The breast is full of women's symbols. The breast is full of breast, and the breast is suitable for the size of the breasts. Each of these has a variety of charms, and some men tend to knead in the face.{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000Because the breasts are not particularly sensitive to women.Today, together with Song Mei-Hyun, a Japanese sex expert, we will learn the techniques of appease.The girls secretly shared this article to their partner, feeling a different beauty.

Breasts are constructed of 90 % fat, while the rest are mammary gland.The so-called mammary gland, which is the glands of a woman who secretes the milk after pregnancy, has a strong elastic breast, has a high density of breast tissue, and has a lower density of breast distribution than the soft cotton candy.In any case, the number of nerve cells distributed in the breast is less than that of other parts of the body, so it is very difficult to make a sexual pleasure even though it is knead harder.The ratio of fat to breast is independent of the size of the breast.In other words, there is absolutely no correlation between the size and the sensitivity of the breasts. Some people say that "the chest is too big to be slow," and that it is totally unfounded.

: "breast" is not breast, but nipple

The breast is originally intended to be a fraction of nerve distribution, but why does caress give women pleasure?

The first reason is that they can use this to feel the love that is communicated by the men.When the men are sincere in caressing their own bodies, their hearts will be full of flesh.Many women attach great importance to mental health needs far beyond their physical needs.If a man is not caressed because the breasts are not sensitive to the breasts, they often think that men are not real to themselves, so ask the men to be caressed actively for their companions.The other reason is that they know that this is the act of preparing the nipples.

Breasts that are insensitive to the sparse nerve distribution, the nipples are able to evoke a sexual, rather sensitive area.If a man's nipples are allowed to lick a woman with a tongue, or knead with a finger, it will also feel comfortable, so this kind of pleasure is easier to grasp.

In addition, only the "mixed orgasms" enjoyed by women can spread throughout the entire body after the vagina reaches orgasm, and the nipple will react even if it is not touched, it will tremble with pleasure.So instead of the sparsely populated breasts, women really want men to fend off this sensitive little thing.

flexibly knead her breasts, occasionally set the tip of the nipple, and caress at the outside of the breast, slowly approaching the nipple … … to lift her expectations more.It's just that the knead kneading of her breasts may make her feel very boring.To be clever and to provoke her, the fondation will be even more interesting, and it can also ignite the desire to fire.

To touch the nipples directly, like a main course, first to care for the delicious appetit of the breast, she will be more likely to look forward to the main course.Next, some techniques, please use this as a reference and caress her with ulterior motives, so that she is willing to give you "deliver" to you completely.

The sensitivity of the nipple increases when it is erectile, so it is not possible to rashly touch the tip.The first thing to do is to tease her, from the breast, the breast, and the tit, and wait until the tits are strong.

Sometimes the sensitivity of the right and left side is different.In addition, some people say that excessive fonding will make the nipples larger and affect the balance between the two sides, but this is nonsense, and you do as much care as you can to make her happy place.


To appease the nipple.Slowly approaches the nipples from the outside of the breasts, and the finger is more and more expected in the circles of the dizziness around the ring.


Squets the breasts up and down by teasing the nipples, index finger and middle finger, so that they are not so forceably and appropriately caressed.A lot of women feel that it is painful to knead too hard, and it is best not to try.


The nipple is fully erectile, pinpointed by the middle finger and the thumb.The two fingers are irritable from the side of the nipple, and then the fingers are used to fade the tip.Each place has an average affection, and there will be a significant effect.

4 for oral

When appease, pout, pout the nipples and suck up the nipples.The whole mouth can also be tightly attached to the nipple, and then the tip is singuled by the tip dragonfly.

5 Ice Fire

When the weather is hot, it can contain hot beverages and cold drinks, and then suck up the nipples.This allows her to comfortably enjoy the fresh feeling of the temperature difference.

Tip 6 Another Stimulation

Stimulates the nipples with the front end of the masculation of men, and some women are excited.The natural wet moistening happens to be the lubricating fluid, and if the amount is small, the lubricant can also be used.

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