A lot of things will never get through, I can not understand why a open eyes, you are not mine.

Synopsis of Synopsis:

He (Bai Baiho adorn) in her and Mr. Breif history (Zhang Xiaoquan adorn) honeymoon during the accident, wake up to find himself has five years of memory completely blank! Not only her beloved husband, Breif history, has divorced herself, she has even made a new girlfriend, and her close friend Xiao Huan (Fan) and herself have long ceased to be contacted; she became a man nobody wanted to approach.

The original five years, she lost love, friendship, all the important people in life, but she can not remember why, but she still deeply love breif history. So, he moved to Breif history's home, began a trip to collage the truth, step by step restore reproduce, hope can rediscover true love and happiness. Unfortunately, she and breif history will face an unprecedented test and blow.

Because of "lovelorn 33 days" and a shot and red heroine Bai Baiho said the film is a love-keeping, and the business and maintenance of marriage story, is a very suitable for couples and couples watch the film.

"Stolen five years" tear notice

"Stolen five years," not Thunder quotes :

Someone is always asking, love a person can persist how long, the color of beautiful romantic always hope to get the coronation of time. But the fact is often cruel and chilling, again gorgeous love can not withstand years of sharpening.

The best way to make a person strong is to have a person who wants to be protected.

Some people, in the bottom of my heart, have never forgotten, some things some dreams, still can't find the answer, some words, the more the more speechless the more beautiful. Let us close, want to whisper to you, how much love you.

A lot of things will never get through, I can not understand why a open eyes, you are not mine.

Originally, a lot of people, a lot of things, still in our hearts, let this movie wake up your deepest fragile secret, before entering the cinema, first to see not the Thunder touched praise "stolen five years" You have never been lonely .

Those years, the deepest secrets in our hearts
〉〉 's grandmother's love secret
〉〉 not love, in fact, is the best answer
〉〉 the deepest love, the most lonely: breaking up without contact with the gentle

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