If you want to discover the talent of the child, you must read his heart!
The child does not belong to you, you can supply them, but do not restrain their souls … …

children, more than we can imagine!

When I was a mother, I stayed with my child to grow up, and I was just blind and blind in the world of adults, and gradually woke up and regressee.Children are not unintelable and are not empty sponges.

In front of you, you read Zhang Ailing 's , which is a "maker" and found Chang Ai-ling's observations of the child. She says that she always respects and fears children, and she even goes far away.This is not the fear of the later. (Chang Ai-ling says frankly that many children have become commonplace after they grow up and become adults. It may not be as good as our generation as well.What really makes her awe-worthy is that it should be a child, a nature and a personality, and that "a little bit of new power from the source of life" is a huge, unimaginable thing that the secular adult can unimaginable.

As described in Zhang Ailing :

child is not as confused as we thought.Most parents do not understand their children, and their children often look through their parents.I remember very clearly how I wanted to reveal all of my knowledge when I was little, so as to frighten the elders greatly.

young man's character is that he forgot to clean up children's mind in the age of the child until old age, gradually getting close to the child, and at the middle of the time, the cataract is the deepest, and the children are completely out of contact with them-just as this is the time for the child.

unnerable child of the child can occur again.They see their children as funny idiots, ridiculous and adorable and cumbersome.They don't think that the child's eyes are horrible -- so careful eyes, like the doomsday trial, the eyes of angels.

I think any adults have looked at the Zhang Ailing which suddenly feels like being stung by a needle and a wakeup call, starting to look at the child, and even look back in your eyes and look at your child's own.

Zhang Ailing is right. In fact, we, like her, have a "serious eye" to see everything in the adult world at a very small time.In that conservative tradition, children have no say at all. They can only hide behind a huge shoulders, and they can only hide behind their eyes, and even if they know anything, they dare not express themselves at random.But the present generation is more open than ever before. Many parents will be surprised to find that "children know more than adults can imagine" as long as they open up more room for their children to speak.

For example, when a son is a teen-age, he can accurately parse the personality of my husband and I.The son says, " When Dad is angry, like a closed fire stove, you boil down to the heart, and every time you get angry, you add a firewood, and it's going to explode in the end.Mom is different. Mom is an open fire furnace, and she is angry at once, burning a match, burning a firewood, and then it's all right.Many children, like their sons, have the ability to see through the adults, and sometimes they don't understand human feelings, and they have no emotional side. They have no emotional side, and they have to bite their teeth and laugh.No wonder spiritual instructor Seth says, " The child was born, not a sponge, and was prepared to absorb the knowledge.He was already full of knowledge.
the child was just a baby, I treated him as a complete person, respect, dialogue, and never talk childish words about the child.(For example, "Fingers" are very beautiful and "pretty", rather than deliberately "floater").Think about it: If children really like Seth and Miyazaki's words, they are a little angel of spirituality.Well, is it that the big people who have come from being a strong leader are supposed to take the lead from the strong, reverse to learn, and grow together with their children?

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This author, Huang Shuwen
She was once a very enthusiastic creative teacher who was awarded the Outstanding Award for Creative Teaching in Taiwan Province, and seven years in junior high school.At the age of 35, she quit teaching as a full-time mother, and accompanied a pair of children to grow up happily in the mountains, and to make a unique and moving soul.She says that she was once an unhappy adult, because it was a chance to revisit the children and to have a chance to revisit them, and to be happy.
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