It was still yesterday, but . woman Fan It's going to be two years. Everything happened too fast, but we just hope that we can continue to be faster, to the female fans as a starting point, to provide more and better for women's intimate services. And before we run forward, we need you, the technology has the absolute mastery of you, join us, together for the community to create more beautiful.

Remember four girls brave entrepreneurial diary , we are still sharing how to do the company registration, application phone; April 2012 Women, you can not be the same fan group just broken 10,000 (now fast 180,000 people);December 2012 Woman fan new version of the online;January 2013 we launched Windows Phone 8 app;February Launch featured discussion topics service woman fans say Every fortnight to introduce different issues, to encourage people to use the vote and message to express the views of different points of view ;March launch of every Tuesday to buy snapped snap services, April we launched a net pick service, let like woman Fan readers can take the initiative to share their favorite topics ; inMay 2013, we blushed and worked with the erotic sites of the exclusive women to create the secret of passion that we could trust to Featured Articles and Anonymous service message discussion area to provide trustworthy and valuable knowledge and experience to share, so as to arouse women to their own higher awareness of their own body, the online three months has accumulated more than 3,000 of the online discussion, The monthly pageviews approximate 2 million. June 2013, we launched the small red box Early Bird page, two weeks to accumulate more than 3,000 people's preemptive registration! In the July 2013, we began the physical gathering of women's fans Salon , and also through the concept of selection, each month for in-depth discussion of different topics, inviting you to come out from the virtual world of cyberspace, meet new friends, explore the larger world. Last week we just launched a new reading page, hoping to give users a more comfortable experience.

We maintain our intention to contribute to people and society through the combination of information technology and social networks, to provide women with more quality services, practical tools and trusted communities, and to help Chinese women to broaden their horizons and believe in themselves. We are eager to establish sustainable development enterprises in Taiwan, to create a different culture, we hope that more young people believe that, as long as the heart, really can! We want to make progress and get better. We hope to meet you, together with the information technology skills, to make more women happy.

Said so much, actually also want to say, we have been waiting for you, the full end of the master! Full-stack Guru

We want to find the technology full of confidence, but also very blood of you! Because you may be like Yeh asked or Miss Gang, can be a dozen 10, but your current environment, so you just want to get off work, do not know why to do this project, there is no place to display long. Maybe you already have a high salary in a big company or a small, rich company, but in the middle of the night, I lose sleep and think about life as if it should be more than that. Perhaps you have also wanted to start a business or have been created, but there has been some kind of bottleneck can not break through, life has a lot of maybe, maybe, because your life is also doomed to meet us.

No matter your age (perhaps you are 18 years old, but you are a veteran, or you are 35 years old, but you have always been enthusiastic and courageous 18 years old). Regardless of gender (whether you are a boy or a girl or you don't want to define yourself). We are eager to meet you, have five kinds of ability of you!

Technical ability: Directly to tell you that we are using the technology and architecture! But welcome to readjust!

  • You are a hybrid technology master, for the front and back architecture, Web sites, action are interested in everything to invest
  • We now use Ruby on Rails for the Web site architecture, use Github to do program code management, and service all on AWS
  • Developing JS architecture of mobile Website:backbone.js + underscore.js + marionette.js
  • Using the RESTful API architecture, you'll be tempted to develop IOS + Android native phone platform
  • We use Asana to do project management, take Hipchat as a team communication tool, highly rely on Google Docs and Café background music to help themselves happy work
  • In addition to these existing technologies, we also welcome you to use their most powerful technical weapons to transform our services!

Ability to judge

  • Master the Product Technology Roadmap, develop the product development strategy and do the program control
  • With forward-looking information technology thinking, able to make the team to see through the future research and development decisions
  • Belief in the philosophy of making data speak, leveraging various analytical tools to establish the best user experience and product design

Integration Capabilities

  • The overall thinking of the integration of front and back end development
  • Familiar with the systematic thinking of website and action
  • Great enthusiasm for building products and services for millions of people

Communication skills

  • desire to build a different team of engineers and technical teams to create a culture of teamwork
  • Be passionate about technology, but not afraid to communicate with people or girls (if you're afraid, you'll know we're not scary at all)
  • Have a sensitivity to the environment, team spirit, like with the team forward

Super Ability: Yes, we know, basically you are the person with super ability!

  • Obviously the technology is super strong, can make a lot of money simply, but willing to go with us to fall
  • A team that is not afraid to drink coffee from nine o'clock in the morning in the morning or eight o'clock at night, nor is it afraid of occasional late or early walking, the efficient culture of elasticity and freedom (anyway the emphasis is getting things done)
  • For millions of people to make use of services, there will be a thrill from the bottom of my heart, and believe that really as long as efforts, there is a chance to change the world, at least to make the world a better point!

our cultural characters are true, but we look forward to enriching our culture because of your participation. We advocate design thinking, we emphasize to let the number speak, we here like home like the laboratory also like the amusement park, we are the female fan, but we are waiting for you--full-stack Guru. Some people see that "there is no such person in Taiwan", but if they only think about "no such person in Taiwan", they will give up looking, it seems not interesting. As DK once said, "If you do not do things, then humans perish." "So we still want to try, who said there is no such people in Taiwan!" If you are such a person or this kind of person to-be, we really want to know you very much. We'd really like to meet you, at least with a signature:)

How to let us know you:

  • Please send out your resume and work (Welcome to show off your GitHub account directly)
  • Please send it to
  • Please add "I ' m The Guru" to the theme of the letter and be free to play
  • Salary and more, let's meet and talk.
  • All the data you send and the interviews you talk about will be done in secret! Look forward to the industry advanced, rest assured to chat it!

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