Speaking of men, is the intuition associated with a handsome man or a Sven-style boy?And what kind of image is the emergence of women in the brain?Gender (gender) is a concept that is constructed by society.For example, men may be masculinable, women are fragile, but are the sexes really like this?We all know that men and women are different, but the difference between men and women is just physiology (sex). None of the characteristics can fully represent our gender. Men can be "high-handed" and women can be "women's sons and women."And those qualities and gender expectations are often described as "neutral".

Neutrality is often used to describe hybrid or individuality, as well as a mix of other mixers.It is no longer a traditional male and female choice, and gender becomes a form of self-identity, which can be both "you" and "you".And how do we understand neutral?The photographer Nir Arieli took a series of photographs called "Men", and presented us with an image of a man who was impersonable as a subversive system.He replaces the traditional female character with a male character, with a complete performance of the aesthetic sensibility.

" In my work, I try to expose the image of men who are not widely accepted by society."— — is soft, fragile, sentimental, and the characteristics of the" women " that you recognize, in his work, have been successfully interpreted by men and demonstrated by the elegance of the men.

Or to shed tears or touch yourself, and from the work we can see that men are different from the other type of beauty that is different from women.After reading it, it would be the same as me, and there are some different ideas about gender, which may be more complete than men and women, and perhaps even more fully showing each one of them.Men can be delicate, and women can save the world like

The broken bed sheet of the background appears to be soft, lazy, and the main character in the cold light is naked in the face of the lens.

He appears vulnerable and uneasiness by holding hands on his own to form a defensive posture.

Wear a transparent black hood with a left ear wearing a turtleneck of turquoi, which shows a soft face by wearing apparel.

The body relaxes and presents a smooth curve, with tears on the cheek, which displease the anger of the eyebrows.

In pink light, the main character is flinky in the eye, and the body line is hidden behind the bright flowers.

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