There are many ways to improve your work efficiency, but do you often like me, when you find out that your work is not finished at all, the nine-to-five outside still have to often work overtime, or even take the job back to the home to do the end. Maybe you're wondering why it's not enough for 24 hours a day, but is it because there are too many things, or do we not make good use of our time? Now try to think back to your office in the whole day, is the time to work, or occasionally to browse the net, or distracted thinking about where to go to dinner at night, in fact, our most precious moment is imperceptible in little by little passing, to see foreign well-known websites Find out what it is that killed the most important time for us.

Time Killer Number one: Tea Room chat gossip

To sit next to colleagues to chat two sentences, or afternoon in the tea room to drink coffee chat right and wrong, these seemingly harmless behavior is the biggest culprit for your overtime! You speak my words to and fro and laugh, and take up 14% of all the wasted time. Maybe it's better to save time for gossip, to do your job efficiently, and to meet colleagues for dinner. (Recommended reading: Coffee in an international famous office-Taipei Agnes B. Daan shop )

Time Killer number second: Face book net to take a stroll not to finish

According to the survey, 64% of the people on the Internet every day to deal with their personal affairs, may be tax, may be online to buy some clothes, or even with colleagues crazy group purchase, and half of them in the office spent 1-5 hours a week on the Internet to deal with business-related things, One of the most important private activities is the browsing of social platforms. In the future, if you have a face book to chat with friends, you can not complain about their time is not enough to hug! (Recommended reading: turn off his face book, you save Your Life )

Time Killer number third: an absent-minded size meeting

According to the statistics, a total of 37% people think that half of the time in the meeting is wasted. As many as 91% of those who have fixed weekly meetings admit that they had been daydreaming at the meeting, while 73% admitted to doing their own thing during the meeting, and even 39% had dozed off at the meeting. But is the meeting too cumbersome, or is the person's inertia too strong? But in any case the meeting is necessary, bring the spirit to concentrate on the meeting may be able to let you avoid the situation and be scolded by the boss of the consequences! (Recommended reading: Tea Meditation, five steps to purify your mind impurities )

The following chart comes from the original data:

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