Womany fall in Love well relax knitting press:
Fed up with TV news every day to broadcast tense cross-strait relations? talk about politics too serious, why not, we cross the sea to talk about a love ! Play is the love, scold is the girl when the rascal, the boy helpless, two people riding in the same road, will rub what spark? Please be careful, the girl across the street will be full of love to kill over the most! (There is a flash ticket activity at the end of this article)

When the spicy mainland girl meets the mouth of the Taiwanese boy, what kind of sparks will be emitted?

Plot outline

Qinlang (Huang Lu) is a girl from Beijing, came to Taiwan to look for her grandmother's first lover, Azheng (Zhang Shuhao) is a Taiwanese boy who works in a public company, because he has to make a report on "The Etiquette of the Straits". Two people met, just know how long they have made a pact: as long as AH is to help Qinlang find her grandmother's first love, Qinlang will help Azheng write a absolutely will let his boss satisfied with the beautiful report.

Qinlang and Azheng personality can be said to be a big difference: Qinlang talk spicy, character and direct, Azheng is a love Da Jun cannon of the warm swallow boy. In the process of accomplishing the task, two people often come to a quarrel, although each have their own stand, but in order to achieve their goals, they can only according to the original agreement to continue, but love has unconsciously in the two people grow between ...

Movie Story

Hot and spicy more than " my Savage girlfriend ", warm rhythm comparable to " heard "

The film is the first She Junyi directed by the new director, Yi Zhi, director of the "Blue Gate", and was selected for the 2013 Taipei Film Awards competition. Does not make sense dialogue and even the absurd conflict stirs up the burst point, smiles the point unceasingly, thus is taking care of the contemporary Cross-strait society's values and the Love view various difference place, and through two young people bud the sentiment, as well as they for the elder generation Love and the search for the process, lets The historical burdens of the previous generation were lightly laid down by this generation.

Movie Trailer

"Womany flash activity, invite you to have love not afraid"

Some love, is not a nationality, not political, distance is not a problem, cross-strait is not a difficult problem, the real question is: When you really met, there is no courage like the play in the Qinlang and Azheng as good as a back?

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Venue: Today Show Tai Ying City (52nd Emei Street, Wanhua District, Taipei)
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Take the courage of true love and hold it in your hand
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