Through the Unbreakable indestructible Plan, the people who had been raped were invited to write down the words of sexual abuse, to encourage survivors to face up to traumatic experience, to support and to get out of the pain.

Unbreakable Indestructible plan, inviting the once raped people to bravely write down the most hideous words of sexual abuse at that time. The indestructible plan is actually a course of art in the form of a program that hopes to awaken the world's attention to cases of sexual assault, and on the other hand encourages sexual assault survivors to face up to their traumatic experiences and help them come out of the pain faster.

The plan, run by the October 2011, has accumulated more than 2000 women who have stood up to the brave, and they are so fearless that they look at the camera, holding aloft the sexually abusive words they hear in their ears, and are adamant that they refuse to be a victim. after such a humiliating humiliation, these women face it, accept it, put it down, and act to prove the strength of women. (extended reading: The dress is so short that no one "should" be violated . )

Below, we help everyone tidy up these girls brave, perhaps cruel, but also the most authentic ...

"If you dare say it, I will kill you." 」

"You slut, bitch, bitch."

Don't Can you just say no? 」

"Turn around and shut your mouth, it's just a game" (I was five years old)

"You're not good enough to be a homosexual."

"Have you got any hair here?" ( I refused to respond, so he decided to check it himself, and he raped me when I was only 11 years old.) )

"You look ridiculous with my semen on your face" (laughs and says)

"I will let you know, you are like boys" (I still bisexual, or live well, you lose!) )

"Like it?" 」

"Look at me, please look me in the eye." You scare me, you act like I did something wrong. 」

"Less lies, how could you be a virgin?" You've done it before! 」
She was only 15 years old and she couldn't help crying. No virgin, no one should have raped you for this reason. )

"Hey, I just want you to know how much I love you ..."

"You really want it."

"You'll be much cuter when you choke on my dick."

"Rape is a very common thing, and what we should do is to be considerate, to continue living and to learn from it."
I don't understand why you just don't want to. You make me sound like a freak. 」

"It doesn't matter, I'm clean."

"Let's play the Family game, you play my wife."

"You filthy Angel."

"If you make a noise, I'll kill your mother." You will not be obedient to the wrong. 」

This brave and fearless face, loudly broken apart from the old but still exist in the rape myth:

1. When we say no, it means we really don't want to!

2. The raped people do not enjoy the process at all, tears have slipped down, where is the enjoyment?

3. Even if we are male and female friends or couples, should not use "to prove how much I love you" rape me, this sentence how creepy, a person who really love me will not see the tears on my face, but also indifferent to feel that this is love.

4. Wearing less, does not mean that the welcome rape, dress short, no one "should" be violated

5. Sexual orientation is a congenital choice, I like boys or girls, with you have no relationship, and don't want to try to change me.

Sexual assault The ugliest appearance, even if only words, also let us while translating, while really feel very heartache. We looked at this face and imagined how they had gone through the most fragile days of their lives, and how they had inspired themselves to come out of a deep nightmare ... We love them dearly, and now we feel very happy for them. The pain passed, and now they live with a more beautiful gesture.