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"I am a professional singer, but not a dedicated singer.""

In three years, the music world has been released again, returning to the music scene.Only this time, Peng Jiahui no longer sang a sad love song, and brought back the gently and blazing.She has three children, her face is softer, the speed of his speech slows, and she has two characters in the face of a powerful song on the bench.One sat down, and the agent told her to gather at 3:00 am tomorrow morning to go to the Chinese mainland. She had a " weep and said," I was so early, so I couldn't up kids. I think, to find someone who loves you, you'll see a person who likes it!"

The female's female student Peng Jiahui: "He is my grave."

Photo Supply: A Girl in the Wind Flow

the first hour, Peng Jiahui sang "Lukang small-town" and "high-heels" and "golden dresses". Only 40 kilos of her wore a red striped skirt, and later she became a "next door girl." She was pregnant with a big belly."The secret to the secret transfer of the child's children is Peng Jiahui, and every smile of her is revealed. She is a woman who is" best time ".

Mr. Peng Jiahui, called the "Lao Wang", is actually her magic make-up.At a press conference, her husband quietly came and quietly departed, but as long as he was the king's eye-injection, Peng Jiahui would necessarily find the best audience under the platform.

The female and the female are often treated like a pair of sons and daughters, and they are often treated like a pair of fire. " Once I had a quarrel with him, I was so angry that I was provoking him, okay, we were divorced, wouldn't we?"If we want to, we will get a divorce if we want to," he said.Peng Jiahui thought of this past, had a sip of water, and said, "I was scared to death, I was afraid of the drones. I just shut up and I didn't dare say a word.""Another person treats another person, more time to" deal with "another person's temperament, Peng Jiahui says," I think, he should be my grave ."

"Everyone has a partner, like a private key, to find the right door."

"I'm a female student of the lamb, I dare to hate it, and I like it very much. At first I met Old Wang, my God, he wasn't my dish!"Peng Jiahui thought, " I like a guy who is very handsome, and a little bit talented, just like Wang Lihong!Indeed, Peng Jiahui's "food" was completely in line with Chen Kuo-hua's previous boyfriend, Chen Kuo-hua. For 12 years, she devoted herself to the flow of water, but like her song, she said, "It's more than normal," says Peng Jiahui

"A person who dances all alone and is destined to be a party with sadness"

If you want to break up with Chen Kuo-hwa, consider three years, emptying your heart out, the right people will have the chance to come in .When he was a friend, Peng Jiahui was a singer, and she didn't like to make friends or attend an event." I thank the Lord for giving me the right time, so I was going to have that meal.A friend was about to eat a steak, and Peng Jiahui was lazy. "At that time I saw the old king so “," I told him, "Hello, this steak is for you!""It's a lot of people who put the steak on the plate of the king," he said, "leaving the old king with a good impression." He felt that I was very kind and very happy.But at that time I was just a little bit worried about him.When the old Wang began a fierce pursuit, Peng Jiahui had always felt "senseless." She touched her own cheek, and seemed to be thinking of her feelings at the time. Most of the girls were laughing. He laughed, and he was happy. He felt that he was more upset than he did.And finally, it turns out to be something that I never thought about.Peng Jiahui is also one of them. In the last segment of her affection, she often appears to be in a mood.

"Sometimes I always hope, don't look tired and see you smile."

Real Edition Big Brother Bao: "Thank you for his persistence"

Photo Supply: A Girl in the Wind Flow

Old Wang's love of Peng Jiahui, but Peng Jiahui was the only one who loved it. The story of Peng Jiahui, Peng Jiahui, was a " real version the Big Brother plot for several years, and she quietly guarded her by her side.Peng Jiahui was a "knife mouth" before marriage, and she thought that she hated the men who were "fat, baldy" and "silent", but the old Wang was the complex of these three types.Peng Jiahui said, " I used him as air, and every time I told him, you don't want to chase me anymore, I really don't like you !The senior fans from the side immediately jumped out and said, "The old king is super good to Big Brother Pang, but at that time Big Brother Peng didn't even care for him. We now lose her. She said, your husband is really a modern-day elder brother!""

The love that is more clenkless than the idoce occurs at the corner of Taipei Street, and the two men change from "impossible" to "possible" , in a single "Frisbee delivery".Peng Jiahui showed her performance at the stage, but because of the delay, she was soon to call the old Wang, hoping that he could give her a ride. " I wasn't afraid to scream and I wasn't late for the ride."When I got out of the car, Peng Jiahui suddenly had a feeling of" this person is quite good, "and" I just remembered that every time I called him, he would have appeared in front of me in 15 minutes.""

"This man has a finely written touch with a bit of detail, and a drop of a bit of my thick line."

A woman's change in love has nothing to do with her career, her title, her talent, just because she is willing and willing to do so.Peng Jiahui took off the high-heeled shoes that were in love. When she was on vacation, she went to a school in a school. She had a picnic in the school, and she was listening to the music. "Sometimes I had to go to the fans and say," was Peng Jiahui?"How could it be here?Peng Jiahui shows why not her face, telling a pregnant employee, "Wait until the child is born, and we know that there are very few places we can play. Now I have no way to go abroad!"The tone of the tone was a bit sweet, and this was the change of a woman, a wife, and a mother.

The year of the age of 30 was a big change for Peng Jiahui. " I was always anxious before the age of 30. I felt that I was no longer young and couldn't be crazy.But after 30, I realized that my appearance, my heart, my mind were different, and that was more mature and more stable.Peng Jiahui took a picture of her younger sister, laughing

" Every girl wants to be 30 years old, because that beauty is so unforgetting!"

Peng Jiahui self-sealed, her mother's strict education is not relaxed

Photo Supply: A Girl in the Wind Flow

Now Peng Jiahui is the mother of three children, a young male at the age of 5, Brandon, and twins Beverly, Bella, twin daughters.When she was married in the fourth year, she was pregnant with a second child. At that time, she had only one heartbeat, but she didn't think that the third production test was found to be the "twin"!When Peng Jiahui suddenly sounded like a switch, she couldn't hear the joy. " When the doctor said it was a twin, my tears fell, not a happy cry, but felt I wasn't ready to take care of the twins!She spent two days adjusting it, " because I was a very planned person, I thought it was a tire that was ready for a tire, but there were two. I felt that I was messin ' with my plan, and I was afraid I wouldn't do it well.Fortunately, friends and sisters all came home to cheer her up, and wanted her to think about it. " Later, I felt like an idiot, and this was a good thing, and I was scared myself."

My biggest problem now is that I'm a mom singer, " says Peng Jiahui.Every week, three days to go to work in the mainland, Brandon once said, " Mother, we have to go to the mainland again. Isn't the game over?"It's really hard to take care of business and family , and the other half of understanding and care is also important."

"It's important to have a good husband, but there's a good mother-in-law, and I'm a forkman."

My husband's clothing in the home is care for children , and the time for the company is reduced, and the workload of my mother-in-law will increase. "But my mother-in-law has been spending a lot of time on me, and she said," This is a good song, and it should be a lot more to hear.""My husband works during the day and comes home to Brandon, and after the kids go home, they play with their kids, and at night they will use their children to go to sleep," says Peng Jiahui. " The king can do things that I can't do. I thank him very much."

Brandon was a 5-year-old Brandon, she would have understood that she would understand it once, and she would understand it once and for a few times. She couldn't always tell herself, "He is small, he doesn't understand." She says, "I'm not teaching her child."She says that she has a lot to do with her native family. She has grown up in her Pingtung farming family. If she calls the guests wrong, such as "Uncle" scream "Uncle", she will be called "Uncle", and she will be scold; so she has to know many rules.So at home, she paid special attention to children's manners and rules for their parents.

" We will have many good friends, but there is only one parent, and we will leave them all day."

Peng Jiahui's little girl , who has been in Taipei for nearly 20 years, recalls that he wants to have his own savings, and that he wants to know how to manage money. In fact, he has to develop his own personal price to make his mind more clear."It is only a process of life, and the center of gravity is the real test of the wisdom of each woman."

"Love is also a choice, no right and wrong, but the result is good.""

An hour of interview, Peng Jiahui, is full of positive energy for feelings, family bigoings, and seriousness as she has a very explosive song. The "Deer Town", which was sung on the Taiwan side, was written: "North is not my home, and my hometown doesn't have neon lights." It seems to be her life.Not alone from Pingtung to the north, through performing arts, emotionally low emotions, but not beating her will.The more beautiful and more mature and self-confident, Peng Jiahui has his own home in Taipei, and has her own loved ones, and this most beautiful makeup cannot be replaced by any other, except for love.

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