Today is a woman obsessed with director Pamberth's tea date, let's talk about her recently released in Taipei, "30 taut hug"﹣﹣ content depicts a 30-year-old girl to get rid of the "imperfect" family shadow, and the "perfect" man in front of a happy and fearless embrace marriage. And besides talking about movies, we are also curious about the charm of this woman, how to live a Wonderful Life of the film, although the "life is like a play, play like life", but can not be returned straight into life, how do we live out the most wonderful appearance? Let's take a look at how the Pamberth director draws inspiration from the imperfect real life and creates a perfect story of moving and humor.

Marriage, perfect not perfect?

Our imagination of marriage is always without the beautiful white yarn, and the fairy tale in the Happy Days of the Prince Princess. The script is adapted from the true story of friends, after attending a friend's wedding, the director decided to write the story, "I think this story is very interesting, may be written in the script, after a while, these characters in my mind into a very active role." It turned out that I was following these rich lovable characters, hoping to keep up with their footsteps and capture their images. In "30 taut hug" among the heroine Vanessa because of family background, the marriage of fear and rejection. Parents, siblings are the losers of marriage, ironically they are the "model family" in the eyes of others. And in met a "perfect" man, Vanessa but can not be romantic to enter the auditorium, the reality of pressure so that marriage no longer have a dreamy color, but also let her feel shy about marriage and uneasy. And she thinks that in the face of marriage, "Vanessa needs to understand how she can choose to look at marriage, choose to see the failure of the family's imperfect example, or let her eyes only a perfect boyfriend." "And what exactly is perfect?" Can they be called perfect, when they seem perfect and duplicity in their hearts? To the human Nature observation exquisite Pan director hoped that through this relaxed love sketch, from the appearance, the family relations, the human characteristic present, discusses actually "perfect" how to be defined by the populace.

The perfect lover, is the perfect companion?

People always say: "Love is easy, get along with hard." "In the film, Vanessa's parents loved each other when they were young, but after years of marriage they became deviousness, and Vanessa's brother, who hated his merry father, did not consciously become a husband like him. However, their love for each other has not changed, but has forgotten how to admit to their favorite people, weakness and desire to tolerate. In the film, Vanessa and Wayne, who are attracted to each other, can be perfectly married after marrying a seemingly perfect lover. Curious to ask the director if there is a sequel, male and female lead marriage is not perfect? The director smiled and said, "The premise of Love is to know exactly what you want, because only by knowing yourself can you make the right choice." Vanessa can choose to bow to the reality, or the courage to pursue their own happiness. "And the Lovers, unlike Vanessa's parents, know how to confess to each other, and this may be the ticket to their happy marriage," he said. In a play on the roof, after two arguments, Wayne assured Vanessa that:

"I've had so many wrong experiences before, so when I met the real one, I had learned how to pursue this relationship well, if you can't be sure of your feelings for me, maybe because you haven't met the right person," he said.

The real face of their feelings and convey to your favorite people, sounds simple, but how easy to do it?

Life, the Fountain of inspiration

From "30 hug", we see a similar role arrangement with the director's family background. And wonder, how did the director learn from those moments in life and become the material of the film? "A story written by heart, there must be a deep and profound experience in the background, but often out of unintended", in fact, these roles are not arranged by Pan director deliberately describe his life met the people; for a good film, she thought "must be taken away from the reality, in a short 100 minutes, An objective and complete account of the whole story. "But people are often subjective, and in the portrayal of the characters in the film is not to achieve complete objectivity." Speaking of which, Pan director mentioned in her first film, "Face", "there is such a scene grandma and granddaughter sleep at night, then in the middle of the evening before the dinner table wrapped dumplings, I looked at the screen inexplicable feel particularly moved, then I suddenly remembered, that is our family from the United States to move back to Taiwan the night before, I couldn't sleep at night and walked into the kitchen, but I saw my mother sitting alone at the dinner table, and I had the impression that my mother and I were eating together to get through that rough night. "Every fragment of life may be the source of inspiration, and it is often portrayed in the unconscious, and then chewed, and then emerged in your unexpected place."

The perfect way to express pressure: Thai Boxing

Career success at the same time may not be able to avoid the workload, and Pan director how to find the balance of life and work? "In the beginning, often unknowingly work until dawn, a year almost like this past"; then the award-winning aura brings Pamberth another challenge. "Although the film was a sensation, it started to get rough because of the internal problems," he said. I felt like I was wallowing in the mud, disappointed in human nature, and how could I have done such a thing to me? From that began to learn slowly, but also know that the spirit of their own body is very tired, and then I began to play Thai boxing. Such setbacks are also a turning point, learning Thai Boxing has become the perfect way to Pamberth, "even the gym coach to my admiration, they said don't underestimate the Asian girls, boxing is very scary." "Occasionally from the head of the head to smoke away from the river to jog," looking at the natural scenery, it will feel that their worries are in fact simply not mentioning, from different ways to figure out a regular and efficient way of life, I found that this Xanadu is how vast. 」

Chinese women, weakness is the advantage

The movie road seems to be very smooth behind, but as a Chinese woman, pan director, in the course of development in the United States has encountered any discrimination? "There will always be such a situation, but this identity also brings me a lot of advantages." "When she was a student, she got the best Asian director of the Director's Guild for the film, and through the Chinese-American awards, the major film festivals and reports were competing, and such a weak position gave her more opportunities." When encountering any setback, the only thing we can choose is how to deal with and face, "everyone's condition is different, you can choose to see those inferiority and negative pressure, can also actively face, and convert them into their own advantages." Chang Wu, a director of Pan, experienced many different filming environments and worked with a variety of people. Referring to the development of women in the film, Pan director said, "I have also seen many girls in order to fight for women's rights, work like the performance of more than the boys, and constantly want to prove that they are more powerful than the boys." And so, they make work tense and boring, and there is no way to give full play to the potential of the individual. "The truth of Extremes, may also be reflected in women's advocacy consciousness." She has a philosophy of work: "It is possible to succeed in the workplace only if you do your job well and show your best self." 」

There is no limit to the true appearance of life posture

Simple and neat dress, but do not forget the treasure blue shirt with the same color eye shadow, gestures between Pan director exudes the charm of mature women. And naturally she is very cordial, the interview process of hearty laughter never interrupted. And how do people describe the director? She has worked with the people, always said that the sunny and cheerful she has "Taishan collapse before changing its color (inflappable)" personality. As to how to describe the "30 taut hug" This love Easy sketch, the director is curious has already seen this piece of small series of views, for "people" full of curiosity she would like to hear each audience for the work of the impression. Refused to frame the work subjectively, because she thought it would bring it closer to the heart. And through the "30 hug", PAN director hopes to bring everyone is the "clasp the chord of the resonance, the laughter, and can take away a trace of moving." 」

Woman 30, the beauty of photographic memory:

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