Sweet and Sweet

A 100 % emphasis on detail to sweetness

SWATi from Japan, created by Mayumi Nakada, known as the "Queen of the Candles
" star " in the Hebrew language, and is
jut in life and is the most pleasant and bright spot in the life of life.So
SWATi uses a theme that is cute and unimaginable as a candle, so that
makes every woman's inner little girl ready to move.

Womany.net specifically featured the Sweet Dessert Series and exclusive access to the Taiwan,
SWATi's Dessert Candle Candle Series has a classic confectionery pot, cake, and so ….
Let sight of the first sight of it unresistify the urge to bite!

(left - Candle strawberry pudding santa form )

Candles are not edible, start candlelight and use the sense of smell to replace the sweet fragrance and taste sweet.

(upper left - Top right- sugar-crested ; left- strawberry-honey cake modeling ; right lower - strawberry slice cake form )

Life can really be so good.
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