When the time comes, have you ever let your body rest well? The first day of five menstrual period you should have a good rest reason, through the body circulation, restart a healthy interest!

The secret of a woman's body is that she has a cycle every month, this cycle is like the Four seasons of nature, each cycle is to let the body and mind a new opportunity to start again, this is the most different woman and man place! A week after menstruation, it is like spring. The week after the menstrual period, women will be full of energy, momentum and enthusiasm; ovulation, like summer. The woman of this period is like a superwoman, can create any possibility; The week before menstruation is like autumn. At this time the woman began a little melancholy, sensitive and lack of energy, during the physical period, like winter. At this time the woman's body needs to be full of calm and self-cultivation! (Recommended reading: Five tips to get you to say goodbye to menstrual discomfort )

Animals in winter to hibernate, physiological period of winter, let yourself have a good rest, you have these five good reasons:

Reason one, physiology period is to help you clean uterus good helper

Menstruation is a body does not need to discharge the waste mechanism, not only can help metabolism, but also to affect women's most important organs: the womb can be a new, then overwork and stress will make the body can not normal metabolism, resulting in menstrual blood can not be discharged smoothly and cause physical discomfort.

Reason two, physiological period is also the metabolic period of skin

Many girls will find that the physiological period of skin seems more sensitive than usual, dry skin people will find the skin more easily dry, and mixed and oily skin girls will start to take acne, these are hormones changes brought about by the impact. If this is coupled with fatigue and stress in life, you can see the annoying symptoms of the skin will be more serious, and more difficult to recover Oh!

Reason three, unwell mood and body can affect life

The first day of physiology is always the most difficult time, and often accompanied by physical and psychological problems, small individual mood depression, large may affect work emotions and interpersonal relationships, and even destroy and the other half with friends feelings. Suggest you rest in this day really only yourself, listen to your voice, enjoy the rare Metime, Shen Dian for the next one months ready!

Reason four, the physiology period wound is more difficult to heal

Physiological period in the blood of women will change, in addition to reducing the number of platelets, anticoagulant effect of protease will also increase, this time the body if there are wounds will be more difficult to heal, if it is prone to internal bleeding, wounds not easy to heal, crab feet swollen ... Such symptoms, this time or let yourself have a good rest!

Reason five, having the perfect first day equals having the perfect one months

If you have never been in the physiological period of the most uncomfortable first day to give yourself a good rest, give yourself a chance to try it! Put aside the pressure of work, study and life, and relax for a day, and you will find yourself full of new energy for the next one months!

Dear, if you are in the physiological period of the first day always let oneself also busy work, busy labor, this affects not only your current physical health and emotions, and later life has laid a bad foreshadowing. But if you are fully relaxed and rested on the first day of your life, the benefits to your mind and body will be everywhere in your daily lives.