How do the sense of smell and words collide in daily life? C365, a new fragrance anthology from Reading Calendar Bookstore, uses words and scents to string together the emotional state of each day.

This time, two new and unique scents have been introduced, making the sense of smell a kind of writing and the smell a kind of emotional memory.

Over the years, "Reading History Bookstore" has collected the golden sentences of Taiwanese writers with different themes, and has achieved a hot sales of tens of millions on the fundraising platform every year, and has received a wide response every time it launches a new work. In May 2024, continuing the healing power of golden sentences, "Reading Calendar Bookstore" will launch a new C365 fragrance anthology, which is also based on days, but can have the dual companionship of words and fragrances, gently stringing together the fragments of daily life with scents, and turning them into clues for self-exploration.

The newly launched "Home Diffuser" series of products has launched two new and unique scents, "Choice Day The One Day | Fresh Notes" and "Back to Real Day | Woody Notes", which turn emotional states into scents, which are worthy of being fragrant in a corner of the home.

C365 Fragrance Anthology, a self-created fragrance brand developed by Reading Calendar Bookstore, has attracted a lot of attention from fans since it first launched the "Daily Festival Scented Candle" in the fragrance field last year. During the fundraising period of "Reading Calendar Bookstore 2024", the candle set sold more than 1,000 sets.

In May of this year, the brand further launched a home fragrance collection, including diffusers and candles. Inspired by the design of "emotional state", we have launched an exclusive text fragrance, combined with the energy of golden sentences, to create a series of fragrance anthologies that are "written with fragrance", transforming the trivial things of the day into precious moments of anticipation and self-healing through words and fragrances.

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From now on, pre-orders are available on the website platform. As soon as the news was released, it immediately aroused heated discussions. Fans said, "It's such a cute fragrance, it's healing", "The smell of Choice Day is good, it's not too heavy, it's perfect for putting it on the desk", "I haven't smelled it yet, but I'm already looking forward to it when I see the recommendation of the bookstore", "Every text is so beautiful and healing".

365 days, read with the sense of smell, describe with smell

C365 Fragrance Anthology has launched two limited edition scents: "Choice Day" and "Become Yourself Day", hoping to awaken your senses through scents, allowing you to savor every moment of your daily life, as the brand's slogan says: "Follow the scent and write a footnote for each day".

The packaging design has an exclusive gradient color for each day, symbolizing the energy of emotions, and the fragrance carries the memory of life, as the fragrance diffuses in the space, a quiet and private dialogue with oneself. A lamp, a book, a cup of coffee, no matter where it is placed, can bring a pleasant atmosphere to every day.

Solitary scented scents to create your own personal style from the inside out!

Continuing the brand's minimalist design, the bottle body combines the "brown rounded glass bottle" and the "book page bottle design" to present a warm texture atmosphere, and the careful page design makes the smell become the language of daily writing. Placed in the home, it not only enhances the texture, but also adds a healing and tranquil atmosphere.

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There are two scents in the collection, each inspired by the mood of life, and when the fragrance has dissipated, the diffuser can also be used as a vase or home decoration. The aroma ingredients are made of high-quality cosmetic-grade raw materials, safe fragrances that meet international IFRA specifications, and do not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, chemical fixatives, formaldehyde, toluene, etc., which is safe and secure to use.

Select The One Day 120ml

It creates a fresh sense of space like prose, which is different from the usual woody tones and floral scents, and brings a particularly refreshing and comfortable experience. Ideal for those who are faced with a choice and are often hesitant and troubled, the citrus aroma with a hint of cool mint is effective for relaxation, the heart notes of rosemary and jasmine will help lift your spirits, and the final note will soothe anxiety with musk and sandalwood, which will strengthen your confidence and guide you to a clear and bright path.

It is suitable for placing in the study, living room and other home spaces to create a quiet atmosphere, and the number of diffuser sticks can be adjusted according to the size of the space to increase or decrease the aroma concentration.

  • Top notes: bergamot, red mandarin, mint
  • Heart notes: rosemary, pepper, jasmine
  • Base notes: cedar, amber, musk, sandalwood, vetiver

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I become myself Day Back to Real Day 120ml

Inspired by the desire to find a simple self, it is especially suitable for people who can't stop in the busy and noisy daily life, and always crave a breathing space in their hearts. The top notes combine herbaceous eucalyptus and mint to bring out earthy notes of oak moss and pepper, reminiscent of a tranquil forest, opening a window into the busy days to take a deep breath and relax.

The base notes end with calm and restrained cedar, vetiver and sandalwood, which will take you away from the hustle and bustle and find your inner peace. This unique, deep, woody neutral fragrance is loved by many people, giving off a soft and delicate scent with a broad flavor. It's a smell you'll love as soon as you smell it, and it's one of the best-selling scents in the C365 fragrance.

  • Top notes: eucalyptus, mint
  • Heart notes: oak moss, pepper
  • Base notes: cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood

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【C365 Fragrance Anthology|Home Diffuser Series】2 new scents, available here

  • Event Period: 2024.5.8~6.16
  • During the event: 20% off new products, choose two and save 100 yuan
  • During the event: The home diffuser series is free of charge for a limited time, and the purchase price of tea wax is 60 yuan
  • How to buy: Reading Calendar Bookstore Official Website|C365 Fragrance Anthology, womany shop (selection day), (Become yourself day)

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