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Women and Physiological Period relationship, is really let people love and hate, sometimes because of it and feel peace of mind, and sometimes by it's mood inexplicable impetuous. In addition to teaching you to adjust the pain of the little gestures , there is how to combat the physiological period of acne muscle , want to really learn and "good friend" the way to get along, in addition to the physiological period suitable for the essential oil to dote on their own , the following introduction seven physiological period diet key, according to do, can in physiology period let beautiful instantaneous double! (Extended reading: physiology period, let womany to take care of you 〉〉ME time menstrual leisurely edition )

Women every month there will always be a few days, the mood becomes cloudy and uncertain, want to really smile all become difficult, how, all said is "good friend", or so wrong dish, make like an enemy? In fact, most of the time, food for women during the menstrual period of physical and emotional health has a fairly direct impact (read:5 kinds of food that are not known to effectively improve menstrual cramps ); "Eating the right food can help fight muscle soreness," says Dr Rachna Sethi, a well-known nutritionist. Loss of blood and lack of water. "Perhaps, you already know menstruation needs to eat light, but in the end which food is light, which is too high for the body?"

When menstruation comes, you should ...

Calcium supplementation

During menstrual period, eat at least 1~2 of high calcium food every day, can provide your daily energy, many obstetrics studies also indicated that supplements enough calcium, premenstrual syndrome (pre-menstrual Syndrome,pms) symptom also can reduce nearly 50%. Whether you want to drink a cup of soy milk, milk, or almond milk, as long as you do not cause allergies, you can be more than the usual time to supplement the amount of Womany (small reminder: As far as possible to drink warm, or have retreated from the ice, the uterus better OH). (Extended reading: eat out your apple muscle, soy milk cheese Fruit recipe )

In addition to dairy products, green vegetables are the first choice for high calcium foods! The general foreign food family at the buffet, can be a lot of intake of Korean food, Manana, nine-storey tower, green broccoli, these are the precious vegetables for you to fill calcium. But note that some green vegetables, such as spinach, asparagus, containing high oxalic acid, eat more but will hinder the absorption of calcium, please choose the amount of food. If you are not very fond of vegetables, then add more beans food! such as beans, tofu, doupi, and so on, containing natural soy isoflavones can help to slow down dysmenorrhea, reduce irregular menstrual symptoms, so that your menstruation from the bad habit of late love!

Eat more "good" carbohydrates (compound sugars)

Menstruation comes, whether you will become easy to eat starch food, especially in the heart always have share: "All so suffer, do not reward oneself how to be reasonable" of wayward mentality? In fact, do not eat crazy, eat more is no problem, but how to eat smart, eat diversity, so that the belly will not be too bloated, while the desire to appease the good?

First of all, please make a firm dialogue toast, white bread loudly say no! Because they are a single carbohydrate, can be eaten quickly by the body to absorb, get no need to wait for the feeling of satiety, but in addition to calories, there is not much nutrition to say. On the contrary, if you choose whole wheat bread, brown rice or red rice/purple rice, although not immediately to taste full sense, but can provide you with a day of fiber and vitamin B, in the physiological period, but also to help eliminate edema, maintain blood sugar stability, let the mood remain in the security of love. More importantly, it can increase the synthesis of serum serotonin (serotonin) in the brain, helping to resolve negative emotions and regulate sleep quality . Let you in those days, every night can sleep peacefully. (Extended reading: If the mood is wrong, you will eat the wrong thing )

When a water woman, replenish enough moisture!

The importance of drinking water for women, as you love yourself, must be very clear, but in the physiological period, because there is a large number of menstrual discharge, one does not pay attention, your body will be more prone to drought than usual! "And everyone imagined that the appropriate replenishment of water will not let people edema, in fact, this is the begotten of edema!" Dr. "sethi stressed that the best time to drink, than to get up in the morning before eating, brush the teeth after drinking a cup of warm water (extended reading: a cup of honey lemon water every day, detoxification whitening Health selection ), not only can clean the stomach, but also to help the menstrual blood in the next few days row more clean Oh!

The secret of the American muscle in minerals

When you find that your menstrual volume is too small, irregular menstruation, or pain to scalp numbness, on behalf of your mineral intake is not enough! The elements of potassium and magnesium are closely related to women's beauty and health. Each time when the loss of blood, the main ingredient in the body contains plasma protein, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and other inorganic salts; So at any time to make up the mineral, you always have to do the priority responsibility! foods rich in potassium and iron , there is meat (lean beef, lamb and salmon) (extended reading: Delicious cooking recipes: Salmon pickle pot ) and seafood (seaweed, clams, scallops), and fruits and vegetables are tomatoes (they will release lycopene when cooked, and can help lower blood pressure Try this delicious recipe: oil seal tomatoes ), celery, and yellow-green fruit: bananas, citrus, persimmon. Most of the foods that are rich in magnesium are derived from nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts), leafy greens, and all kinds of mushrooms.

Vitamin B6, your worry-free weapon!

The amount of vitamin B6, will also greatly affect the women in the menstrual period before and after the emotional balance! If the content is not enough, it will cause depression , anemia, even insomnia, and when the B6 content is sufficient, these symptoms can be immediately improved! What's more, B vitamins can stimulate hematopoietic function, promote the formation and regeneration of red blood cells, and make a great contribution to the loss of blood. In many clinical cases, the use of vitamin B6 is used to treat women with premenstrual stress, slowing the anxiety, depression, skin roughness , swollen breasts and sore shoulders before and after the hormones alternation of physiology. . Try to add oats and bananas to your breakfast list for a few days, and they will make you feel beautiful all day and no longer fall into the role of being a woman.

Love yourself, starting from the physiological period of recuperation, let your beauty from the inside out, no time can emit out through the red woman taste!

Physiology period, let womany to take care of you 〉〉ME time menstrual leisurely edition

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