A lot of girls ask how to enjoy the front play.If you don't have sex, you can't be considered a perfect sex!Let's have two major priorities together with the Japanese sex expert Song Mei-yuan, and understand the beauty of the foreplay!

: Don't take it off quickly!

If a preplay can only touch the clitoris or the vagina, isn't it a boring matter?Even if a man is a man, if a bed is suddenly touched by a bed, it feels very sudden.If you come and feel that you are already ready, you can go and touch each other's sexual organs, and that's really not fun.If a partner therefore doubts that you have no true love in your heart, then there is nothing to do with that.

In particular, women are more able to excite her sexuality than to touch her sexual organs directly.To put it blunfully, she wants to let you touch it all over the body.So, first of all, start by caressing each other's bodies.

If you still want to fade your breasts or sexual organs quickly, don't take your clothes off first, and start with your clothes off.Although they are separated from their clothes, they do not want to immediately touch sexual organs.When you start wearing clothes, you start to caress from where you look at the skin.There are a lot of sensitive areas such as earlobe or neck.

Then, both of them take off the rest of the underwear, so that the range of skin can be touched directly.After all the clothes are faded, the inner side of her thighs, and near the navel, there is no such thing as preventing your caress.The back, the arm, the armpit, and so on, as long as you bring your depth of feeling, these are sexy ribbon.

This is a natural extension of the time when it touches the breasts or sexual organs.The point is that the sooner the more pleasure it gets, the more caressed.The ingenious way to make a mate feel anxious, when you touch the sexual organ, and then insert it, the pleasure is multiplied.It's a good way to think of her body as a stew, and the better it is, the better the flavor is.

At this stage, there is no need to be too rigid-bound in the Sex Belt."Because it's not sexy because it's not a feeling here," it's a shame to not touch it for these reasons.Hair and fingernails, and so on, these places are completely free of nerve, but as long as they are your affection, they will make her happy.From the point of view of men, as long as they really love each other, naturally they will want to touch each place on her.She was right when she was in such a mood to caress her.

A fingertip, a wet tongue licking, a teeth bite, or occasionally the use of a sex article — a variety of ways.The choice of which method to attack all depends on the individual's preferences, but the hum foreplay must grasp one principle, that is, pay attention to the reactions of the women.

: Look closely at each other's

Breasts, sexual organs, have you treated her with ruddy effect when she was caressed?

It is difficult to see only individual locations to determine whether she is happy or not.

Where is it going to be?The answer is her face .

At this time of love, it's a wonderful thing to focus on her body, but it's not smart enough.You should allow the brain to reserve some of the space that you can think of calmly.And then to look at her facial expressions, you can get a lot of news from her face.For example, the cheeks of the cheek, the eyebrows, and the eyebrows … each … must have her unique signs indicating her pleasure.

The first priority is to recognize these symptoms. If you think that she doesn't seem to be feeling anything, you can change the way of fondas, or ask her how she wants to be caressed and wants to respond to the countermeasures.When she began to be intoxicably drunk in the pleasure of her body, she began to fend off her underwear, so she began to fend off her most sensitive part.

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