If you want to describe your childhood, I guess the first thought must be a childhood room bar! Photographer James Mollison found that the room that he slept in as a child occupied most of his childhood, and he also found that the room might also have a great connection to the shaping of personality. Mollison thus took a series of photographs of children's rooms and children, and assembled them into a book called "where Children sleep". In this series, we can also find out what the difference is between different cultures and backgrounds, and let's see what the 18 kids ' rooms look like.

The doll's World of vision

TOKYO, Japan. A four-Year-old girl Kaya's room.

The bed under the thatch

Amazon River, Brazil. A eight-year-old girl Ahkohxet's bed.

A room with Chinese characteristics

Yunnan, China. The nine-Year-old boy Dong's bedroom.

The elite under the education system

New York, United States. The nine-Year-old boy Jaime space.

A straw mat hidden in a stone

Melamchi, Nepal. A nine-year-old boy Bikram the place to sleep.

A bed in a refugee camp.

West Bank, Hebron. A 10-Year-old girl Douha's place.

Room for sleep and class in an orphanage

MSO, Thailand. Lay, a four-Year-old girl, Lay a room to rest in the morning.

A secret place to search for hidden treasures.

Medellín, Colombia. The 10-year-old boy Jaun David's Secret jungle.

Living in a comic-book paradise.

TOKYO, Japan. The 10-year-old boy Ryuta the virtual world.

Open Room

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A nine-year-old boy Alex's open-air room.

A war game that seeks excitement

Kentucky State, United States. 11-Year-old Boy Joey's military base.

The room behind the iron bar

KATHMANDU, Nepal. A 14-Year-old girl Prena the corner.

The punk section of Rock Cafe.

Daver, Scotland. 14-Year-old Girl's Rock and roll site.

The little stacks closest to nature

Lisamis, North Kenya. A 15-Year-old girl Nantio the earth.

The boudoir of a geisha

Kyoto, Japan. Risa, a 15-Year-old girl, became a geisha's private room.

Tires are beds, dumps are homes.

Roathy, Cambodia. The eight-Year-old boy Phnom Penh to go home every day.

The bed that the toil longs for every day

Bounkiling Village, Senegal. Lamine, a 12-year-old boy, dragged his weary body back to bed.

The Little princess ' dream Castle

Kentucky State, United States. A four-Year-old girl Jasmine's dream come true.

What does your childhood bed look like? No matter where you are now, it is undeniable that the place where you grew up has been affecting you, the five-year-old girl in the heart has always existed. When you are lost in this busy world, just think back to the hour of your own, think of the childhood bed, you will think of the most real yourself. (Extended reading: Find your first step )

When you grow up, you know what you want.
〉〉 30 years old, you finally like yourself
〉〉 the most authentic self.
〉〉 No one, can return to childhood

The author of this article: Womany editorial/litta Lee