What happened to the first week of September? Women are obsessed with doing a lot of fresh fun for you this week. Have you ever thought about using a pregnancy test to sell it for 25 dollars? Eat salad or put on a color of single skill ring, can help you find the true love of this life; the latest technology allows women who have removed the uterus to get pregnant, and 3D technology can be used in medicine to even save the sunken face from surgery! Come with us quickly to browse the world this week the size of interesting things!

Start looking for real love from salad

Just Salad, New York's chain Salad restaurant, unveiled a friend named Salad Match app! All you have to do is choose your favorite salad, your favorite salad store, and the most frequent sessions, and it will automatically connect your Facebook account picture with the above information. Salad Match will find the opposite sex you have the same hobby, if you choose to meet with him, app will guide you to the nearest salad restaurant date! ( Extended reading: The fresh mode of the dating site )

※ News Sources: Time Magazine

New function of pregnancy test!

The American pregnancy Testing Stick Brand The Clearblue has introduced a progressive version of pregnancy testing: it predicts the first weeks of your pregnancy! This new package contains two pregnancy tests. The first is a general pregnancy test, which can tell you if you are pregnant. The second is special, it will show "pregnant" on the stick, but also in the form of 1-2,2-3,3+ told you about already pregnant for several weeks.

What's the first thing you want to do when you're pregnant? In the United States, there are a number of pregnant women on the net to sell the detection of "positive" pregnancy test rod! Some suggest that a female buyer can buy it and propose to her boyfriend! ( extended reading: 12 myths about pregnancy and contraception!) )

※ News Sources: Time Magazine , ABC News

A single skill ring makes true love no longer difficult to find

A pair of British and Danish couples Rina Mardahl and Rob Young, after congratulating each other, for many single people to invent known as my single band, as long as wearing a bracelet, can be invisible to tell others you are looking for true love. With the hand ring, single people can reduce the suspicion of whether someone has been accompanied by the time, true love seems no longer so difficult to pursue. This bracelet has a total of six colors, a single price of six euros. I think maybe soon, Taiwan will also appear a single skill ring figure! ( extended reading: in fact, you have been looking for, not the person who loves you most )

※ News Source: daily Mail

In the future, heartbeat becomes your exclusive password.

Internet crime Rampant, no matter the complex password seems to be unable to protect us against the possibility of leakage of data. And all kinds of identification technology came into being, in addition to fingerprints, now the latest technology to use the hand ring record your pulse, which is unique to individuals can not be copied features, so used as a password for the appropriate. In Nymi's concept film, the pulse bracelet can be used in a variety of electronic products, even for credit card payments. As long as the sensitive, hand ring can be used as a good helper of identity authentication. Are we looking forward to the formal launch of this product? ( extended reading: heartbeat pop Pop "intimate 2.0" Let your body and mind confess to meet )
※ News Sources: Newsfeed

Fat-free yogurt is actually the invisible pushing hands!

Have you found, why the whole fat yogurt replaced with low fat or no fat, but still did not drop the weight of how much? Well-known Canadian medicine doctor Dr. Peter Attia in his personal blog, "The eating Academy," said in the market to add a variety of yogurt is usually high sugar content, but no yogurt, because the fat removed, will add more artificial syrup and food additives, colorants and thickening agent, Make sure the taste is acceptable to consumers. Long-term eating not only causes belly fat hoarding, but also raises the risk of developing diabetes. The next time you buy yogurt, remember to see the ingredients, not without fat is equal to no calories Oh! (extended reading: "Fat Meimei Suzy clavicle Perfect Appearance" so eat will nutrition 0 fat! )
※ News Sources: dailymail.co.uk

The latest revolutionary 3D technology, rebuilt the 69-Year-old grandmother's left face!

The St. George's Hospital in London, England, recently conducted a 20-hour breakthrough operation, using 3D technology to help a grandmother find her left face with a defect caused by a tumor removed from her left eye. Ms. Ausaliven, 69 years old, decided to go to the hospital for a detailed examination because of her inexplicable headache. After the examination found a tumor in the rear of the eye, because of oppression to the nerves, the entire left face and left jaw must be removed. Thanks to the latest 3D scanning technology (3D scanner technology), after removing the left eye, the physician immediately copied the patient's healthy right face model and measured the size of the tumor using scanning techniques, and then placed the healthy tissue and nerves on the left cheek, successfully rebuilding the skin and bones of Grandma's left face. (extended reading: don't let the eye die: Prevent eye aging, starting from the activation of the brain! )
※ News Sources: dailymail.co.uk

The world's first example! A woman without a uterus can conceive well!

This will be the most happy news for women! A physician in Australia helped a woman who was forced to remove her uterus from a cancer relationship, completing the world's first "abdominal womb transplant pregnancy" (abdominal ovarian tissue graft pregnancy) operation. Seven years ago, while undergoing a hysterectomy, the Doctor also had plans to freeze the patient's uterine tissue. Seven years later, through transplants, the uterine tissue was successfully transplanted to the lower abdomen; now, this ready mother has been pregnant for 25 weeks! What's even more exciting is that the baby will be a twin daughter! Let's offer our sincerest blessings for this miraculous occurrence. (Extended reading: a planned pregnancy with an ideal birth check )
※ News Sources: Time

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