The material of the building is becoming more and more novelty and change, but who ever thought of taking the flowing water as building materials and building buildings? Oh, my God! Is it really possible to do that? RAndom International, a design firm in London, is a group of creative and water-friendly architects who have turned this impossible into a possibility!

The design firm's design style is known for exploring natural phenomena, and one of the most stunning works on display at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art is a magical rain house that can enjoy a walk in the rain without rain. This time, they used the natural material of "water" again, creating a water tower that was made entirely of water at a rate of 30,000 litres per minute.

Use less than a few steel frame as a supporting role, let water when the only protagonist, take out the outline of the building; the Instant Structure, a water building called the "Crash Structure", was on August 23, 2013 in the World Cultural heritage Area of Rul District, Germany Zollverein) has been grandly opened! And this is the first random International outdoor exhibition. However, water is a precious resource after all, so the extension is only scheduled to October 6, a short two months of exhibition, people want to see the opportunity to seize it!

Next, let us first take you to see as fast, appreciate this building, let a person into the soaked, not into and will regret, beautiful water construction!

When you come to the scene, you will be shocked by the sound of the rain, and the damp smell in the air makes you feel like a little romantic in a blue ocean.

The design concept of the whole water building, mainly want to do a comparison, see such a short existence of surplus water, whether for this industrial culture Park (Zeche Zollverein), the rigid and static old buildings bring "rain" different vitality.

The designers hope that the people who experience this water building can feel the sensation of being an initiation in the water column, and when the whole body is immersed in it, they can feel the rain and their playful intimate interaction and experience the priceless beauty of nature.

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The author of this article: Womany editorial/michelle Chang
Image source:rAndom International official Website
Source:io9, We come from Future