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Love is really wonderful, about love, we stumbled on the road of Love, learned and learn how to love not much, just good . And how to meet the fate of the Mr.right, probably will also be a lifetime topic. Some people in our lives gently through , some people leave a lot of wounds, some people still not appear, love no absolute rules , lovers also have no certain specifications, only the most suitable for you. (Extended reading: Love Paradise )

Q: Do you know that there are different kinds of standard lovers?

To become a standard lover, you must first develop a good habit of careful, first of all to manage their own duties, and then to take care of each other's needs.

Standard Valentine Trait Rating

Careful, romantic, gentle, considerate , these four characteristics often appear in the condition of choosing a spouse, also often be generalized. However, this is a very different kind of four personalities.

"Careful" is the foundation of romance, gentleness and thoughtfulness. Have the careful, can arrange the romantic situation perfectly, has the careful, can gently receive each other's emotion, has the careful, can achieve the meticulous thoughtfulness. Careful people work carefully, do not let their partner worry. However, often in the passionate period after the flow of nagging, and even hysteria. It is because of being too careful that one is aware of each other's rudeness or impatience, and because it is careful, it is easier to discern the other's flaws. Although careful is the basic condition of the fine trait, it needs a strong EQ to manage the emotion. Of course, EQ can be gradually improved, and careful can be gradually developed. When you really value one thing and do not want it to fail, you will naturally be more careful to deal with it. (Extended reading: Those who are careful in life )

When you think your lover is not careful enough, perhaps not because he does not love you, but he has not "careful" to find his carelessness, it may be your careful care to spoil him.

The feeling of "romance" will vary greatly by the values of everyone. Some people think that it is romantic to hold hands under the starlight; some people think that it is also romantic to wash dishes together after meals; someone spends a lot of money on rings and roses; someone spends time folding stationery and writing notes. Romance has no specific form, but it has a certain result. Whether it's a romantic spill or a small interaction in your life, as long as it makes each other feel sweet, "romance" will naturally be set up. (Extended reading: Seven kinds of sweet, deep Lover's heart )

Sometimes we hear people complaining about spending a lot of money on a big meal but disappointed, but the problem is not the expensive meal, but the atmosphere of two people. Spending money can create a romantic image of luxury, but not necessarily touch the hearts of lovers touched. To succeed in "Making romance," You have to be "careful" to see the needs of your lover, some people like to receive small cards, and some people look forward to sitting together for dinner every day. No matter what kind of romance, you have to always care about each other. (Extended reading: Lu Jiayi: No Love Will die, two people of romance )

Gentleness does not equate with thoughtfulness.

The two qualities of "gentleness" and "thoughtfulness" are often put together, but in fact these two are quite different. A gentle man is gentle and patient, but not considerate. Thoughtful people do not have to be gentle to speak, but he will be sympathetic to the needs of the other, and to offer assistance, and the gentle person may only be warm swallow, he does not necessarily know what you need. A gentle person may listen to you when you are sad, thoughtful people will think how to help you out of the sad situation, the gentle person will urge you to go to bed early when you stay up late, considerate person will also help you to soak the milk , cover the blanket, besides wants you to pay attention to the health, and as far as possible makes you not to sleep so late.

To sum up, the gentle person is not necessarily considerate, he may also be too lazy to bother with you so too lazy to care about you; Not careful, romantic will become a pressure, not gentle and considerate, may also be converted into a strong, we must bear in mind.

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