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Do you feel that color life suddenly becomes black and white every time you experience menstrual cramps? We know that you have the words of suffering, also know that you in those days, the heart will always silently pray around people can adults have a large number of magnanimous your emotional and unhappy. Before you introduced the 6 simple principles, take advantage of the physiological period to take up their body, you have to do it obediently? There are five physiological period of diet key , also depends on your physiology and mood of the beautiful index, forget the words quickly review! Of course, you most care about, or whether those days can be comfortable, so we also organize your Five points, let you farewell menstrual discomfort . But if all this is done or not enough, then what you lack, may be the exercise! Hey, don't get a quick peek at the movement, let's tell you, in the course of the time can also be happy to do six of the movement, the timely move, so that your body no longer pain!

Women in the physical period in the end is not suitable for fitness exercise, mainly depending on their own situation. Generally speaking, most women still feel good in the physiological period, moderate exercise does not make the bleeding more quantitative, or cause difficult to heal the body injury. But if a spasm in the abdomen really makes you feel good, then listen to the sound of your body and take a day off if necessary. ( extended reading: "Legal little common sense" physiological leave, can not? But then, if you usually have the habit of keeping exercise, if you find that there is a symptom of the former discomfort, then flatly suspend the normal planning of the exercise, then you have two weeks to stay on the couch and not go? in order not to interfere with your daily routine, next we will teach you six, during the period can also be assured to do the Shu live movement; you will find that in the physiological period of moderate movement , more can let you from inside to all become ruddy clear, not charming!

1. Walk 20 ~ 40 minutes

Even if it is against the physical during the intense exercise or fitness exercise experts, can not but agree to walk or slow, is the most can not easily injured in the case, effectively help adjust menstrual discomfort of good exercise. Whether it is before or after menstruation, as long as it is able to move out of bed, may wish to wear comfortable sandals, rub sunscreen, go to the park for a walk. Though the light walks, does not consume too many calories, but while the evening has a cool and comfortable autumn wind can be blown, holding their own hands or the baby dog together to walk a road, your mood will not only quietly become cheerful, but also because they have the movement to feel the body and mind enough it! ( extended reading: Seven tips to make you feel good )

2. Jogging 15 ~ 30 minutes

If you have a heart to go jogging fu, then don't hesitate, run! Many sports studies have shown that running can indeed activate the brain and produce endorphins (endorphin), a chemical that boosts mood. So, if you feel depressed because of your physiology, take your headphones and let the music accompany your jogging time! Of particular note is that in your body, in addition to the menstrual blood, water and electrolyte will also be lost as a result of jogging; remind you to remember that when you run , jog, and after the three stages after the completion of adequate water, will not allow the body to accelerate the depletion of energy, After running, but become tired and powerless oh. ( extended reading: Five tips for letting yourself drink a lot of water unconsciously )

3. Yoga 10 ~ 20 minutes

Generally speaking, the Yoga action that is suitable for the female during physiology is different from person to person, and the skill maturity, and the body softness also depends on whether you are competent for specific yoga action. In addition to not recommending you do handstand action, some yoga action can indeed relieve the bone cavity muscles, relax due to menstruation and feel the waist acid situation. If you're not so hands-on with yoga, start with a simple yoga wreath.

1. the waist back straight, two feet squatting on the yoga mat, knees open, feet separate to both sides, do your best to the heel of both feet, flat on the same horizontal line. Imagine that you are a frog with a foot open, the hands of the natural support of the ground in front of the chest.

2. then the hands fingertips toward the rear extension, palms facing up, respectively, to the left and right feet.

3. inhale, the body leans slightly forward and maintains balance. Both hands through the ankle, at the heel and fingertip collision. Keep your feet balanced and open, your head slightly downward and exhale slowly.

4. Aerobic Dance 30~ 45 minutes

Hey, when the physiological period comes, your mind crazy spirit is not particularly restless, good want to liberate but do not know how to solve? Dear, we can fully understand, now, together to jump aerobic dance, this is the best for you to release the madness of the most perfect sports! Because the dance rhythm teacher is usually very lively, the class method is also very relaxed and interesting, I believe you will soon be able to divert attention, easy to drive away the melancholy! Even better, aerobic dancing with an appropriate intensity can help you relieve swelling in addition to consuming a lot of calories, and sweating can speed up your metabolism and allow your body to achieve deeper detoxification. After dancing the rhythm, you almost forget that "good friend" is still at home waiting for you! Of course, the water should also remember to add the right time to do oh.

5. Dance, depending on your mood

Big moves, it doesn't sound like a practical thing to do in a physiological period, but if your situation isn't too bad, dancing can actually help you improve your heart and lungs, improve your blood circulation, and make your menstrual flow smoother. and have you found that dancing is actually the most unlike in sports, watching the mirror in the beat, dynamic and neat themselves, is not forgotten in fact still immersed in the physiological period of the abyss of life? Dancing can not only show the charm, affirmation of their own, the body is still feeling Yanyan a breath, dance, you can make a whole person a fresh, happy and worry-free self! In addition, dancing at night can be more relaxing than during the day, and it will make the whole person look particularly attractive. Now, just pick one of your favorite dance songs and dance with it!

Womany Small reminder: Before dancing must warm up completely, after the end also have to carry out a relaxation exercise to prevent the body pull injury!

6. Lie down, but don't forget to breathe.

If you are a super lazy girl, then use at home to watch TV rest time, while advertising to do some down action, let the body completely relaxed at the same time also can help their bones do a big stretch.

1. let the whole person face down, lying on the ground (if the floor is too cold, remember to lay a blanket and then get down !) 2. put your arms and elbows around your lower chest.

3. Use the strength of the arms and toes to lift the body up, stay for a few seconds, and then lay down

Seemingly playful down movement, for the physiological period is a very high intensity of the body movement. Try to put your body's elevated time to the end of an ad, and then lengthen it to a whole period of advertising time. You will be surprised to spend more than 300 calories in this seemingly short ad time! Do a few more times, and your abdominal cramps will make a good improvement.

In addition to these six suitable for the physiological period of exercise, such as shooting in situ, Taijiquan, slow swimming, slow skating, is also a good choice. There is no risk of injury as long as time is not too long. Until the physiological period of 第3-4 days, when the menstrual blood volume began to decrease, you can consider the extension or increase the amount of exercise.

The movement taboo in physiology period

Before the end of the physiological period, you should avoid the need for skills and reflexes of the movement, such as rock climbing, squash, badminton, dodge ball, etc., because these sports may cause you to make mistakes, failure and become more angry, emotional fluctuations too much for you, but not good for you.

Listen attentively to your body, for it speaks to you all the time. When you need to rest, don't be tough, and when you want to exercise, start with the suggested exercise. Even if the physiological period, can not deprive you of the right to love beauty!

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