we live in a dream-like city, we are the city of love animals. the most uniquely of the city hides the most unknown secrets, behind the glittering shimmer of infidelity, betrayal, Lies, ecstasy ... We allow ourselves to wander at the edge of reality and ecstasy.

In the end, in the love of the entanglement behind, will we all just want one of the most real hug?

We are love animals in cities. We hurt and injured, we break up and compound , a lot of love come and go, can not help but want to ask if there is anyone to stay?
So you/You, what kind of city you are the love animals?

No matter the conditions also want to love the vigorous of the Li Wei-wei faction

Desperate loneliness, not to be understood lonely, once good, I think the vigorous love to die

Even if the use of medicine, even if it is short-lived illusory, it is a kind of love, she believed!

Graphic writer Alice (Livaivi) cast aside the Ashen, the husband of the otaku music Maker (Wu Yuenen), went to Thailand's Koh Phangan to participate in the full Moon Rave party, in the psychedelic drug experience fell in love with a stranger and can not extricate themselves, back to Taiwan immediately after leaving home. (Extended reading: Runaway, Love Yourself )

No longer only love a person's Zhong pie

Extreme cruelty reveals the fragility that cannot be faced within

After the age of 40, he does not have any emotional relationship in his life that must be attached to the rights and obligations, he does not have a single fixed, that may lose other ...

Liyi (Zhong), an internationally renowned writer, is a brilliant actress who is mature, rational and insightful, and is a spiritual mentor to all, but his own emotional world is always a mystery. (Extended reading: every day is a practice of letting go: honesty in feelings )

Don't believe love can be a permanent Zempe Yu pie

Every time in love, she does not believe that each other will always accompany her to go down the person

It was not until she met Liyi that she knew that no one could belong to another person, whether she believed it or not.

The female director Elaine (Zempe Yu play) The career is smooth sailing, but in love, but not escape when the fate of the main, with a married husband Zhou Zhiyuan (Liu Zhihan) always staged break up and compound drama code. (Extended reading: Small Three is only love, collocation is Life )

A Huang Zhihui pie with little Heart

Robot talks about love, diving, hugging, also sad

He created a lot of cute robots, but no matter how many human emotions the robot had, the robot was still alone.

Gaofu's visual artist MOS (Huang Zhihui) in the industry as a master, the inner is a small child, he can not face the reality of marriage, so while the wife and children in Canada to do immigration supervision, alone in Taiwan Big Love. (Extended reading: is this really the marriage I want?) 20 "but" married killers.

In love, longing for stability of the Wu Kang-ren-pie

Can quickly create family-like relationships and emotions, but also easy to produce chemical changes

But he thought that as long as signed the divorce, the family's line was cut off ...

Ashen (Wu Yuenen play) is a music creators, have a long long to find not to appreciate his bole, all day doing nothing, he, life of the center of gravity all in a common reared puppy yuko body. A Qiao's departure, let him have to face oneself inwardly, make decisive change. (Extended reading: do not love why not go )