What is the number of life spirits? How do you calculate it? How to use the number of life spirits in the simplest way to comprehensively create your own life script? Five questions and five answers, let Teacher Alice take you to quickly analyze the number of life spirits!

Have you ever heard of the number of life spirits? Many elders in the family are theological spokespersons, spiritual media qualities, etc., Teacher Alice has a strong interest in constellations, Ziwei Doushu, numerology, etc., and has accumulated more than 10 years of numerology experience, proficient in spiritual number of heavenly disks, subconscious OH cards, and has helped more than 1,000 people learn the spiritual number of life and know themselves!

Five questions and five answers, let Teacher Alice take you to quickly understand what is the number of life spirits? How do you calculate it? How to use the simplest way to apply the number of life spirits to create your own life script in an all-round way!

What is the number of life spirits?

If you were to introduce the number of life spirits in one sentence, what would the teacher say?

What kind of energy you live with, the universe will respond to you with what kind of life; Energy is love, activate the energy of the spiritual number, create a happiness script, and become your own destiny consultant!

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How do you calculate your life spirit number?

Based on the national calendar and the lunar birthday, it can be divided into "external spiritual number" and "inner spiritual number", both of which are equally important, and the internal and external are one, so as to realize the truth that there is yang in yin and yin in yang. Suppose your birthday is April 21, 1987, add up all the numbers to 1+9+8+7+4+2+1 = 32, and then add 3+2=5, and your number is 5.

Each spiritual number of personality traits have a theme that needs to be learned and awakened, from the different characteristics and frequencies of each spiritual number, to see whether the person has lived out the characteristics of this spiritual number, and what wisdom has not yet been mastered, talent potential to be developed, etc., the more you understand yourself, the more you can master the secret number energy, and avoid evil!

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Can learning the number of life spirits really change fate?

What does the teacher think about the impact of this thousand-year-old tool on human life?

The history of digital energetics that has prevailed for thousands of years, it is worth exploring, the birthday number is the first birthday gift given to us by God, everyone is a unique existence, I don't think it is to change fate, but to know fate, fortune, and then make fate!

Use your strengths and traits, adjust your weaknesses and overcome challenges, fate is not only in the mouth of the numerologist, but in your own hands, bravely create your own life script, let yourself live a wonderful and beautiful life!

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Are there any interesting and surprising stories from the teacher's personal experience of applying the number of life spirits?

1. The application of pet horoscope

Provide analysis for the owner's furry child, describing the traits and needs states, such as neuroticism, extreme insecurity, separation anxiety, which are completely consistent with the facts; After that, the owner also adopted suggestions and directions, bringing stable love and full energy to the furry child, which really improved the personality traits of the furry child, and his temperament was much more stable.

2. Patients with multiple personality dissociation disorder

A patient who was about 30 years old at the time was deeply troubled by multiple personality dissociation disorder for many years, with a violent personality, a little girl who asked for help in the dark abyss, etc.; Through the analysis of the horoscope of the Spiritual Number Heavenly Disk, the analysis of the Spiritual Flower Card Array and the healing course of the Flower Essence, we helped the cases that were originally plagued by several sub-personality problems to successfully overcome the problems that had been going on for many years.

Whether it is a human being or a furry child, there is an opportunity to overcome difficulties and heal themselves through the number of life spirits.

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Why choose Life Spirit?

With more than 10 years of experience in numerology and good at a variety of tools, why did the teacher choose to use the theme of "Life Spirit Number" to start the course?

I have always been committed to advocating personality traits and numerology tools that are faster and more effective, and can "penetrate people's hearts quickly in one minute", so that everyone can not only learn easily and quickly, but also properly use them in daily life in a lively and fun learning atmosphere and a mode of understanding content.

And "numbers" are the most common imprints in our lives, through each set of numbers to see, simplified, from shallow to deep, everyone can be applicable, all fields can be used flexibly!

What are the benefits of understanding the number of life spirits?

  • Learn more about your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, and areas of expertise.
  • Understand your talents, your potential, your innate calling.
  • People who pay attention to the future and expect to be able to predict and analyze the trend of the monthly/annual fortune for themselves.
  • Those who want to improve their communication with others through the Relationship Spiritual Combination Tool (enhance partnership/work relationship/family relationship).
  • I want to use the number of life spirits as a side hustle to assist my profession and provide guidance for others.

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