Photography, is a glimpse of the instant moving.

Did you read the new photographic work of National Geographic in the 2013?

The National Geographic magazine will launch a photographic contest every year, inviting photographers from all over the world to make a collection of photographic works for the readers. This year's new photography, inviting you to witness a glimpse of the moment of moving. As in the past, there are different mood stories behind each lens.

This is the first photo of 2013 years of photography: Brazilian water marathon Brazil aquathlon!

Photographer Wagner Araujo said: "I stood by the camera, the lens completely wet, but I do not mind, this group of running boys enthusiasm infected me." 」

The second works thunderstorm at False Kiva, which cleverly captures the flash of lightning.

"This photographic work combines a variety of natural elements, a close-up of a small rock heap and a huge mountain view of the national park in the distant canyon, and the photographer is more like holding two palette, blending in a strange conflict and harmony," the review said. 」

The third name of the work, the name is playful called Say Cheese, but not everyone has the courage to dance with the leopard ah.

"The cheetah jumps on the sightseeing tour car, this is Kenya!" "This work can be seen in the delicate relationship between humor and danger, as well as different visual experience, the tourists in the car hurriedly picked up the camera, or probe fear to wait and see." And the photographer in the distance, a shutter, captures the moment.

The masterpiece part is equally splendid, has the Chinese culture's facial makeup to draw, has the Sorrows magnificent, also has the return original pure smiling face ... Wait Time after all is flowing, but some moved photographic memory, can be permanent.

Which of the above photographs do you like best? The words, can go to the National Geographic magazine Photo garllery Look at other slip through the work. Or to review the award- winning National Geographic photographic works. Secretly said that the best of the monthly series is also very good-looking, no time to travel, to see the photographs of the various cities, but also in the mind to calculate the next destination.