who has no birth, a future that does not continue to develop.

"Not together doesn't mean not love" vs. "Not together just because it's not in love"

It's easy to love someone, things, events, and you fall in love with a lot of people at every point in your life.You love so much, don't say you have all of them, and Yen believes so.Not together don't mean not to love each other, but because you love your work, another country, and a lot of other ways of life.If you have all of them, of course it's the best, but when people are forced to make their choices, how much love and love will affect whether or not two people will be together.In contrast, today two people love each other not necessarily together. Perhaps the timing of the meeting is not right, and it is possible that two people are not suited to each other, and the cruel fate of fate makes two people unable to be together do not represent the two people's emotions that are less than those of those who are together.

"It's too sentimental to get lost if the corresponding rationality is not developed"

How she sees love is how she reacts to her words.We love many things, but they don't always have to reach the highest point, and we often fear the pursuit of what we want most, because we are afraid of failure, fear of being exposed to our fragility.But she also believes that whatever love, friendship, love, "as long as you love one person, you'll find a way to stay with him," and the reason why people and people are separated, for many more reasons, is only because you are not in love with them."Like love is a continuation of time," short term emotions can be maintained in many different ways, but in the case of a relationship, if a relationship takes a long time to maintain, or even spend a lifetime together, the most important thing is whether or not you can have one or the other.

"All experiences are cumulative" vs. "I believe the time machine is true"

“ So think of this as time travel, from then to now. ” (Treat this as your time machine never went back to the present), Jesse in Sunrise used this story to convince Celine to join him in the fire.The time machine has never come. Now, if the time comes, do you have a choice, would you change things that have made you regret?

For Yen, he hasn't met yet to regret anything that has led him to regret it. Everything that happened has been the one that made him today.In an emotional world, he feels that he is an easy person, but also because he knows that he is emotional, it will take a long time to digest these feelings, and most of the time, these irrational emotions can be absorbed over time.For those who don't follow, "If the state is happy after that," even if it doesn't have it, it will not regret it.It sounds romantic, and he laughs and says, "There's always reason to convince myself."But when asked if he had no regrets or was trying to convince himself that the choice was right, he said he didn't know, "If it was forced yourself to believe that there was no regrets, I didn't wake up from the force of force."

" I believe that (time machine) is true." It's a simple and simple one.Romantic, she says that in everyday life, there are the personality of the Sci-fi movies, but the ingredients of reality are too much science fiction.He believes that every moment in our life is the most profound possibility, all of which are in the hands of a few options, and what we're going to do is the most accurate, least regretful decision, because what you're doing at the same time is the possibility of waving other possibilities.If so, it might actually be that the time machine would go back to the past, because every option she chose was "even if the time comes, it will make the same choice."We have no choice but to make choices about the frustrations, sadness and pain of life that we can make, and the only thing we can do is to have a life without regret.

Reist, Fiddup, Door vs. "Individuality, Strong, Romantic"

Three words that show that their view of the before series is not difficult to see the personalities of both of them.Even though the "Before" series is still a fairy tale in many people's minds, Yen believes it is at least a realistic story of the story of the two of them, through a large number of conversations, time's past, Celine, and Jesse.And there are many people who have so many things to share with each other, and they can see each other as a result of a lot of efforts, searching for a reason why they haven't been able to do so.

Worship of the strong individuality of the two people in the story is that Celine and Jesse have both made compromises on the other side of the story, but in the end they haven't really changed.Even though both of them knew that they would love to make these changes, they were not afraid.And this intense personality has taken out a series of strong romantic stories, and the sparks that are being polished can be seen from the love stories that are longing for the love of the sun.

Two film critics, two strong individuality, Celine and Jesse, have a very different view of the same film, but their differences are very harmonious.Through the dialogue, they had a wonderful dialogue among themselves.The interview was originally scheduled for an hour, 90 minutes later, with an objective factor of time, but the exciting dialogue could be on Saturday's [Woman:]] she said to him: "Love in the afternoon" says " Love for Love Continuance.

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